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Day 355 Addressing the parts of separation

Addressing the parts of separation

Thinking about education and the school scenario. The initial exposure of a child is the family life. Depending on the stability of that family, which in itself is determined by the generation before in terms of economic stability and educational development - whether done through a system or by the parents themselves, the child will become a reflection of that environment in thought, word and deed. As the expressive ability of the parents is learned by the child as this is what is presented to the child. THe child picks up the structures of the environment, which means a human child is able to imitate and use as a tool the structures, the conceptual developments of his environment, his/her world. Amazing ability inherent in the nature of the human. So, why is this not realized within creating a society that uses this within what is best for all? Why is this ability of the physical not developed to create children and parents that become self responsible within understanding the form of this earth and how it functions within being self sustaining and supportive of the life that is here? In all common sense there is no reason for this not to be what exists here, absolutely.
As an adult , as I look back, I learned another language. I remember, with effort - as I had to push myself at times because there was resistance, that once I had a certain number of words comfortable within my easy use, it became easier to hear/distinguish/ retain new words. Once I started being able to use the language my retention improved. And even here there were stages where I had to push to move to another level. This probably happened with greater ease when I was younger, as I probably did not have personal insecurities and ideas about what I was supposed to be socially and developmentally. Not to mention the politics of in-laws and the cultural differences being a part of the whole experience. Being out and talking with natives and interacting contextually brought greater development than sitting in a classroom memorizing word lists, even though this does benefit, but this alone is very slow.
It is no different for a child in a classroom, especially a classroom of children with different cultural and economic backgrounds. Sorting all these differences out by one teacherwith 20 or more students is not really possible, especially since an understanding of how the human functions is not really understood. Bits and pieces of it are understood, as the answers are here, but these are not brought into a contextual understanding with absolute specificity. The degrees of lack exhibited as emotional and feeling limitations, being reactions, as the modeled development of parents of same lack/ ignorance/un-taught /mis-understanding of a natural ability of the human physical body to take in form and structure, only perpetuate a leveled state of development as what is lived here on this earth . I mean, how can the present educational system address this? It can’t. And in many ways it was not formed to do this. The nature of its design does not allow the redress of the many degrees of separation of lack in self awareness and self responsibility.
The very economic system allows only so much to support education, and naturally this would be by design if some were allowed more than others, and that wanted to be retained. All of this a crime against life, because it dis-allows the inherent ability of the human physical body to have the exposure needed to do what it does naturally. Those of us that are educated have experienced the same as myself in learning a discipline, there is the point where a plateau happens and then this is transcended and moves onto another level of ease and ability. This continues, unless that opportunity is not available. Such is a crime, as it is the non-development of life and not acceptable.

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