Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 594 The resiliency of silence

Trying to cover too much ground at once.

I notice that I don’t always “ pan out”.  I tend to focus on one thing, and forget to notice the world around me. But this is like a tunnel vision, one that zeros in on what catches my eye. So, how do I slow down and pull back and take in more of the actual world around me, not fearing to “ not” focus in a narrow way, in a tunnel way?
It is not that narrowing in on something is something that does not have benefits,  but when this becomes a behavior that can not in a moment change from that narrow focus to the sum of the parts, that mistakes through ignorance can accumulate, because not everything is considered.

Physically, I notice that I am becoming far sighted, because my near sightedness is not as good as it used to be. It is like my physical body is telling me to look outward more, because I am burning out the use of near sightedness.

This must be from a desire to control, and yet it is the opposite of control, because real “ control” of myself as I live life here, is to consider that which is near and that which is far, and all that is in-between.

This moment here, can be eternal, meaning there is enough space here, for me to change from a narrow focus to a broader focus within this physical world, in flexible ways. I am the stuff of resiliance, which is somewhat like re-silence, meaning to move from a point of silence, as no judgement, and gently, without reaction, accept the world around me as the physical. In this I do not resist and as consequence see directly with resolution in every breath.

But what was it that I wanted, as was the intent of the narrow focus, an ignorance of the sum and the parts as one?
The narrow focus was about ideas I looked for, something exciting that would open some kind of magical discovery.  I mean this in itself is a distraction. 

What if the real self as me, was naturally resilient, as resilient as water? And it was only belief  that was myself  in resistance to change? And, would I not be, if I became like water as the real substance of me as life, really really living the most “ amazing” multidimensional physical full sensory “ video” game ever ever ever?

Did not someone say, one had to pass through the “ eye of the needle” and could he not walk on water? What does one do when one changes from swimming to hiking, or playing an instrument, or meeting a friend? Are these all not changing the measure and form or direction of oneself within? Have we, a humans, not become extremely limited in our abilities as this? Is it not time to realize the full spectrum of this ability and realize our full potential? Would this not create heaven on earth? It is time to change our economic structure, to one that actualizes  a systemic form that leaves no one behind, and supports all life, as life is the value and the fun.

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