Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 531 I can't hear if I am not here.

I have had pain in my ears, this morning in my left ear. Just before this, I had a memory of an old “ friend” speaking with me on the phone. She had called to give me advice. I questioned her advice by asking her if she had all the information.
I woke up thinking about peer pressure. In answering to peer pressure, I can become unbalanced and ears have a lot to do with becoming unbalanced. In that moment this morning, that pressure to conform to peer pressure can cause confusion, where one is torn between giving into the dialogue of the peers and remaining in an investigation of a common sense of reality, which means to stand outside of the group and remain in the group. It is not to react in rejection but to remain stable in relation to reality, in relation to what is physically real.
It is to move beyond a need to both react to antagonism, as threats, should one not agree to the peer groups stance, and/or to not have a personal fear of not being considered nice should one not agree. And, also, to not answer to such in a way that keeps a peace in some non-commit-al way, neutralizing conflict without resolution. 
Have I accepted and allowed a protective wall of social presentation that does not disturb and yet protects? Am I powerless to act within this, or if I stand in common sense, investigating what would follow a principle of what is best for all because everything that is here is the same as me, would I remain more stable within myself, because after all, I cannot exist without the physical world, as it is how I can be here.
The physical world came before the system, so the system is a secondary system, and as such cannot be determined to be the law if it is not taking care of that which it depends on to exist.
Peer groups change, undulating around in a bubble, seeking power before practical application of what a group can achieve as humans working together. But when a group works remembering a relationship to what is equal to all, as the physical, in respect, them there need be no idea present of elimination, because respect is given to that source of expression as the physical.
We have allowed a system where we cluster into groups, and ignore the whole, and as such we end up with a system that has layers of bureaucracy that do the same, and we then, instead of asking questions as to how this happened, believe we have no power, but it is that we gave our power away in separating ourselves from common sense, within the principle of what is best for all because we have forgotten that we are physical beings, and that this is how we exist. The physical structure is needed to allow us to exist, so this is us, and to render this as something to impose ideas on, and the ideas as something more important that the physical, is what unbalances the physical world via a view point that is selective within self interest within a gain in a bubble that in itself is based on limited ideas.
If one is selective in what dimensions of reality to bring forward, to use as  justification in tandem with a self interested goal, without considering life, that physical world around oneself, then can we blame any hardship any of us have around us? No, we can’t because we have all participated in this, and even myself, especially if this is resonant within me as a memory that has accumulated as a belief of how I became unbalanced in adhering to peer pressure in protection and defense in fear of loss of myself as an idea, and/or thinking I have been hurt through lack of consideration, instead of remaining balanced in common sense here. 
In all prevention is the best cure. Meaning that remaining equal in consideration of physical reality as being what enables life, the need to “ keep the peace” would not exist because the focus would be on living for real.
So, instead of listening to what I believe I am supposed to say to “ keep the peace” it is to realize that the only way to no longer be in a state where a thought exists of “ keep the peace” and instead one lives becoming equal to life, is to realize that the physical is one and equal to us as it is the means of life, it is the same.
I was talking with this man the other night, and I noticed that he posed his questions in what I perceived as a protective way, meaning asking without revelation, to protect the problem he was dealing with. The questions began to form the problem, and then he opened up with more specifics. But I realized I still reacted to his questions, that tiny addition of seeing this as being an antagonism that was really a protective mechanism and remaining here in common sense because I can only be here.
But within this, people do desire to find solutions. Asking the questions are an indicator of this. And then at this point walking the structure of here as the physical and how it functions in simple common sense, realizing that creating an inner structure, a gps, a map, that is based on values of one thing being more than another, in a functional physical world that enables life in expression, creates an imbalance, that is a mind consciousness system that is not equal to reality. 
The imbalance is an indicator that every thought, every word, every fear was based on a belief in a loss that was a relationship to limited ideas as beliefs in a system of survival that is the manifestation of what each has accepted and allowed within that was a separation from equality and oneness with and as including/realizing, the physical is life as much as that which directs within the physical of every human, all of it is the same.

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