Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 647 Personalities bouncing around as the pressures of life take their toll.

I was having a conversation about a family friend's daughter who had become the prodigal son- so to speak. This girl had rejected her family traditions and married someone outside of her culture. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to division if time is not taken to understand and develop common sense with living, as in understanding the different cultural measures and working together.
When life gets more difficult, when the children begin to turn into teenagers, the differences , if not worked on, and/or if one longs for the comforts of their childhood, because, as I said the stress of life, then personalities, as the measure of our childhood, begin to emerge beyond what motivated a mixed culture relationship.
I married a European, as an America, I had to learn some of their ways. Some I accepted and some I choose the way I had learned to do things, it became mixed. Cultures that are more different, I would imagine would bring on a greater need for balance.
Within the conversation, this daughter of this family, was suddenly interacting with her parents again, after some time estranged from them. She, according to the story I heard, was moving into personality swings. 
The conversation was about how strange her behavior was, how erratic, yet, if we understand how we develop personalities and how they can become a mind consciousness of likes and dislikes, as preferences that define us, in separation from using common sense as physical beingness on a physical world, a time in one’s life in a time of difficulty, will begin to move into what is comfortable within oneself as a measure of living, and begin to resort to that measure, not seeing that this whole scenario, reveals how we work as personalities that are the measure of values we learned during childhood. A prodigal son is the story of rejection of these values, and a return to them when things get tough.
Ofcourse there are children who reject family values and do well in times of conflict. Any measure is possible. It is not a one-size situation. What is revealed here is that we become personalities that cannot get along with others which means our personalities are measures of values, of beliefs, that we hold as bigger than being practical living. Our likes and dislikes are ideas about things, and do not really have anything to do with accepting the physical world around us with understanding. As such we lose sight of the small measure of being in common sense of what we do in every move on a physical planet. We become walking value judgements instead of being the practice of respecting what life is, a physical form. I mean why separate physical reality from life in the first place?
Because of our personalities, we have a monetary system that does not support and value life. We have an education system that suppresses life by placing a multi sensory being into a box to abstract knowledge and information to associate from in assessing the physical world, when this is placing the cart before the horse! That does not work, and it can’t work and it is not working. If it only works for a few, then it does not work!

We have a medical system that is not about health, it is about maintaining dis-ease for profit. Our health systems are considered alternative, and our emotional states, which are our personalities, are regarded as what makes us special when that could not be farther from the truth. If a feral child can learn to smell like a wolf, what is special about us that we have the capacity to understand this physical world and emulate it with ease, developing great abilities that would make living on this earth really fun! I mean it would be really cool to be able to smell that rabbit from a distance instead of looking on an iPhone! It would be really cool to sense this space with all of me, rather than seeing a picture about something, as a picture has no depth, cannot be sensed through smell-for example, nothing to touch that reveals what is soft about something or what is textured.  This is why we believe that going and shooting a tiger defines us, without any real consideration of the tiger’s body being the means for a sensory life, and what a sudden interruption of that life feels like! None of us would want this for ourselves, not one. When our emotional lives are upset, we get very reactive and dislike this interruption, seeing it as a threat- even when this is not using the means of the physical body as what we are, and really sensing the world around us. Thus, even in our limitations that we believe are real, we dislike the pain of loss, and it is this loss of an idea, belief, opinion that is of energy that we have allowed to define us, that is what separates us from being equal and one to the physical, where we would respect the physical, as the tiger, and do no harm because this is the real nature of ourselves as life.

We become the good and the ' bad' as values we believe define us, which are our personalities. These are the measure of our experience, as what we take from our parents as they are our early environment.  We become a personification. In understanding this, we can understand personality dis-orders as being what is not equal to real practical living. When things don't work, we return to the values we learned as children, because they are the most imbedded and have a comfort value attached. Thus, we become what we practice, and if this is not respecting life, our person-hoods/self definitions cause conflict with reality, because they cannot work in practice if they are not equal to what it means to live a physical life, which is to live in respect of, and forgiveness towards the physical world/creation manifest. Our measure within must be equal to the measure without.

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