Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 695 The allowance of self discovery.

The allowance of self discovery.

In slowing down and learning to listen, I realized a point in building relationships with others. It is also a relationship with myself. I slow down and  listen to what thoughts, opinions and ideas accumulate and are allowed that then define experience.

In this, listening to another is to bring self discovery forward. It is seeing what is here, as this physical world, and living the value being life. The means is to define one’s words as a starting point, to ensure that everyone is of equal measure in understanding. 

Within this, if I react within wanting acknowledgement for information I am already acting superior, and creating a state of inferiority and control of information. I am  racing ahead within this desire for acknowledgement. I am abdicating my presence to here, in effect.  I am allowing  information to become more than the value being understanding a clear measure that lends self responsibility. 

Why? Because the physical world is given, it is us, it is right here, and it reveals by its nature, freely, its own form and function. In other words its measure is right here in front of us. The only quest in this regard is to discover the physical for oneself. No one can be that discovery but one’s self. 

Listening to another person is a lot like listening to one’s self, as each is a measure of values accepted and allowed as how one defines what has been discovered in their world, or resistances towards understanding the simple, what is the same in everyone, and that is that we are physical beings on a physical planet.  After all, words are esoteric by design. Words reflect one’s accepted measure within. Only self can change this.

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