Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 535 What is the total story?

I watched this preview of a movie about climate change, here.
It says that there was extreme drought in Syria before the war, where many Syrians were hungry because of the failing waterless farms. They began to move into the cities to find food. Ones that complained and asked the government for help, were confined to prison, in the example, the woman said she was in prison for two months. I mean, is this a way to treat people who are affected by a drought?
Also, this preview talks about Indonesia. In Indonesia, the head of forestry stands on a stage and touts the need to protect the forests, but behind his curtained desk, he does nothing. Burning forests in Indonesia is supposed to be illegal, and yet, when one lands in an airplane into the arrival city, the whole city is engulfed in smoke from burning forests, one can even see this from space. Which, on the side, here, makes me wonder about that supposed missing airplane.
Going back to Syria I then thought about the American King Phillip war. A war that I read a lot about a few years ago. A war that has only a tiny foot note in American school textbooks. I can imagine that the reason it is not talked about is because if one looked at all the details, and the factors involved, all the reactions of different factions, one would realize a micro situation that would explain so much of what happens in other areas of conflict.
So, the American Native Indians had finally begun to see that the English really did believe that they could own the land. But by then, it was too late for the Natives, there were too many men possessed with a belief that they could own the earth - despite the fact that they die and the earth remains.
So, the American Indian Natives, destroyed all the houses and livestock they could find. They destroyed the means of sustenance and shelter of these new comers possessed by ownership.

I also want to note, that when I watched one episode about John Adams, I noticed that the health of these people, these early Americans was portrayed as very bad; they had spots all over their skin, one woman had black teeth. This depiction that I see suggests that the health care industry of today is so much better than how we lived in the past when such a health system did not exist. And yet, in the journals of the first European Arrivals, it was noted again and again how heathy the American native Indians were in fact, how much stamina they had, how they could withstand colder temperatures that the European Settlers. It is known that the American Natives had offered food to the Settlers when they were not doing too well, and probably so because their diets were not of the sort that gave then the stamina they so noted in the American Natives.

What happened as a consequence of this war, is that different factions wanting supremacy, either new or lost, used the conflict to grab in their own self interest. And, that this pattern of reckless practice by corporations, which is us, to turn any waste, meaning anything that adds costs in terms of taking care of all detriment to the environment, animals or people, instead of being addressed is turned into another way to make a profit. 

So, in the King Phillip War, we see this happening. The church uses it, the landowners that lived, use it, and the growing scientific community in England use it for gain;  intellectually, spiritually, and agriculturally/business.

In this preview, a Texas town loses a meat processing plant, and many lose any means of income. The people who lose their jobs have a belief that it is god that has something to do with this, until they are exposed to more details about the science of what is happening on earth. Here is the catch, more details about how the physical world works. They then begin to look at what is happening with the physical world in more expansive ways.

In Syria we are told so many different things, and the limited details are touted by a media that is payed for by the business faction whose receive incredible amounts as subsidies from our taxes. So, in the end it is each of us, our ignorance of the details, the real details, the measurable details about how the physical world works, and how the financial systems work and about how our taxes are divided and towards what endeavors our money moves into, that we can begin to see what we support in detail, and nor based on the very limited view point of someone on TV, or an Indonesian official that stands in front of the people he proposes to stand for, and tout what should be saved, all the while doing, in deed, in action, the opposite.

Did any early European Settler, realize why the women were being accused of being witches, when the men had been killed - more in relation to the population that any other subsequent war - and as such there were not enough men to go around and at that time, perhaps options for women because of the accepted and allowed cultural beliefs, based on past traditions when such means of measure worked but did not necessarily have to be exactly this way, because others ways would work too? Did the priests, who had lost their congregations, blame the change on the people no longer praying , using their imaginations when it really was about that priest’s mean of income, and or did he miss his chemical high in not being able to stand in front of a congregation and get all excited?  Did the European “ scientists” want to prove that they understood the world, when all they really did was prove that if you bind a woman to a post, and place wood around that post and ignite that wood, that that woman will indeed burn up?

If we look at all of this, do we not see how easy it is to be programmed to believe in very limited viewpoints that really make no sense of this actual real physical world?

Are those who have used our tax dollars, that which is subsidized, to tout a limited story in their own self interest, and then say that it is not their fault because we are supposed to know, it is not their fault that we allowed it because we did not investigate and basically LOOK at reality?

In the end, we can blame no one for our own ignorance, if a person had not listened to what is right here, right under our feet, then can we blame that extreme wealth for our ignorance? No. At the same time, it is to realize that it is this ignorance, this limited insight, is self abdication of self responsibility. It is ourselves not looking at all factors, especially when we see that our soldiers are committing suicide at the rate of 22 a DAY,  that in Indonesia twenty elephants are killed in one day, to simply eliminate them from the landscape because they do not fit into a profit making enterprise known as palm oil. Thus when we purchase many processed goods, in our supermarkets, we support this devastation, that is emitting tons of CO2 into the air, and being a part of the cause of the changing earth, an earth trying to balance itself out.

Do we realize that when we buy sugar, we are supporting slavery in the Dominican Republic?
Do we realize that the people on this Island had managed to produce a lot of their own crops before the sugar plantations were created, or should I say the land taken by some  official who accepted a bribe? Was this originally touted as “ the advent of democracy”, yet in practice something very different? What limited stories were told that our tax dollars payed for?

In the end , what exists is because we are doing the same within ourselves, each of us, we are not paying attention, and when we do, we join a segmented group, and stand for that one thing, not realizing it is all interconnected. And then we blame that for which we payed for, when we payed for it. Obviously, each must become aware of what exists on this earth and that all that we do effects everything on this planet.

We, men, in total are responsible for what happens on this earth, and we are responsible to realize that if we do not want harm done unto us, than every man is the same, and every living thing does not want harm as well. To destroy a living thing, is to tear it apart, and if you would not like this, then what has to change is our present system. Change is not going to happen unless each of us realize that we are all the same in that we are a living being that has a physical body that reveals its nature through its physical function. By this, I mean that a cow is a cow, it has hoofs and teeth, these things are to tread the earth, munch on grass, etc. etc. it is not for that expression to stand in a stall all day, day after day, never moving, being pumped full of stuff that forms cancerous growths that are then cut out before the remaining muscle tissue is packaged for sale.

It is to realize that if a human being is experiencing a drought, that that area on earth needs support until the rains return, just as we would want for ourselves if we were in that position.

It is to realize that if we were a child, would we want to be sold into the sex industry? No, and would we want our children to be sold into such an industry? If we do not want this for ourselves and we want to ensure that this option never is something that will happen to any child then the way money is being distributed must be looked at in detail, and the form of the system must change.

If we do not want the elephants in Indonesia to be murdered en masse, then we must look at what we eat, and ask ourselves why palm oil has to be in practically everything we eat, and to realize that there are ways to grow food right here in our own country, varied foods, that do not allow monocultures to exist, ways of producing food that works with the variation that exists, as this is how nature had worked for longer than man has existed, and that it was a self sustaining mechanism, much more so than what man has created within a system that does not care for this earth in ways that do no harm, and instead changes into a system that moves in ways that do to another as one would like done unto themselves.

In so many ways, a human is the same as that cow, a human is a mechanism that is capable of so much, but each must use their common sense, and look directly at what is here and stop asking another to make decisions for us. We cannot blame a system trying to control us when we are not standing in common sense ourselves. Each must realize what is best for all, as this is what is best for self, because each of us is the same material, the same substance, everything that is here is made of the same materials, we are all different forms of the same things, thus it is up to us to self realize what we are as life, and what this means to support and exist as this. Obviously, it is what we do with what we are, and how what we are at present is based on taking in very limited details that are not considerate of the whole. We are what we allow. We are what we accept. We are our own ignorance, so how can we stand in front of a government office and blame them and ask them to change when it is us as the collective, each individual that must change and no longer participate in not realizing that the system is us, it is us ignoring ourselves as life, it is acting in it’s own self interest, just as each of us are. It is the mirror of our disregard for life.

The solution is to stand together, in self awareness, and make the only choice, the choice of what is best for all, the choice to give to another as we would want for ourselves.

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