Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 598 The Living Word Grounding us Here in Equality

I had a phone conversation with a business man, who complained that no one knows their words anymore. With the use of expediting words within texting words, abbreviations have become a norm for younger people.
But, like our cultivation of plants, that over time, as the American Indians have done, with pollination, creating larger grains heads of corn, our words have changed and built associations to constructs in our past, just as we do, and we can see that we do because we all have personalities, and what are personalities made of but a collection of limited associative values, a separation from the whole, from what we all are as being the same, built of the same building blocks in reality. The ideas we have of ourselves as mind, these are just ideas in separation from that starting point of practical reality.
So, I want to look at two words; evangelical and condemn.
Evangelical really means to well announce. Condemn means to force down.
These are the movement units of these words, they describe a living movement - so to speak.
Somehow, as I have done and been taught, evangelical is associated with the church. This is really a processing spoke in the wheel when it comes to actual living, and one that pulls in all manner of associations, distracting one from the essence of the word.
Condemn, as its essence shows what happens when one uses a force and presses down, as opposed to up. Somehow, over time it has become associated with a negative value, as though one is condemning another, which is in a way, condemning a personality. I mean, classism is a form of pressing down on another that has not had the opportunity for development, a construct that exists because we have allowed a government that voices democracy, the supposed voice of the people, yet supports and upholds a financial system that is in form and function in opposition to democracy! 
So, our words, have changed in meaning through added meanings/values/collective-meaning/story over time, and given that we all come from various levels in our accepted pyramid scheme financial system, we will all have different associations to our words, because we will have different ideas and values coming up with each word.
I also had someone say to me that what is needed in this world is more brotherhood. The lack of brotherhood, could this be because we are all walking around in bubbles, mixed up in all this hi-storical reference, trying to find a match , an exact match to our associative stream of images that are really ill defined? This means that we are not going to find that perfect match, because no two people can occupy the same inch of earth, thus it is an impossibility.
This is why we must realize an equal starting point. That starting point must be what allows us to exist. The physical. The physical reveals what works and what does not work, it is the manifestation of life in FORM. It is creation. It is thus, the eye of the needle. And it is the one thing, our education, our religion, our cultures lead us away from, because if we realize that the physical is life information, than no one can place a viel over our eyes. I mean, where to hide that which is real? Right in front of us, right here.
If we walk around and speak as all these inference associations without realizing that we are doing this, then it is like we are constantly forcing our heavy square pegs into a round hole, again, and thereby not really communicating with anyone.
This is why we were told, we must become the living word. This means, considering, which in a way is changing our focus, to include the physical manifestation of creation, which is earth, here, we must “ force” ourselves to see and include physical reality as being the value, and then can we change and transform heaven onto earth. We are all the same, it is only that television in the mind that is separating us from reality. And that “ sins of the father” television is passed down “limited” values only. This has no real transformative value, it is a state of being that is a structural violence against life, consuming it, sucking the life from the physical as our HUEDman bodies. We are so filled with colors, as values, that we are in separation from what is the value, which is being/existing as physicality - a circle of building blocks that is how we manifest here as life. We can either decide to realize the physical must be respected and valued and worked with in ways that do no harm and allow the full potential of each part to self realize, or we can continue to hide in limited values as mind consideration only, until we destroy this world and start again, until we realize that we can go no further until we accept ourselves as being special because we are life information, which is physical and that each is us in another from, because we are all of the same substance. I mean, in so many ways it is a brilliant design, we must only accept it, and ground ourselves here.

Why do we not see this cognitive dissonance, this game of disassociation that is the cause of so much false dilemma? On some level we all know this. we see the spin of the mind because we are walking comparison, incessantly seeking like symbols through emotional values that comfort our own. Instead of seeking like emotional values, which are our compounded beliefs, why not forgive this and realize that the physical was here, grounding us if we would only accept this as the real value? That one little change within, that one little perceptual change would begin to build, to or more in my name, which is the physical, and this would begin to build real value, real support, and as such real living, where each would begin to become the living word. How much fun would that be? More than our televisions could ever ever ever convey!

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