Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 544 Slowing Down into Common Sense

Slowing Down into Common Sense. 
I was working with some people and I noticed that I became spacy, as in having a sense that I had lost control, like the spatial awareness of what I was facing was bigger than the practical steps necessary to get the job done. 
Later, when I was alone, I looked at the steps that I was suggesting and looked at what was causing myself to get loopy, which is a sense of making everything get heavy, like a thick thing to walk through. Within this, I had a hard time seeing the numbers on the paper in front of me, a hard time being aware of the space around me, like what i had to do was becoming a blob of distortion. Since the physical remains stable, this was myself, magnifying some things creating a distortion onto my reality. 
I realize that I had an idea about what i had to do, and somehow, being in common sense of the moment, might bring up something that if I look has no real substance to it.
If I am afraid to hear a no, even when asked for a yes or a no, then I cannot possible address the “ no.” So, in all, fearing a no, is myself having gone into a projection as an idea, based on failure, loss, push-back, blame and spite, it is being competitive, it is comparing based on an accepted value judgement. I realize to be so thankful for the physical world, because it is here remaining stable while I allow myself to become an inner measure based on fairy tale/value judgements as beliefs that are not equal to what it is that I am that is the source that sustains the distorted separation in and as me here.
What happens when I do this, its that there is a pressure, a friction within and as my chest area. Like there are forces in conflict within and as me. I was reading that electrons can flow without generating heat, and that when they flow in a slow way they generate heat. Thus is is possible to control the flow of electrons to generate heat and or not generate heat. And, I don’t know this but as knowledge and information. What I have sensed within and as me as my chest area, is that there are times when this pressure is there, and times when there is a warmth, and times when it feels open, lite, at ease.
So, on the day of this meeting with some people, I noticed that my chest was “ thickening” again. So, I went back and looked at this in detail, and i noticed that there was this point where I was having a hard time moving with ease. And, I want to say, that in the years I performed the violin, I did notice that one day I could play with ease, meaning it was not hard, not difficult, not a burden in any way. And, then, there were days it felt like playing was this huge thing that I had to focus so hard on, to move in any way - and on these difficult days, I realized I usually had some issue, bothering me. So, if i look at this event, I became uncertain about a part of the process, even though I had practiced it, I was not certain within it. I had either built up some ideas around it, or had not practically walked it and was allowing this idea to bother me. When I got home I walked the whole process, to re-look at the script of it as the practical steps needed.  So, when the anxiety comes up, in relation to this, I have the structure there, the common sense of what needs to be done, to have this should the anxiety come up again. Much like learning to drive a car, for example.
I have to be able to remain in and as sound mind, a sense of here, in conception of practical reality, otherwise, if I allow fears, then my inner visual perception begins to distort reality. I mean, just imagine a situation where fear swept through the body, could you see straight? And later, when you looked back, did you ask yourself why you did not slow down and remain stable and self responsible without distorting reality - and did you not want to admit that you had done this? With all the cop stories around these days, I am sure that there are cops out there that realize they had an adrenaline rush, over reacted, and do not want to admit this, because they fear losing their jobs. Overall, this is really messed up, because another suffers the loss of common sense of another and this carries on with the one bearing the consequences, and this also remains with the cop, and grows into guilt, consuming the physical body that holds resonances as the water, and, as science now understands, becomes a memory that is passed down genetically. In all, everything we do, everything we allow remains, and we know when we were not clear, and we know when we hide what we have mis-taken as the measure of here in practical common sense. This is why this has to stop, and we each must realize that the only way to correct is to admit to the loss of perception that can be caused by a past of distortion learned, environmental problems, social economic structural problems that create lack in many ways, preventing a person from being stable and in fear of survival. This system cannot work and ignores the reality that the physical body is much like a lens, that can distort reality based on the inner map constructed about the world. In essence, one could say here, that emotional ploys are a crime against life, they are a distortion of reality, they are an imprint of belief, and, as such, are accumulating generationally, and manifesting in our children, who are lacking in an ability to focus. I have had some people say to me, “ well, it is being better diagnosed.” This in itself is limited, it is true, but also limited.  We have an advertising system that is impulsing values within limited measure, and this is becoming the map within, and this has been happening for the last few generations, so the focus of our children as what is referenced within as what is experienced, is not equal to physical reality, and as such they cannot see the details of here.
I can’t imagine what it must be like for a child to be in a state of vertigo, which is what it is like, while sitting in a class room, not being able to see straight and not understanding that perhaps it is from a genetic memory of a father who hid his actions because he wanted to keep his job, and as such built a fantasy within and as him to justify he actions, when overall, the starting point was not using common sense. In the past we did not have science, but we did have traditions that indicate a measure of some kind of innate understanding, and one of them was the realization of “ the sins of the fathers being transferred for seven generations.’ We sow what we reap, there is no way out. Thus each one of us is responsible for what we allow within, when we become uncertain, or in fear, we have to admit it, correct it, to ensure that our children do not suffer, as well as the children of others.
On another front, if we look to the environmental influences, we can see that what we are doing as how we use our resources, within every step of the process, we are causing things to happen to the environment that effect our children. So, at this point they are being hit from within and from without, and over all, as I said before, this is accumulating. Would this be what you would want as a child being born into this world? No.
It is going to take time to correct all of this imbalance. But, it is the only choice. It is the choice to do what is best for all, in thought word and deed, it is to create within and without, what allows creation, the manifestation of life in full expression. Within this, we need only look to the forms we have allowed - and formed to control/organize us, because what is here is to control our separation, but because we are not equal to life, overall, this structural form is destructive because it divides within value judgements that are a measure unequal to common sense of physical life in formation. And, that this has been going on for a very long time. It is time to end the cult of the personality, it is time to stabilize physical reality. Practically, this means creating a basic income that gives basic needs to all humans, and to educate all humans through sharing consequences and outflows, in full detail, to all people - which means slowing down and taking the time to do so. It also means, bring the stability of having basic needs met, no matter what, so that each has the space and time, without fear of loss, to make decisions that consider all life. In this, no matter where we go on earth, we met a community of life, as the very fabric of all that is the manifestation of life, moving in the enjoyment of simply being life here, and that with each interaction, with each communication, we expand, enjoy, breath, live. This is what we all want, we simply have to forgive the ideas of good and bad, and see directly, within and as what is best for all. It is only an idea that this cannot be done, because under that idea, is the physical that works in common sense ways, and when we are equal and one in and as that, we are at ease, in joy, here.
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