Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 595 Heaven would be Earthed.

I recently had some problems with my identity and my bank account. During the process, there were a series of steps to take to stop a certain action from happening. Unfortunately, the sequence as the minute steps taken caused the undersired action to happen.
Looking at the steps and wanting to realize what and where such a thing could have happened, I had to slow down and look at the form, and the parts of this form and see how they moved, like looking at all the different rhythms moving in a musical piece. If one step was a tiny bit off, then the whole lost its footing. Each part has to be able to hear the other parts in order for the overall sound to be steady and even.
In this instance, and this is the present state of bureaucracies in this system, especially with the conflicting forms as what government say they are, and the very nature of the structure of a usury, rent seeking, wealth accumulating system as our financial system, the parts are not connected and  as such not in sync with one another causing delays and mis-steps and any number of imbalances, and then being so busy putting out the fires that synchronization moves very slowly, or never is reached at all.
Ironically, the within, as what we believe we are as the words we tout as this system, and the form with which each has access to needs, as this financial system, are not in sync, they are as a consequence, in separation.  Structurally, things are in place to correct, but this is slow and occupies resources, labor resources, so progress is really slow, and in reality, there is too little done to make use of technology to automate corrections, which could be done. But then again,  if technology could monitor how things move, then the financial system would no longer flow in rent seeking ways because the tech could be used to distribute and cover all costs, and the end of wealth accumulation would naturally ensue. We could vote to have carefully crafted programs govern us, making sure that what we created from resources would include all costs to maintain the environment, of which the human is a piece of the mechanism that enables a process of ordering this world.
Yes, technology could be used to synchronize all physical material needs, without human intervention, ensuring that the physical world were in an order that caused no harm to any living thing. Sound like a sci-fi novel, but considering we have power addictions, resplendent in our so-called representatives, it would not be a bad idea to have a governing system that distributed our goods and services and monitored the synchronization of distribution and the required care of side  effects of resource extraction on earth, for example.
Since we humans have allowed separation from our own common sense, we can use technology to refocus us back into what would be best for us and this physical world that is the manifestation of life, because the technology could be set on one level, to order the flow, as money, to and towards supporting what supports physical beingness  before any excess that polarizes  circulation and causes  suppression that is simply a lack of what is needed to reach a full potential inherent in form, ensuring the symbiotic/structural rebalance of each environment, to keep earth in sync in terms of making sure no harm comes to any life form. The outcome would be a product that humans would stand and wonder why the value being life had not been the principle followed from the beginning of time. It would be like waking up from a dream centuries and eons long. To put it simply, heaven would be earthed

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