Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 369 Protection and defense is fear of life.

What is it that I am paranoid of? What in my secret mind do I fear? Having walked some fears, I realize that fear is simply a separation, an illusion, a less than in that it is not being equal and one to here, to life. Thus fear is simply suppression of giving without fear of loss, meaning becoming stagnant within giving of self as life. If we give as we would like to receive then life will be lived instead of what presently exists on earth, I mean the numbers of impoverished people in America is increasing, and we are allowing an industry of natural resource extraction for energy needs to continue despite alternatives, because alternatives use the sun and the wind, and these cannot be so readily owned and thus driven into profits for a few, so in essence we are allowing a representative government use the fruits of our labor to build drones/war machines in their own self interest. 
And so many of us are stuck in these grids, our incomes dependent on practices that we know and our governments know are detrimental, and yet we do nothing despite the harm and destruction these practices cause. Thus we are all responsible for what is here, and we must stop this because it only accumulates, as it is presently doing, to a greater degree, exponentially. The numbers of growing homeless in America are a indication of this. Of course those who benefit from this, become more and more paranoid, as the growing number of restless people mean a threat to their survival. Drones in American cities are the construct of a perfect storm in their self interest, as more and more become homeless and frustrated because they have no means to live a decent life. For this we are all to blame, as what is here has been developed by many many generations and many many hands, thus what is here cannot be owned by a few, it is only words on a page that say so, words that have no connection to reality, words of a human being who is not listening to common sense, only the fear of loss, the illusion of loss  based on ideas that are in separation from life, believing themselves to be more than, when they are men just like you and me.
So while I am memorizing this presentation, I have to stop myself from tensing up, again and again and again, it is like a constant thing I have to keep myself aware of, sometimes I don’t catch it and my legs become tense as I mostly tense up in my legs. 

Sometimes I manage to just let things go and then I can laugh. That laughter is so much easier after walking the desteni i process. And, the sense of direction as the principle of what is best for all as being the only choice to live, allows for self responsibility within giving self as life, here. All the ideas that one has about who one is, based on class, gender, nationality, family, are limited when they become the only parameters of what self defines self as. Let these go and give yourself to yourself as life, discover common sense , and start speaking this, the world around you will react, as they simply have not lived in common sense, but in survival, and the switch within giving up an imaginary fear of loss, to realize that what we have allowed within has manifested without  and must change, and is the only choice to put and end to the abuse of life on earth.

More and more I see how i must always be here, remind myself of this actual physical world, this real structure of what I am as life. What goes on in my mind is the spoke in the wheel. Thoughts and the accumulation of thoughts, my emotions and feelings are what I have made larger than life and thus superior to life, so when I have to actually be here, physically here, my senses are so caught up in my thoughts, my memories, I have allowed myself to be in separation from my own common sense. And my thoughts are all of paranoia, myself wanting to control here, which is pointless because the physical world is a visible structure that can be understood. One simply has to look.
Which brings me to the point of what we are accepting and allowing, having abdicated ourselves from our common sense ability into projections of fear as protecting and defending an inner idea as an image of what we are, a false idol about which we were warned against becoming, as having created a governmental structure of representation to be responsible for our needs. This development in itself and indication that we have lost touch with reality as we are asking someone else to take care and be aware of our life supporting environment for us. This is a red flag in itself, as why would we need another to be aware for us, it would mean that we have lost an ability to be aware. Equal living would mean equal participation, one would want to participate within what happens on our home this earth.

This also makes it clear, that if we are accepting representation, then those taking on the representation realize that an order has to be built , which means the order of the physical as itself is no longer seeing directly here in common sense.  The actual need for representation means a separation from life, which means that that representation is also separate from life. One is the continuance of the other. So, of this course, the outcome is acts of self interest in a world where there is abdication of self as life. The physical world is what is real the picture in your mind is not, it is the illusion of separation made bigger than life. it is not facing the real physical world, it is losing the real structure of support. In losing what is real, and making consciousness, as mind, as image bigger, we must realize that in order for this imagination to  exist it must feed off of something, and that is our human physical bodies.

Instead of directing ourselves here as the physical, we are directing ourselves as a fear of death, a fear of loss, and in directing our awareness into and as this, we ignore physical reality/life. And we have built this present system in this image and likeness of what we have allowed within. SO we have a system that protects in self interest, the self interest of our representatives that are same within as us, it is just that they have their hands on the means of gain, money. Money has no meaning but what we accept and allow it to have. And we have accepted and allowed an imaginary system, where value is placed in paper, or digits and it is determining the life of many. The consequences of this are resonant with our flesh and we pass the accumulated separation on from one generation to the next, as the very script we have created , as the drama now playing out on earth.

So, the consequences are for us that are here to clean up. And this is common sense. They are the outflow of our own abdication as life.

So, I am so busy with my protection and defense system built to maintain an image of myself that I need a structure that takes care of the physical because I am only being responsible for my own system of protection, thus I am the cause of my own ignorance of what is here, and I handed this responsibility over to others caught in the same behavior. Thus, the ones I handed responsibility to are simply acting as I am, yet they have more say in the structure, which I gave to them, so they are using what they physically have control of to support their protection and defense of an image that they have of themselves, and naturally their image of themselves is one of being greater, because they have more things in their picture of what they are! And naturally, they want to own this, because they can, because we allowed this to be what is here, because we abdicated this to them. The consequences of this are playing out as we speak. Anything that allows autonomy of direct politicking, is not going to be allowed because it would mean a loss of an idea of being more, that has been built for generations. And all of it is an illusion, and this illusion is in separation from life, as the practices being allowed on earth show us.
Pollution is the consequence of trying to only allow practices that let those we have representing us because we abdicated our power as we were consumed with our own protection and defense of what we were as an idea, protecting their idea of what they are, thus they chose a structure that gives them more and they cannot see reality because they are in separation from it. This is a circular never ending game of separation from life. It is destructive as it lacks all common sense of what is real, the actual physical reality, the gift of life.
So, each of us has to realize that we as mind are existing as abdication of life, into and as ideas of what we are, fearing the loss of ourselves as an idea, where the real value as what we are is the substance of life, the physical stuff of life. Thus there is only one focus and that is on the actual physical world. This is why religions are illusive practices, and they are meant to feed separation, a perfect construct for the ones we gave our responsibility to, to continue their position. 

Our health institutions are known to use abusive practice, and yet we do nothing because we fear facing ourselves as life and what we have accepted and allowed. The only way out is to face our separation. DUH.

Our agricultural practices are in separation from life, manifest in the debilitation of the physical, which then is turned into profit, and systemically entrenched as the means of survival for many who fear change and income loss, and wait for someone else to find a solution, when the only solution is to change the system, to stop money moving as it does because it is a form of distribution. Money must be given to all, enough to give what the physical need for support, anything else is genocide, abuse, negligence, separation from life.

Our educational systems are not working, had they worked, then we would not have prisons. And here, as well, this suppression of life is turned into a profit making machine, and as with the health, there are many who cling to this system to survive, so why change this? So, it is simply accepted, and as something that creates jobs, but it is a form of genocide as well, and it is an act of abdication of life, and we are all to blame because we allowed it. But what must be understood is that the nature of this form only compounds and destroys itself, thus the only choice is to change this system, to take back our self responsibility and stand equal and one to the physical world, realizing it is us, it is what we are as life, and thus we need not fear it. We become equal to it and live as it, we form it, work with it, in ways that allow no abuse, that allow the expression of life. We must stop this indirection, this disinFORMation, that is what we are within, as consciousness, that is manifesting without as our actions of separation have accumulated and creating a world where we are not able to live. Which is the fault of each and every one of us because we chose an idea instead of reality as the actual physical world. In our resistance to life, we are in the process of destroying life. And the solution, is to stop, and to accept life, the actual physical world as being equal and one to us, and to take care of this, and realize the value is life, not what is in our minds as our thoughts, emotions , feelings, memories, characters, personalities, political, social, placements which  are secondary to life, the real value is being life.  We can no longer allow what we would not want done to us, thus stand up and support a system that takes care of this planet in equality, realizing that life is the value. Equal Money. Become common sense, it is you as life, being responsible here, realizing that being here is all that one can be.

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