Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 568 Fryeburg Maine and our Children.

I watched a video about a town in Maine fighting for water rights. An interesting measure of reality was questioned in this video; Nestle, was allowed infinite control, as the “ right” to make profits, ( for whom), of a finite resource. This is division and conquest for endless profit, an unnatural act.

In essence we gift infinite rights to profit, of something that is finite. When something is finite, like our water, it can only be used in ways that sustain it, that allow it to circulate to maintain the earth and soil right where it is. When we believe that this can be used to feed a corporation its law of infinite profit, as wealth, we take the nature of something and disregard it, and feed it into a construction that believes itself more than the thing it feeds off to survive. That does not make any sense.  Remember the lake in Africa, the one that used water to grow tulips so income was generated to pay off the IMF debts? That lake was slowly drying up, creating another precarious situation for the people who lived there, people like you and me who want to enjoy their children and nature, people who are willing to work.

We are doing the same with our children, we are taking their innate common sense and shattering it with a narrow focus of incessant refolding of information, that is so confusing because it has no real substantive application in practicality . So then, we have diminished life resource as the common sense of children, so that they cannot understand any real practical measure of what is really being said and how it makes no sense that then forms the adult.

An example is my son. He got in the 89 th percentile on his SAT math. We were at dinner in a restaurant , my son went to figure out the tip. He started to multiply the figure by .20. I looked at him and said, what are you doing? Just take ten percent and double it, in your head! He looked at me. He has become a good programmed robot, taking the long way in math. Is this what it means to do well on the SAT? Is this the kind of workers we want, ones who can do math the long slow way without any efficiency? Of course, because then if one is efficient, patterns start to be understood, and the water does not flow into that profit entity we are all allowing that believes its need for profit is infinite no matter the fact that the resources on earth are finite. We will turn that into a profit when we get there. If we take the time to look beyond our slow means of measure taught, we can see that the world is not functioning, but for a few.

But is this what each does within, in not being aware of what a profit based system really means? Are we all only interested in our own profit? Are we not the men who created the system, and/or allow it to continue? When we are not paying attention to what is happening with the people around us, and do not question a neighbor not being able to care for their home, for example, are we not wondering why a human form with two arms and two legs, when fed properly and educated, and not burdened by economic stress, can actually get up and do? Is this present system not simply a reflection of what each of us is and does as we act in self interest and blame those around us, playing a game of class warfare based on decoration having meaning instead of what real development in practice of being in a physical form means, as this is what we use to survive. So we chase an idea, and discipline ourselves to become it, not realizing that without money we cannot develop, which means one needs opportunity, and the time to walk what development means, without distractions and worries and competition elimination because we fear something will be lost. And what is lost in such an instance is real self development.

Within this, the profit scenario can threaten by having us believe that if profits are not made then pensions are not paid. But all of this is on top of resources that circulate in the manner humans accept and allow as a construction. If the common sense of our children were allowed license to expand as is the nature of common sense, then what finite resources the earth gives freely would become a movement that is in line with common sense, which would mean that all life would be valued, because in common sense the physical resources of earth are how we exist, without them we are not here, and it is here that we are! 

So, in common sense, the water has to circulate, and does not need a middle man construct of transference into wealth accumulation that does so by means of suppression. This is a waste and one that brings havoc to earth. Would our education system cost as much as it does if the common sense of the child flourished? Does our system cost as much as it does because suppression is costly?
We have allowed a supernatural construct infinite power and allowed a fear of survival as its consequence to follow in its shadow, but this is an abdication of common sense by the follower AND the followed. Thus, the only way out is for the water to circulate freely, and the common sense of the child to circulate freely as well. And it is this common sense within, that is what gives each the power to do so. If we want to stop the voice of profit, we have to stand up in practical common sense of physical reality, which is to accept the physical as real, as something that can be understood. The means to create a world where our resources circulate in ways that are sustainable is right here, there are many who have realized practices that enable all to have a decent grounded life, we must simply choose to become this. It will really not be that hard, it will be so much easier than what we are doing. The illusion is what is scary, the reality is what would bring ease to all as life.

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