Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 570 Instead of Restricting Speech, Remove Anonymity.

If we decided to legalize drugs then many of the problems associated with the “ war” on drugs would come to an end, and the use of drugs would become more transparent, meaning visible, open, and as such the moving into solving the problems that lead into an excessive use of a  mind altering substance that is really a process of wanting to escape reality, this actual physical world.
If we have a government that is creating laws that inhibit speech, then why not open speech up and make it transparent, meaning if something is written or spoken up about, to require that there be no anonymity? Would this not be the way to hold people accountable, to see what is practically here?
Censoring speech is creating a protection and defense situation where there is an army needed to chase the speech, but if anonymity were no longer allowed, people would be more careful with what they spoke up about, and governments would have to become transparent, and each in their position. Even here, competitors wanting to eliminate threatening products, would have to prove and be open about their complaints. It would seem, as with legalizing drugs, especially with the benefits of lowering crime and creating revenue for towns, to make what is happening with people transparent, removing the fear of punishment and allowing transparency. 
It seems we chose actions that shut things down more than open them up so we can see what we are doing and then begin to find solutions. But we have to not fear opening up what we believe, how we are afraid, and not react to what others may think. Within this, we can realize that development is a process, and mistakes are made, and that this is part of the process of becoming aware. Why do we not see that learning to walk, so to speak, is a process that has moments of falling?
Why don’t we see that we all understand this in how our society is changing,  especially in the internship  situations? I mean, if we have allowed a level of opportunity to cost, after paying for increasingly expensive education that then demands paying for internships to have the opportunity to grow and develop, we can see that we understand development and growth depends on opportunity. So, we are aware within ourselves that in order for a human being to grow , they must have open and direct opportunity to interact, to process, to expand and yet we are allowing money to determine development, when it is development that breeds competency, and as such a human being who is able to walk - so to speak.
So, if we legalize drugs, we open up the dependency and face it, giving space to face it without the fear of facing criminal elements. If we allow the freedom of speech and remove anonymity, we hold people accountable for their actions at every level, in government and in the private sector because what each says they become responsible for, and as such what one may believe in a moment can be corrected which allows everyone to grow and expand. This would allow this world to open up what is closed and hidden and then brought to light, where just as with plants, things begin to expand and grow.
Is it not in facing our fears, our mis-takes, that we open up what we are doing and then enables us to move into more self awareness?  In having opportunity cost money, we are essentially allowing a system that limits opportunity through economics, and then creating laws that punish lack of development that the system format creates. This makes no sense, none, and has no reasoning that can justify it, it simply does not work.
The solution is to legalize drugs, to bring the use of this out in the open so it can be addressed. The solution is to remove anonymity and require that we each put our name to our words, because this is how misunderstandings are turned into understandings. This is how we can give ourselves the opportunity to face our fears, and forgive ourselves for our beliefs that were not what was best for us and as such not what is best for those we enjoy.  A system that realizes opportunity means development, and as it exists at present, costs money, is a system of suppression and punishment, one that punishes a limitation but does nothing to address that limitation, which is like a snake eating its own tail, it does not work and cannot work. I mean this has been going on for a long time, and since the choice is to do more of the same, as in wanting to remove the freedom to speak which is allowing limitation to express its limitation so that the limitation can be addressed and brought into awareness, the system is like, wanting to shut down and hide the very lack it creates, which is not an action of solution in any way. It is an act of rejection of life. It makes no sense because it abdicates its own sense as life, which is the root of the problem. And this is each of us. We are rejecting life, as what we are, as our own capacity, as ourselves as life which is being the sense of the world around us. it is like we are fighting against that which allows us to be. I would say, it is not “ like” it is what we are in essence doing.

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