Sunday, November 20, 2016

Processing information and a false morality. Day 731

I begin to realize how slow I am within processing information. It is that I process information within my imagination, or my mind, abdicating myself from what is more natural, which is to see directly here.

Bumping up against the dogma that is what such a means of directing self is and does as a mis-use of the imagination. The reactions are more about myself, processing the disconnect, listening for what is a truth, and being empathetic, to give directions I would want for myself. This also involves realizing that I am the same as what is here, as all this physical world around me.

In a way, that is real power, to move what is stagnant and empty into becoming a river filled with life, with creation, with being engaged and present.

I must remind myself that thinking about playing an instrument is not playing the instrument. Playing the instrument means understanding the starting point, the smallest movements, the mechanics, and then practicing them which does not need as much time as one might think given the present systemic design of divide and conquer through beliefs, opinions and ideas without practical application. IN a way, words represent thinking and thinking is not one’s self being present. After all, I do not think when I play an instrument, I am with that tool- it demands focus more than thinking. The real divine, is being present, equal and one to the physical, which means, in this moment, for me, to value being physical, being here, sensing the physical, learning to process the information of and as it.

We have a system that wants to take an orange, for example, divide all the nutrients and sell them in parts, to manage our health, which is really us abdicating our own self responsibility to sense ourselves, of which the physical is us. We have schools that place us in boxes for 13 years, or more, and micro-manage what we think and how we think. All of this sounds good, as structure is necessary ( what is the physical?) yet it is suppressing the use of all of what we are, as we are sentient beings, here. Learning how things work in a paper context enables the control of information. That information can be divided and limited, a lie-by-omission, and it can be filled with bias ( the red flag being a formula of inflammatory language coupled to truths), because imagination and real doing are two different things. As I said, one cannot learn to play an instrument, or do a sport, thinking about it. Reading information is important, as it is how we can read about what is happening in places we physically have no presence in. Words are important because we humans use them to communicate. Reading words and speaking words are the same thing, what we sound we create, we place as measurable tools within ourselves. If what we accept, because we accept it when we follow its authority without cross reference, we place information without our physical bodies that is not directing us effectively, and does not fit into our bodies. We lose flow, our bodies age, instead of moving with grace and connection with the physical world. We lose an ability to process information that brings us into an understanding of really knowing something because we are ultimately happy when we are effectively engaged. We would only fear this if a change into such responsibility appears to be too much, such perspective revealing a state of a lack of ability to process the information of this physical reality. This would mean that we need more information, or have the space to see the steps back to ourselves as this, and realize that it is in deed, a gentle unfolding back into what we really seek, which is ourselves. IN the need, we would gladly, and respectfully, give the digits of our labor to this. It would be a way of giving thanks. 

If we go and look at a test that was given to students in the middle of the last century, probably  none of us could process the information on the test. This is how great the loss of ability, and self responsibility is within us. We have the compounding problems to mirror this effect in our children, as all the attention deficit disorders. The consequence of self abdication of self responsibility is all around us. It is there when we are sold the products in the supermarkets, that are over processed, losing nutrients, to the point where that same seller/chain has an isle filled with vitamins and supplementary products. Divide into many parts, to sell, for profit. This mirrors what we have accepted within ourselves, as it is really an abdication of our real power to be responsible. It is time to focus, here, in this physical creation that is life. The way is all around us. It is like a parent that wants what is best for all life.

The labor we do every day, being reimbursed through money, that we then define who and what we are through what we allow to be sold to us reflects our awareness, or the use of our ability to be aware. When we turn on the television, we are purchasing information, when we walk into a huge chain supermarket, we are being sold, through buying what is offered in this market. When we face new information, at a job, as a new way of doing something, we can blame nothing and no-one for a loss of our processing speed of information, because we paid for the public schools with the monetized digits of our labor through our real estate taxes, we bought what was sold and it has become our souls. We are souls who have accepted and allowed a system that simply reflects the abdication of a natural ability to process information as the physical- that world that we move in and get things done in. We have allowed a chain to exist as an authority, not realizing in accepting that, we have enslaved ourselves into a self accepted suppression of and as who we are as life. This must come to an end, and we can become responsible and be happy. 

Human beings are happy when they know something enough to do it, to stand and accomplish goals and simply get things done. In our homes we can learn how to care for that home, understanding what maintains the things from nature we use to build a house. When given the opportunity to do so, we are quite capable. The opportunity to do, to communicate with what is here, and with others, is fun. When we resist, as abdicate responsibility we suppress who and what we are, and sharing where we are in our understanding- realizing it is okay to do so because this is how we learn/correct-, which is in our connection to seeing reality directly here. 

Lately, I have looked at the point of having to say what I am. On one hand, because of the system of abdication of one’s ability to be sentient,  I have to use my systemic credentials to have some effect. Yet, having to say what I am, and what my systemic experiences are, is selling myself, instead of living what is best. This means, to speak in clarity and author what lends self direction here, in this reality. This behavior is living and being what is best for all, giving/being as I would want for another. Just as I look for potential, for what gives an awareness that is focused, engaged and potent with this physical life recognition within myself, so must I for any and all things around me. Realizing what is best for me, is what is best for all. 

lol, I realize, to some degree, I may have some morality around this point of ‘ not having to say what I am.”  It is a twisted form of indignation. Meaning, something like ‘ can’t you see my polish, my breeding!”  ( The nasty things coming from what I have accepted and allowed as belief, to survive in this system that is of and as such, and as a consequence, and within the law of compounding, a distraction from reality and a voice of self interest- this can only lead to isolation and a busyness in dogma that is not a state of being happy, real happiness!)

I have the capacity to be as water, to support this physical world, as be so clear that I can, instead of creating hyperbole to thwart and control- such as having to tell others what I am- I can ground myself and stand here, a self willed equal, as the value is realizing that taking self responsibility happens from within, and that means making mis-takes which need not define who I am, and as a process define my words into real relationships with physical living, to increase my ability to process what is here, and know what separates me from what and who I really am. I am physical. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist as a superior morality, believing that I am more polished that another.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist as some dark moral entity, as a belief, as words composing a thought, polarizing values, and distorting reality in and as a state of mind, as imagination without regard and respect to and towards who and what I am as a physical being, here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to exist as a nasty, spiteful, verbally attacking beingness, not seeing realizing and understanding that this is myself in a petrified state of fear.

I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that this back chat that I have accepted and allowed is not what is best for me, or myself being a self willed equal to and towards life here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to divide myself from the divine of and as the physical as life, within and as accepting and allowing judgements, comparisons, imaginations, as this is a memory of illusion , based on a past of and as separation from who and what I am as life, as the physical.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear a morality, within myself, as what I have allowed to define who and what I am, as false positives that have no promise into what would bring happiness, as a happiness that can withstand the test of time, this happiness being defined as being grounded and potent, here, being sentient as what and who I am as a sentient beingness , being thankful for the physical creation as life manifested.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to miss the subtle morality I have practiced and embedded, as embraced as a bed of and as who and what I am as a self definition, that lacks equality and oneness with and as the physical.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to chase a carrot on a string within and as an idea as a moral of and as the nasty words ‘ don’t you see my polish’

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand the movement of silent indignation within and as allowing such a thought as ‘ don’t you see my polish’ something practiced as protection and defense in survival, to the point where I had to slow way down, and deconstruct my own movements as energy within and as my memory, my imagination, the accumulation of ideas, as information, to define me, and for this self abdication of myself as life, as that part of me that can in capacity consider all things as this is what is natural as the potential of myself as life, here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand how the use of such words as a thought, become silent and barely readable within, as ‘ don’t you see my polish’ and have come to be my own acceptances that suppress myself as life, and , as an act of comparison instead of problem solving, isolate me from what would lend happiness as the real nature of who and what I am as life here. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to separate myself from what is tangible, and potent, and real, as the physical here.

When and as I find myself moving into back chat, as nasty words of protection and defense in and as my mind based on a morality unequal to life, I stop and I breath, and I slow myself down, and I ground myself here, as I see realize and understand the real joy of being, as sentient being, that must physical be,  to enjoy being present here, as self willed, self willingness nature, like water, to accept all things and to take that which is good and does no harm, and to practice this, to restore what is natural, as myself as a physical being, to process the information that is here, as the physical to direct myself in ways that enjoy who and what I am for real.
When and as I find myself fearing to face my own morality, as false positive that has proven to have no real sustaining promise, I stop and I breath, and I forgive myself to inform myself equal and one to what is here, as the physical, and to process what is happening on this world, to remember myself to more than what is in my immediate environment, to practice processing information as an act of respect for all things, here.

When and as I find myself reverberating back chat that is nasty and dark I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand my own accepted and allowed morality, based on survival, and I stop, I breath, I slow down and ground myself,  and I practice using common sense, as who and what I am capable of as a sentient being, to understand here, and stand as what is practically best for all, speaking as measuring, as stating in words, to build thoughts that move as deeds to and towards a knowingness that stands in lasting joy and happiness to share a process in action, that realizes the value of creating in tandem with who and what I am, the physical, and to within this realize that what is here is me, and what is here as all men, is the means to the end, as it has always been, as many working together to build heaven on earth. 

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