Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 365 Land grab, pollution and a blinding media; Is this what we want?

I look at the news today and what do I find but propagation  monocultures with no regard for the animals or people or plants, destroying the land and the water and the means of being self responsible as life. This is destruction of life, this is not SEEING life. It takes away the life of children, of water life, of trees, of animals, of the life in soils. These news articles tell a story of a culture of men who have no respect for life, that take away life, and as such are insane as they have become so separate from life. This is a story of a system failure that we are all accepting and allowing unless we stop what we are doing and change it. If we believe we have no power as a collective then we allow this abusive and ignorant use of the resources of this planet, thus we have no one to blame but ourselves, as we are many and the few in office that obviously do not believe that life has any value really have no right to determine how earth is organized. 
Pouring polluted water into any hole is unacceptable.
Taking land to create monocultures when the people living there use this land to live, is unacceptable.
The desire for power is a disease. Just reading what is happening to the land, the people, the consequences as pollution and palm plantations that also destroy animal habitats is unacceptable. 
All of it is about getting money, thus how money determines life must change. It does not work. It is not working with what is here. Change how money is used and that which is good about men will step forth, as none of us really want our neighbor to suffer. We only become this when we are scared, when we fear for our own lives. It is time to realize that all that is of this earth is our neighbor, and the fear is only a mis-direction of self as life. And many “ selfs” standing can change this. This is common sense. Keep your eye on the ball, don’t listen to the forked tongue of greed. It cannot see life. And there is a forked tongue in us all, it is our separation from life, it is consciousness. It is the voice of our fear. And since it is a voice it can be stopped.
Power is a disease because it causes disease as the behavior of power spreads its greed onto the planet, seeing nothing but this desire for power. It is a state in abdication of life, and thus a state of being that has no right to life, thus a state of being that has no real authority as life.
This is caused by some believing themselves to be more than others, which is in itself a separation from life, and thus an abdication of life, and thus criminal and a terror against life and must stop. The physical world works not as a monopoly, it has been here longer then men, and it has thrived on this planet. At present life is not thriving, it is dying. Our oceans are polluted, our waterways are polluted. Our fish and our plants are no longer edible, our mass produced cows are full of tumors and we breed pigs in confinement, not allowing the life in them to move. How in any way is this responsible acts that warrant successful leadership? They are not, so it is time to stand together and say no more. We cannot allow inequality to exist as it does not work, is not working and this is obvious all around this planet, and we are all to blame unless we simply put an end to it. It cannot go on. I mean how are drones in all American cities going to turn the abusive practices outlined in these articles around? They are not, because they are not addressing the actions of abuse in any way, they are to protect these abusive acts, even when these acts harm the children of the men operating these drones, as many of the men who have served in the America military are discharged without care because the cost of taking care of their war injuries might take away from the power of the few, the ones who are in a state of disease from life.
At this point it is not to get angry with the diseased running this country or the corporations or the banks, it is to stand and change the system, to ensure this disregard of life never happens again. This means placing policies that allow only that which is of best practice, meaning that which supports all life absolutely, where the only choice is to work with this physical world and practice what works without causing any harm to this earth that supports us as life. We now have technologies that allow a combination of traditional practices and modern technology to ensure that what is here is taken care of, to provide housing and nutrient dense food, to educate the ability of men as what we see in those given the opportunity for development. We know how to breed animals that are healthy and compete, yet we cannot distribute food that maintains health for everyone?
We read articles about a few who have taken control of media, and education and agriculture, and we realize that this that we have accepted, that has been sold to us, has not in fact created a group of men on earth that can be self directed and communicative with one another, and yet men are capable of this! If we  allow this, we are as diseased as the ones in disease with power as delusion of believing themselves to be more than another.
We stand and we vote and we place in policies that support all life, that work with this physical world to create a decent life for all that exists. We allow life to take its rightful place on earth, because at present we are not allowing life. If we do not stand, the outcome will be the same for all of us, we will not have allowed life because we did not stand and practically take back our lives within standing and organizing this world in such a way that life was the value, and as such was supported and worked with within a realization that we cannot/did not create what is here as what we have become, so separate are we from life. We do not even understand how life came to exist on this earth, as this earth. Thus, who are we to decide to destroy what we have not taken the time to understand? And had we understood what is here , then there would be no pollution, no animal abuse, no diseased children, no cancer, no poverty. These are behaviors that show a lack of understanding, and thus a separation. The real ignorance is a belief that some life must be suppressed, which in itself means there is no understanding because real direction is not given, which means our leaders do not know how and thus are not leading. Just look around, we are not living, we are dying, we are diseased, our children are not reaching their full potential. This is all crime. This is the real terror. STOP.
Time to get this world in order, time to stand and realize a system of equality, where no law and or policy maker can decide one health care system  for the people and another is for the politician, because that politician is in separation from life, is in a state of disease from life if they do not give to all what they would want for themselves, as this is being life, because this is realizing that life is the value.

Do we really need a conductor? Could an orchestra play simply by listening to itself? Have we really learned to listen? And is the fact that the conductor is there the reason why we have not learned to listen to what is here? In music one starts with a metronome but eventually the way to play is to feel the space, to sense the space within dividing it without an aid such as a metronome.  If there is fear this is very difficult as it takes a concentration that is a state of ease. But the fact that this can be done, means this is what we are capable of. Thus, is our media by its very aggressive presence dividing the space of here as what we see using this sensibility we have as humans and filling it with a dissonance of contradictions as conflicts and frictions left hanging and unresolved? And we are allowing ourselves to be caught up in the static? And what holds up that static? A “static” of power - if I play with the sound as the words? None of this need be what is here, and in practical common sense we can change this. We stand together, as neighbors as life, keeping sight of the principle of what is best for all, and we change this, we re-wrtie the policies that are directives we place on paper, and we support our home this earth to be and become a form that considers all life, that is aware and non abusive of life. This is becoming responsible and mature and it is the only choice.
Time to put an end to this abuse and destruction, it is not working and as such is a separation from life.
Equal Become a part of the solution. Change the order of this world into one that is of life.

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