Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 693 The system mirrors what I accept and allow over time.

The night before last, I reacted to some information. I had to breath and slow down, reforming my  value judgement into a practical measure that realized an outcome that would be what is best for all. I have to realize what forms I am within, change and reorder over time. What appears as one way, can change in the future, and as long as things are supported under the current paradigm/structure, to remain in place.

I noticed the next evening, at about the same time, I suddenly felt uneasy, and I realized it was the residual emotions of the subsequent evening.

Also, the other day, while working in my yard, I noticed movements within me would rise and then settle. I had walked so many of these movements, calling them by name, that I could call them out and say no. This is not who and what I am, this is not what I will allow to define who and what I am here. 

Also, in talking with parents, I notice that I fear calling something by name, as though it is an effrontery to call something out. And yet, there are moment when I did so and it was accepted by the parents. Other times I have had parents shut down, through up their arms and say, it is not my responsibility or, “ I do not have the time.” Even here, I have told stories, lines of form that covey an outcome.  I have walked the means in detail. It is that line where I still blame myself for not getting the horse to drink the water.  And it is this point that sometimes I forget that it is not what I have said, or how I have said it, is that that it needs to be said again, as the reactions must clear, and the ground seen, to use a metaphor here. This is to remember, just as I remember myself from my own storms, to ground myself here, in the moment, remembering how what I allow as measure, can become me if I allow it, and that the same means is to place that awareness into continued cross reference with the reality around me and, even the forms created in ignorance of what is real, the physical. In each and every breath, nothing can define who and what I am. I, as life, can become master of myself. This is myself accepting the gift that is life.

I read this article this morning, and for me it not only described how our systems are formed over time, it also describes how we are formed over time. It describes the means to the end.

Then, in this article, we can realize the deception that really mirrors what we allow within ourselves in self interest, how we protect through ignorance, how we allow something in one situation and not in another. We can use a ‘ bad’ an accepted knowledge about something to take something out, and yet, ignore that same information when it does not suit our goals. In this instance, the system entities ignore depleted uranium  ( go to  7:00 minutes)  and yet arrest a man for having it on his presence.  And, how this reveals the reality of the substance, ignored by those we look to because they have a piece of paper that says they know. They do know, they choose to ignore it, because they fear losing their job over the children of this world.  Within this scenario and realizing how we work, which is obvious if we take the time to look, it becomes obvious that what we allow informs the system. The consequences will reach through one’s self interest of protection and self defense in allowing ignorance to keep that job. 

It is revealed that our water in America is now filled with toxins as a consequence of drugs and pesticides. This means that that which was ignored, is all around us. And our children are manifesting the consequences to the extent it si becoming an elephant in the room. Those things we ignore to keep that job, the accumulate, just as my judgements accumulate in my body, revisiting me in space and time, as a measure, as a belief that is not equal to what is best for all, what is a measure that is equal to the present moment, what is a measure that allow me to focus myself here, in clarity. 

Remember, as within, so without, as above, so below. We as physical beings are the pivotal point of life, as the physical is life information.  Real abundance is being present here, taking that which is good and does no harm. Everything else is a separation from life. 

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