Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 566 The usurious smoke and mirrors valley of good and evil. HALOgraphics as mind/consciousness.

I had an movement this week where I was like in a fog, as I moved by association, a collection of values guided by a random projection onto objects that I as mind am not always aware of. This keeping me locked and inferior to really transforming  with the life around me into understanding, as what I have allowed to build as a  wall of protection and self defense All an idea to remain within the pyramid of survival, always  a pyramid scheme that will not sustain, is not sustainable, just as what men are doing as the world system, as this is the manifestation of what each is within that has become an imposed system without, forcing itself to get its limited way, inferior to life, disrespectful of the physical. We need only look to Ukraine, to Syria, and to Israel and to many other parts of the world to see, realize and understand this. and we all hide in spite and blame, projecting responsibility onto others to avoid the gift of life as a capacity to work with physical earth existence in ways that do no harm, and create a world where the needs of physical beingness  can be met as this is life in expression, this is the means of life. As mind we divide by association and create a persona of limited measure, using a means that divides the substance of life into a good and a bad, an energetic polarity system,  where we take that which we believe is good because it fits into a self definition that we fear moving out of having forgotten ourselves as life in a constant state of physical transformation, a slow process to give one the time to participate and discover and create,  not scary when accepted, but scary in relation to fearing to change, when the change is life in expression, as this movement is the joy of and as life here, so, we give up our joy to hold onto an idea, and then reject a small measure of change, as what does not fit that idea, and reject  it, blaming and spiting what lacks and does not support this. And this is the source of the pyramid scheme on earth that is overall a separation from common sense, from what circulates and sustains the physical world. We must choose life, as this is what we all want, beyond the confusion of the mind, our stability is to become equal to the physical, which means to practically respect is, which is to act in ways that do no harm, which is to give as we would want to receive.

One has to forgive the spite and the blame, and open up the map of association, built of beliefs, opinions and ideas, to undo the self accepted knot that is an undulating smoke and mirrors show, that is the valley of good and evil, one that envelopes as mind, right here, as each of us, our separation from practical reality, as the physical.  The physical that can change in a seeable transformative way, that one need not fear but first each must give up what is a burden of self definition, one that weighs each down if we allow and accept it. The only choice is to become equal and one to and with and as the physical, realizing that each expression as the physical as earth, is what enables a definition that moves as one in creation in totality. This is what we all seek, here. Thus our system without of usury must come to an end.  Our minds within playing a protection and defense game, building a wall of separation from ourselves,  built of association as values held onto to define ourselves as what is a dis-ordered personality, an inner usurious act, must stop spinning as this is a halo of thoughts so occupying that perspective of all parts as the physical REAL world is ignored, cannot be seen, and this inner action, consumes the flesh of and as us to ignite itself, and so we die, never having lived and in the process destroying the lives of the children, the next generation of life, one that will come to an end, for all things on earth as earth unless we stop, and we breath, and we slow ourselves down to see, realize and understand our separation from the gift of life, of which the process of self forgiveness and writing and corrective application is the action.

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