Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 547 The inner-rest of interest in separation from physical life.

I am looking at my heart, an what is happening there. I notice that I have what feels like a solid “ block” in my left calf. It is getting better, but I have to slow down and breath, and “ read” the construction of belief that I have accepted and allowed within that is the cause of my own lack of circulation. For years I have followed what we are accepting and allowing within our health system of beliefs, and what never made sense to me was the fact that our cells are replaced every seven years, so I thought, if our cells are replaced every seven years why do we age? It is not something anyone can answer. Would I want to remain as a human forever Probably not, I would probably, like humans are apt to do, even if it is in small measure, become more effective, transform, learn new things, so remaining as one thing, as an idea of living forever, is not necessarily something I would want. That is common sense. Life is so many things, thinking of staying just one, makes no sense.
My mother was a school teacher. With her pension she has a cost of living increase. But, this increase has not been coming. It was suddenly stopped for some reason or another. I think it comes form the State of New Jersey, and if we realize the kinds of things the governor of New Jersey is doing, is it no wonder that the coffers of teacher’s pensions are suddenly in a state of lack that cost of living increases are no longer being given?
I also notice that in American cities that laws are being passed on homelessness. Where any support given by a citizen, such as giving a homeless person food, is being allowed to be written into law as not being acceptable.
So, if we look at this, and we realize the information that is available about the transnationalization of corporations ( sounds like something out of the movie Brazil, or BladeRunner) where money as the profits that are the wealth created by the hands of many generations of men that were the parts that moved the resources, and developed the automation overall as it is impossible that one person, or a few could do this, and those municipal workers who believe that their pensions are going to take care of them for the rest of their lives, municipal workers, and teachers who don;t even realize that their pensions are invested in what is the source of the wealth as money from the processing of freely given natural resources, that are now “ off shore” and funding wars fought by the children grown into young men and women, the apparatus of which is built from what is really slave labor of prisoners that were children who existed in such economic suppression that they never learned any structure or communication skills and as such never did well in school - for which we cannot thank the media- and are building all helmets despite the fact that taxpayer dollars are paying for their upkeep, so the war industry “ owners” that are really the biggest welfare recipients because they are sucking off the nipple of freely given resources and deciding that humans are expendable. Even I get to the point where the spin of this is so insane I don’t want to write about it any more. This is because it is a form that supports life in no measure. It is a form that actually has no regard for life, no connection to life, no understanding of life. And most of us, don’t even look at it, we are so stagnant from a school system that spends years talking about themes such as friendship, or how “ special needs children “ are special. None of which is bad, but when recited and made THE theme, it is a mechanism that slows down a natural perception ability that in itself indicates a natural conceptual ability. This is an ability to conceptualize, but the focus of that conception is being placed into a very narrow box, and a very lively - or I would rather say, “ deadpan” debate is carried out within these very very very narrow confines. This makes it very difficult to argue against, because the “ topic” is not untrue, but it is very narrow and those who are making a living preaching it, have no real spatial development, so their definitions are only able to go so far - and they do not even realize this. Which brings me back to the point of myself.
If I become a belief system within, one that has a inner belief system that is very narrow, that has been taught to JUST think that our schools are doing “ wonderful jobs” as what is said at every school meeting, then the gamut of my perception will remain within this narrow discussion. Would I have the conceptual ability to process more than this? No, I would have remained in my chair within these narrow confines, to “ get along and go along” and to not appear to be impatient, and or, “ difficult.” If I had spoken up, without emotions, as the frustration because of the narrow confines being discussed or touted, I would cause a lot of friction, because I am not moving at the speed of the limitation, this narrow window of topic that is not a good or a bad, but simply a tiny measure of reality. In doing so, when I stood up and taken what was being said into a broader spectrum, the very inner “ record” of this limitation, would begin to reveal itself in the very physical manner of the person, because if one takes insight to another level, and the insight level of another person is limited, they have to reconstruct their inner imagery/perception, and to do this takes an inner transformation. If one has been a recitation of a very limited dictate for a long time, then change becomes more difficult. Physically this changing will cause a subtle shaking within the person, and if they are not aware of this, they will become frightened and just not want to “ go there.” The physical shaking appears to be unnerving. But what it really is, is a change, a reconstruction of belief.
One will also want to remain within what one believes, if this change within appears to be scary. And if one has lost spatial ability, because a broken record as a belief system is held onto, then it is even more difficult to change. Especially if one’s access to money is determined by one’s limited belief system. ( for this reason alone , a Basic income guarantee must be implemented)
So, if I have tension within my physical body, it is an indication where I am not moving in common sense of what is best for all, I am not moving with life here, I am not equal to what is being spatially equal to what is the very movement of life here. Where I am  thick within, such as back constriction, or pressure, means that I am stuck in some limited insight. Which means that I have allowed myself to believe that some belief, some measure defines, me, I have allowed this, and this that I have allowed is not aware of what gives as what I am as life receiving, I am not equal to the very movement of life here. And life would move in ways that are best for all, and the all is here because of the physical structural mechanism that enables life inFORMation.
Some where in all these words I write, have I answered my own question, voiced my own quest. I mean words in some ways are limitations, but in all they are the measure of our conceptual ability that is needed for communication between humans that overall are in separation from reality, were we not then a building diminishment of pensions and laws that make helping those without  money would not be what is forming within the present system, especially on a planet that gives resources freely.
Our words reveal our ME- LODy. Words reveal the construct of our inner belief. And since we are individual entities, what we LODE ourselves with as the tools of words and what they build as a belief picture, indicate the scope of our conceptual development, which is our conception of the physical reality that is the formation of how we exist, without which we cannot exist.
Somehow I am defining myself in some limited way, and I am not walking in common sense, hence the tightness in my calf. And, there is a “ block” in my heart area. I have been trying these last months, because I began to notice this in the fall of 2013, to sense this form I have accepted and allowed, and to clear this up, to get this to circulate with ease. But since this has been constructed over time, it takes me time to slow down and see the measure of this as the back chat circulating as thoughts in my mind, and the emotional/feeling body welling up from my solar plexus area, settling in my heart, as what I forgive that is not in equal measure to what is best for all, as this “ best for all’ is myself as life, here.
Since I talked about creating friction in another, and I often feel frustrated and impatient with dealing with limited constructs as what people tout with lively debate in a very narrow window of belief, there remains within and as me, a frustration within addressing the limitations of belief in others. Somehow, I have not moved in a forgiving way, one that circulates with a measure of  creating change in digestible measures addressing a starting point of limited measure. But perhaps, I expect a greater “ return” and this is due to conditioning, as well, where there is really no return, there is only standing in common sense, as this is the return, just remaining here, steadfast with a measure of common sense. It is not so much a lack, as a rushing, and the rushing is the block as a movement within and as me, here.
Collectively, such allowances within, as what each is doing over all, is each of us not considering what it means to be physical entities on a physical world. Each must flow in common sense of what it means to be the physical form of life because this is how life is. Life is a gift, it is not something that is ignored through placing a belief in a heaven, an after-life as being more than what is here as the physical.  Heaven was the separation from being responsible as life, it was in total ( with the hell being those who had more realization that something was amiss and yet had not realized the problem) a lesser dimension of life, clinging to earth to survive, it was the matrix of our separation from accepting the gift of life, as the physical world. This is why Christ said we had to bring heaven to earth in order for life to begin, We had to order ourselves equal to the physical because the physical is the formation of and as life. Thus, what is here must flow in common sense of what is best for all, respecting that which enables life, which is the physical.Is it no wonder that the physical is belittled? What is the real value is hidden right in front of us. It has been said that the truth is hidden in the best place, right in front of us.

The amount of my separation from life is equal to the amount of blame and spite, that i allow within and as me as what I am. Thus, the amount of rejection manifest as a compound of suppression within, which is a behavior of not knowing where to go - so to speak- which is an ignorance that does not move in what would be a fluid manner as common sense of the whole as the physical. This would move with ease, would be directive, as the principle of give as one would like to receive, the principle of what is best for all. This is realizing that the principle is the physical world, and that this principle is what is the real value, one that cannot be moved into the hands of a few men, to become the interest of a few, via a system that takes through a measure we call interest lending. Ironically, when we allow a system of interest lending in monetary measure, we allow our interest as life, to become the interests of others, which creates a system that serves the interests of a few, and a few cannot be equal to the measure of the physical on the ground, because they are not there to see directly the consequences of what is practiced. As this, each unit of measure as each human being, must be given voice and as such, the means to see clearly. This means physical needs must be met, to create an entity that is in a state of health, because this is the wealth that enables life to exist, this is the web of the physical, that which is the formation of and as life, here.
So, I must forgive myself through writing self forgiveness to see the measure of my separation, and then write the self correction that is in equal measure to what is best for all, as this begins with each of us, so that many can stand as what is best for all, so that life can begin on earth. We decide.

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