Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 569 How come there is organization to replicate lost keys, but not solve poverty?

The keys to my car have recently been lost, the spare key forgotten.  I called the car dealership to find out if there was a way to get another key. They said, sure, just bring in the registration and a new key can be made. I got two. lol
Such organization, where numbers of the car, are placed into a data bank and re-called in the event all keys are lost.

And yet, we cannot solve poverty?

And yet, we cannot solve the behaviors a lack of education creates? Especially when we know what creates a responsible person and that one can only give what one has received in terms of opportunity and exposure? And having money in this system means opportunity, and economic suppression, because of this, causes fear, uncertainty on top of not having at least the basics.
I also realize that having a minimal salary that is above minimum wage, is not enough to care for a house and a car and one’s health. Even at this level there is stress. Why are we allowing ourselves to exist in this stress, especially when a little more money would enable one to know they can fix the roof, for example, or be able to fix that  car and not have to worry about it? And, that small amount more is really not that much! It seems to me that this is understood and measured, because as in the key scenario, what is here is organized, and/or capable of being organized, so there is no excuse for the economic stress, and the starvation, and abuse in this world. I would suggest realizing how many other things are organized and applying this awareness of things being so organized that everything can be organized into a system that is efficient and supportive.

In this on a global scale, there is no excuse why the details of the Flight in Ukraine are not forthcoming by the American government. If we can monitor the keys of cars, we HAVE monitored this, unless things were shut down, and this was done with a purpose in self interest. And or, as in Gaza, to target the hospitals, and the water and electrical infrastructure. Targeting these things is shutting off what people need to live in dignity, it is an unacceptable act, one that America- a melting pot,  should step in immediately, no matter what, and stop, and rebuild, unconditionally, because these are people, and this is a resource, one that has created values from freely given resources for eons, and when respected can form a human being who is productive in a forgiving way because they are equal to their innate capacity as a form with two arms and two legs, perceptive ability and organization skills - as we see with the car key organization. And all of this so called ‘political ‘difficulty’’ really to grab resource in self interest hiding this end game under factions of religious belief, and cultural ideology where psychologically we pit the same difference in debate as, for example,  class warfare and economic inequality - a morality show, like the mediaeval plays of old, an entertainment we all accept and allow unless we stop and realize that what we all long for is to be ourselves, here, interacting with others, organizing, ordering, discovering, interacting, communicating.

One time my family put a dog that had become very ill to death via “ sleep.”  The family was sitting around the dog, as the injection was given. Everyone was very emotional. I watched the dog, and suddenly, so gentle, so subtle, there was a movement, like a wisp shooting up out of the dog and the body relaxing so slightly it was almost imperceptible. I realized that my family did not see this, in the next 30 seconds, they started to ask if the dog had died. I was afraid to say the dog was dead, and another voice came up saying “ did you not see what happened”? Our machines cannot register this, and yet a human can. Others have spoken of such things, so I am not alone in this. Being caught in emotions, to validate self, as ideas, separate the human from an ability to sense in ways that even our machines cannot sense, thus we are so much more than our beliefs, opinions and ideas, our cultural definitions, our religious beliefs. Our abdication will not be resolved through our technology, even though our technology can help us come back to ourselves as life. We can use the means we use to organize car keys, to organize this world in a way that ensures that each beingness, as human, as plant, as animal, has their basic needs met to allow them the time and opportunity to reach their full potential as life, here. This is the value, it is time to become this, it is what we all seek. The solution is to give as we would want to receive, to realize that everything of this earth is the same as us. We decide.

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