Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 560 Transnational movement is a reflection of our minds of separation.

We have allowed a world that mimics in system structure what is impulsed in media advertising. In media, we chase a very limited ideology of what we should look like in shape and in dress in order to profit and live a life where a life lived is one of wealth accumulation being the indicator of our success.

We have multinational corporations doing the same, accumulating wealth and doing everything possible to ensure that that wealth is absolutely controlled. We have companies who we have accepted and allowed to own freely given resources, and/or make use of collectively owned resources and hide in transnational structures that change like our ocean tides to avoid percentages of regulated royalty payments, and tax payments, caring nothing for what happens to the source of extraction that allows  such wealth accumulation and yet in word presenting nice sounding words with flashing pictures and exciting music, programming us. But this begs the question as to what came first, the advertising or the human, the people, the person creating such a venue. So the action of the media, is what, as a movement, is what developed and reflected what was already here.

On one side, each of us are the source of the divisions into one picture being more than another, and it is all fantasy pictures, just as are our movies, because they are composed of limited values and inconsiderate of the whole with all its variations. If we define ourselves without changing, then the limited definition controls from that limited perspective, which leads to a few qualities being a control mechanism. Which is what the whole corporate world is doing, it is using limited means to accumulate its wealth because using limited controls, as limited values then touted as “ the way” make that control easier. So, what was first, the need for control within limited qualities or a fear of losing what one defined oneself as?

To maintain that control, which means using limited signs/values to control, everything else has to be ordered as more or less important. Here, what is not within the limitation, can then be justified to be taken from, like taking from Peter to pay Paul - a usurious act. Then the race is on, to take as much as possible, to protect and control the limited state of being that was at one time a moment of creation, that thought itself so grand it did not want to lose its “ baby" - so to speak. So instead of looking at where it came from as what it was composed of, it became fixated on itself, it saw itself like a god, and refused to let go, and then fear was born, that insecurity that comes from forgetting the whole, meaning the origin of itself, as the very substance of and as life.

If we look at Detroit, where people do not have a big enough wage to pay for their water, water that must move in a structure built by men, to allow access to this very basic need of life. And yet, we have multinational companies busy with multinational movements using political structures to create laws that serve tax avoidance and royalty payments manipulations, all basically leading to more and more wealth accumulation that allows the continued touting of very limited values to control what each has accepted and allowed within, as holding onto ideologies about self forgetting that what we are here is the physical formation of life as what life would be and do as creation.

In America, so much of our resources are being touted as trade when the real movement is wealth accumulation. We have our coal, our fish, our water, our gas all being moved around the globe, in some ways to help as what is touted, but in reality a means to control the resources into wealth accumulation as the expense of the people, like the people in Detroit who are not only no longer being given a living wage, but also subject to appealing to charitable institutions or supposed “ watch dog” institutions to provide aid, when the real “ aid” would be to realize that this structure of resource extraction and manipulation is not efficient or what is best for this planet on which we live and are composed of and as, as all things are composed of the same things because this earth is creation information as life would.

This game of emotional value touting, is a game of judgement, which is not being one and equal to reality as the physical, and doing what causes no harm and takes that which is good and supports and sustains and realizes the value being life, and that that life value has so many expressions that are all a part of what is this physical life as creation in formation.

How can we expect the people of Detroit to be able to pay for their water, when wages are not livable wages, and our education system is one of the story as published by text books and universities supported by those who have accumulated wealth as their main goal? 

Why are we having the low paid - low access to paper money-  people of Detroit pay 40$ a month for water and yet the corporation, I believe one is Nestle, pays a penny for every bottle of water in royalties it extracts from the neighboring freely given body of water of which it uses transnational structures to diminish its royalty payments and tax payments. Royalties are meant to support infrastructure as are taxes, and yet these are not being paid in a measure that supports the infrastructure of men to be educated, productive, able to live with the basics that we all, with investigation, are able to realize we as human beings need to live the potential of what we are as physical creation, that which life would be in expression? There are people, individuals who are doing what the corporations are doing, just thinking of their wealth accumulation without any respect and consideration for the whole, as the mind abstract/fantasy picture show is one of limitation. And yet, children are not born with judgements, they are born with curiosity, they desire to sense everything that is here, to understand it. What they are exposed to is what they become, which means that we can change this system. We can learn to respect the life in formation that is creation manifest, accepting all forms and realizing that we are them, that they are us, because we are all of the same substance, we are all the minerals and the combinations of minerals and vitamins and water that circulates all this around the globe, as the globe is another form of what it is that we are. That this form is us in another life, that change is just change, and nothing else.

In our minds we are taking pictures and the pictures become more and more abstract as we age, because we fill up with these pictures that we believe make us “ more” as memories as self definitions that actually end up separating us from reality and the generation of which sucks the life from within to sustain our fantasy. A child can see a tree for what it is, and then by the age of thirty, that tree becomes as “ zip file” just like our creations built from our own accepted and allowed limitation, so the real perceived tree that has a a depth that we can see before our minds are cluttered with values of good and bad, more and less, just as our systemic corporate forms are doing, to the point where the tree is a flat image, the leaves a green blob instead of each leaf moving with purpose and function, where each part can be sensed and breathing and expressing itself. So, within, as mind we become a memory that is really a photo album of self definition that can no longer see the life that is here, that is life information as what creation is and does, being fluid and changeable, here.

Each must learn to give as we would want to receive, to become as the expression of water, to flow, to circulate, as water is the largest substance on earth, it is what we are composed of and as, it is what is needed to exist. We can look at our soils and how they become lifeless, when they have no water and what water is beneath is not allowed access because one nation fears another nation becoming self sustaining as in the case of Gaddafi and in some parts of Africa where the people, as a resource on earth, are ignored and left in as an impoverished  state as the soil because we have allowed some transnational corporation to believe it must control because of an ideology that is extremely limited in scope based on an insecurity derived from a fear of losing a belief, and stuck in that godhead/mind set/state of being forgetting the process of creation from which it came, one that is of constant change and development - which we can agree is happening on earth by many but is thwarted by the present accepted structures.

It is time for a change, it is time to put an end to the division of self as life in self interest as mind, and to come back to life, to stand one and equal with and as life, where there is real security and all have their basic needs met. This means, to take what we have allowed as money, and get it flowing through to all people, to remove the insecurity that leads to behaviors of fear, blinding us from ourselves as life as the gift of our common sense. If we slow down and investigate within and without, as our behaviors and our present system that reflects our fear, our inferiority to life, we will begin to realize that what we want is to be a state of being that is the living word of the value being life. It is right here, we need only make the decision to change and order this system to reflect that change. Support a Living Income Guarantee. We don’t need zip files, life is here, all around us, it is the physical world.


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