Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 696 Does Consciousness work differently than we think? What is the simple?

The simple makes the steps small, outlines them, structures them.
The simple grounds, lends ease and turns inflated ideas into possibilities, into measurable applications.

Fear inflates values, causing chaos and the loss of communication with life. This is a loss of connection to the practical. When that moment appears, that moment of clarity, then that which blinded and covered life, shrinks into points that are but specs in space. This is when one can see the potential in creation, that field of endless possibility that was hidden, or shrouded by one’s fear.. What was huge and distracting, as a polarized and inflated energy, downsizes and becomes a memory of information of a mis-take, a process for gotten as what it is- like learning to walk.. Guilt and shame and self pity, are more of the same as blame and spite. 

That point of believing the inflated values that distract from the simple, can in every moment be made small, as I can remain constant in accepting the world around me, the physical that is in plain sight. We can as what we are, do one thing at a time so there is the space and time to realize what blocks seeing what is in plain sight. 

We all have moments where we see a way forward that is clear, as though we suddenly see a structural whole, yet to direct ourselves here, means moving one small measure forward, just like building a house. That next step must be walked. If I were master of myself, would I be able in every moment to see the whole and remain in the small, as that point of creation building, as that next step? Would this bring joy and the satisfaction that comes with real focus in the present moment? 

I mean I can fret over taxes, yet my taxes are done within adding numbers together. This is collecting digits about things and placing them into a form. I mean, cooking food involves more than this. Food has so many more qualities than adding up income earned and expenses covered. I can go back and look at bank account detail and highlight each expense in a color, and then add them all up. Twelve banks statements is really a very small number! It makes me wonder how our government can have a deficit especially when there are lots of people adding up the digits.. In today’s world with data collection, how can our government have unaccounted for money? Why do we listen to mandates based on data by a system that has no account in other areas? The answer is that we cannot. It is simple. 

How is it that I can see this in one area, and in another moment inflate some value and react to something with charged emotion? This is revisiting the point of seeing a response of ‘ complicated’ as myself not being practical, and here, and in the moment. I am the cause of complicated, which is really myself resisting myself. I can blame no one but myself. And why must I return to the simple, realizing it is a signature of being present?  Because this is the only way towards that kind of focus that in nature lends a sense of real ease. This is accepting creation.

In other words, I cannot make a decision until I realize the measure right in front of me, and understand it so well, I can move around within it, as in assess the information from many perspectives, with ease. This is a fearless ability to stand and assess, to investigate, to define and to question, to build a framework within any given area, and move in ways that cause no harm. It is who and what I am as life, always here, and that is myself hearing the potential of creation in every moment. This is becoming humble in relation to life. This is forgiving myself in respect of life, the physical being life information.

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