Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 646 I may ground myself here, into equality and oneness with the physical to stand equal and one to life.

If I carry around my past, as all the experiences I have that are charged with fear, I cannot see the potential of what is here as the physical as life in expression. My reptilian brain stands with the weight of that charge, slowing me down, and all I see is threat and possibility of what I fear happening, which is a fear of being called a name that was my fear. So, I run from a fear of being called something. Which means I feel quilty about something I did or did not do. Do I think of correction within my actions or have I allowed the fear to become greater than the rate of correction?

I can only be here in this moment, moving equal to the physical, thus I can only address my fear in practical application, I can in essence only give myself to the moment and forgive any name I may or may not be called. I can slow way down, assess and correct. The principle of doing what is best for all, in every moment , in small detail, is always right in front of me. A shadow of fear, is the illusion.

Acting in self interest only, is fear because we live on a symbiotic physical planet,  meaning the means of being is physical, so cross referencing physical reality, is what grounds us. If I reference my fear, my past directed by this fear, I cannot see this physical means, and I separate myself from my own natural spatial awareness of this physical world. I then slowly age, no longer being present and equal to life, and I notice this in how when I walk, I begin to lose sense of that step before that door, or can no longer drive my car. I have separated myself from life and become a mind consciousness only. 

 I have become the limited knowledge and information that directs in associative ways only, very linear ways, so much so that I can not envision beyond a certain consequence of understanding, I can no longer see the whole and the parts, as was the gift of life as me as a child. As I child, I had not yet learned to communicate in words what I could see, and the way words were used, was not equal and one with the physical world. I learned to use words in fear, in a limited game of association only, each word charged up with reference to the world of fear, of inferiority, as a mind consciousness system only. 

I can only , in every breath, step outside of my comfort zone, and live in each moment, within the principle of what is best for all, and be thankful for every limitation I believe comes before me, because every limitation I accept is the shadow of my belief, opinion and idea based on fear and not the real presence of myself. My potential is so much more than the limited measure of and as fear, as my own constructed and accepted mind consciousness. 

I may allow the presence of myself as life, that was and is always here, to breath, and to live in the moment. And I may give as I am as life, and receive  the potential of life that is here all around me. I may be the absolute purpose of life, and become equal and one with and as life here. 

The means are in every moment, as I can address and be the small measure in every moment because what is real, as the physical is here right in front of me in every moment.

In every moment, the choice is to stand as solution, as what life really is. Life is physical, the physical is life information. Thus I reference the physical, with every breath, in gratitude, to realize there is nothing to fear, as life is right here, as the physical, to reveal in practice the way and the means of living. 

Any resistance means I have fallen into my mind consciousness , a valley of smoke and mirrors, of judgement, of values all charged up with emotion in self interest, that becomes an end game of a death for a false god composed of beliefs, opinions and ideas, that suck the substance of life from me, until I am a whitened wick of limited knowledge and information, moving by association manifest as telling the same limited and justifying story again and again, never having accepted life, and equalized my within to the without, my above to the ground that is the means of me as the physical world below my feet. 

 I stand here, equal and one, to and with the physical world, in support of myself as I am life. I take that which is good, which allows the full potential of life to stand as life, equal and one, in oneness and equality as all things here, as what is here, as the physical is life inFORMation. The scream of limitation as my reptilian brain can only be a large as I accept and allow it, what is real is life, as the physical world here. I stand here, equal and one to the physical, and I ground all time into referencing the physical world around me to bring an accepted and allowed mind consciousness into equality and oneness with and as life, as the physical, as this is real life, this is heaven on earth. I focus here, as this is what allows me to act in accord with life and since i can only move here in this moment, in small steps, the way is always before me. I accept and allow myself to be here. I practice physical living = life.

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