Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 599 The Secret. Journey To Life : We Create

How words can hide and shift meaning.
The word ‘secret’ is  a combination of two sounds, let’s say: ‘se’ meaning ‘apart’ and ‘cernere’ meaning ‘shift’. So secret as a movement means to apart-shift. One could say, to divide through a shift, and this mechanism would be focus. In itself to look at a part, to bring one quality forward is not a bad thing, but when a shift is used to hide, as in presenting only a part, then knowledge and information becomes limited, as the story presented does not reveal the whole.
So, a secret is shifting focus, where one sees only a part, and words can be used to do this, thus we must always investigate what is said as the words used, in media and advertising, for example.
An example I noticed of this today was in this article.
It states that GMO’s are being labeled as “ naturally enhanced organism.”  That is being secretive, because it is shifting focus through the use of a mean via the use of words, presented in media, where one has little chance of question and rebuttal.  On the side, I don’t understand how men in lab coats looking into microscopes can be construed as natural because being in that lab is a shift from working with the whole of nature in real time, especially when every movement of what is created in such an isolated environment is not then cross referenced to all aspects of the whole as earth. If we look at what we are taught, as value judgements, we can see that we have been impulsed to believe that men in labs are doing great things to improve our lives which is a shift in focus. The improvements presented may be true in a narrow way, but we need only look at the state our soils and the animals and our children to understand that a shift to look at a part has not been brought back to the whole, as this physical world in which we live. The presentation done with a shift in wording is really asking for a stretch into a limited imagination Acceptance of such is really suppression. It seems our media is more a vehicle of knowledge and information only, without following through to practical application in a relationship to the whole, this earth.
Where did this shift to hide, through limited information, occur within our world?  It began with each of us, because the hued-man-of-mind only shifted from equality to practical reality and chose a self definition of self in self interest as mind only instead of remembering that self is a physical state of being existing because of the whole. This has been going on for eons, now manifest as a system. It is a system where governments can act as terrorists with a shift as a story of bringing peace, that hides the self interest of personal gain, which has become the corps of this world acting because each has defaulted their natural ability to absorb real surroundings in common sense. All the dis-ease, when in this world of the real innovations of men is out there that can make all our lives like that of a millionaire.
Thus, the real secret is to shift within oneself, to investigate what is available in this world and why the innovations that exist are not changing our lives to ensure that every human,  every plant and every ounce of soil is living its full potential. We understand what builds a healthy person, because we, with investigation, understand what it means to build a productive person!
Why not take control of your own perception?  Shifting within, is reflected in the words we use, thus it is always, always visible, and we can all see it. Thus, the state of the world is that fault of each of us because we shift into a convenient ignorance in self interest. Standing in equality with the physical world, taking that which is good and does no harm, is the way to remain constant and realize the mind is a tool to look at parts, an image nation that is not reality, and as such, only defines someone if they accept and allow the delusion of this to be reality, instead of remaining constant in physical space, grounding one’s self here, as the physical is the way and the means of life.
If a substance touted as being of benefit demands that protective gear be worn in the natural world, then this is not a naturally enhanced organism, it is a drone that brings terror to the human form, as the pesticides and herbicides are doing in places such as Argentina. It is time to shift ourselves back into reality, the physical, as this is life, and life is the value.

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