Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 353 The lesser self self commitment statements

I commit myself to seeing realizing and bringing back to myself the voices as ideas, opinions and beliefs of what I have accepted and allowed as energetic projections as a protection and self defense within a system of inequality as the construct of many men all participating within the same action as fearing to stand as self as life and to realize the ignorance as the beliefs, opinions and ideas I have used to justify the lesser self as me, in not acing myself here, to stop and to breath and to self forgive such separations to no longer allow this to give meaning to this idea that I aggrandize myself through and as when I manage to survive and gain acceptance, money, position, and/or burden myself with self judgement as believing myself to have lost something, to potentially end us living on the street or in my car, or without food, or on another level of this leveled scale in separation from life, believe myself to potentially have said or done something to cause the lowering of myself within and down on this social scale of being more than another or less than another, to no longer allow myself to move within such associations and relationships existent within and as me within and as a bubble that in itself - no matter in which degree I am developed- is in itself a total separation from life, thus as such I stop and I breath and I direct myself in thought word and deed within and as what is best for all, letting go of a fear of loss as one can walk in practical understanding of how this world functions and apply oneself to stand within and as what is here in common sense as what is best for all.
I commit myself to breath and to slow down and to align how I have separated myself into and as separation from life here, as this separation is heavy, is uncertain, is fear, is unstable , is illusive in that it needs as its nature in and as being in a belief in and as a state of energy as need, and as such seeks constant renewal and validation because it does not stand equal in and as life, here, thus the allowed presence of such cannot be resisted as what one resists persists as it is self accepted and allowed to be projected outward through division/separation from equality and oneness as what is constant which is life here, where there exists no need, want or desire, as what one is as life is what self is as thought word and deed, and as such in equal movement in and as life here, thus nothing can be lost.
I commit myself to slow myself down and breath when and as I experience within and as me any sense of righteousness , where I immediately move into judgement of blame and spite, projecting a sense of blame on a singular point in my exterior world to hide myself from facing my own fear and/or lack in having stood up as myself in totality in self honesty in self responsibility in and as life, here, because i was not taught, because I feared confrontation, because I feared leaving what was comfortable, because I did not know where to go, because I feared to look here because of all of the previous reasons, and to stop this, and to investigate here and how what is presently on earth works to see, realize and understand within myself and without as the manifested systemic design of the same action I was/am within, without, and to stop and to begin to walk what is best for all in detail within and as a practical applicative corrective action that manifests what is best for all as I see, realize and understand that something is not working until is works for all life on earth, absolutely.
I commit myself to breathing, to slowing myself down, to realizing thought words and deeds as belief, opinion and ideal, based on relationships inconsiderate of the whole, to stop and look to the whole as all of earth to realize practically what prevents abuse as the lack of opportunity in self development, physically and mentally has an outcome , as an undeveloped life in form with and as earth will find/seek whatever means available, to maintain itself as life, thus all behaviors of abuse on earth are the cause of a system that does not in fact support life, for which we are all responsible for we all accept and allow it, where turning a blind eye is no excuse, as we have accepted and allowed theaddictions of consumerism to occupy our existence instead of to be constant in consideration of self as life and as such of this home, earth, this that is the platform on which we exist as life.
I commit myself to realizing my projected lesser self is myself inferior, and thus in fear of life, in fear of myself as life, and here, to stop and to breath, to align myself with my physical body as breath, and to simply let the uncertainty as fear go, and in the process to see what beliefs, opinions and ideas, as ego, I have accepted and allowed and to align this within and as what is best for all, as principle, to support the principle being life, the value being life here, to no longer punish myself with my own constructed protective and divisive illusory self, the weight of which clouds my perceptive ability as myself as life and the being of which consumes myself as life as the physical, diminishing myself as life here as what I resist persists and compounds and enslaves until I stand equal and one in self responsibility to and as it bringing it back to myself and aligning this in common sense within and as the principle of what is best for all, as it is this action of blame and spite that is separation, and not the being of myself within and as what is best for all here, as I cannot control here - so to speak- I can only be the directive in and as life, which is to be in thought word and deed what is best for all as and within myself here, to and towards what I face here.

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