Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 562 The Nonsense Right In Front of Us.

Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable
Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is astounding that while there is a water drought in California and an economic drought in Detroit disabling individual access to water, there are corporations sucking this resource needed to be life as water truck by truck by truck, using roads and infrastructure paying minuscule amounts in royalties and taxes, hiding this in offshore tax havens that use currency exchange rates and national tax loopholes to divide and conquer profit. This then, is held by a few companies that are the only ones with enough wealth accumulation to build munitions companies and purchase air time to  tell a story on the media that it is the local poor people fighting about who’s god is more real and who’s culture is the chosen culture and blaming this ignorance that was a consequence of economic suppression to the point where there was not a constant stable point of a solid education, housing, proper food and clean water to build a human being who could function without fear and in common sense, to which we come full circle because those people in Detroit are economically suppressed and in fear because of this and are not getting water which is a basic necessity, and the people in California are placed in restrictive water use and cannot make a living that enables them to afford and education, I mean the number of vets in California has dropped because no one can afford to take care of pets anymore! . And so it all spins around and around, and every part blames another part, and the power people pulling the strings of government, the extremes who used means to ignore these extremes and yet are an extreme themselves, are pointing the finger at welfare when these people pointing are recipients of the welfare of earth that is freely given!
None of this makes any sense, it is all nonsense. And yes, we are all zombies walking around in energetic picture shows as imagination completely separated from our own common sense that built the bubble of separation. If you slow down you can see the halo effect of this within, as the thoughts that spin around and around in and as your mind, that you so earnestly believe define you, you will see this.
So who generated what? Was it the building projections of separation within each that lead to the structure of the present system? It had to manifest from somewhere.
The solution to this is to have a Living income Guarantee from our natural resources, instead of allowing the money from this to flow into destruction as war and violence that are the same action of resource control to maintain a more than in the extremes that are called a new world order but are really the same world order moving into creating a third world of the whole world with tiny pockets of a first world that lives in excess and does not realize it is imprisoning itself and destroying the means of life from which it all came, which was the earth, the physical world. The physical world has been here, giving of itself day after day, visible, and what man has used to generate what is here, right in front of us, while that imaginary world of a figure as a god, has never been seen but in someone’s imagination, as a picture show, like a television. If we think of television, what is more real, television or that physical system using electrons? Does that television pay the bills or water the plants or feed the dog? No. 
If we can fit the population of he world into a state the size of Texas, and we can use just a tiny square of earth to build enough alternative energy systems to garner enough energy for our needs then this present system need not exist, it is only existing because humans hold it in place based on a very limited morality within as pictures as memories accumulated from a past within this same nonsense system and are walking around with a constant television in and as our minds.
This is nothing new, it has been said that we must stop our minds. And it is nothing new that usury moves principle value of physical things into the control of the lender, I mean this is what happened in Rome thousands of years ago, and it seems that there are many Jews, who have not changed one bit because they are doing the same, eliminating what does not support their idea, their televised mental ideology that they are the chosen. Chosen for what? I mean what does that mean?  It is nonsense because if a bomb dropped on them, the outcome would be the same as the outcome for the Palestinians, no difference,  they are the same.
This world should be one of an order that all things are cared for and allowed all potential within to manifest because this would create a world where the machine as the physical, as the parts would be working together, all electrons flowing in balance, every atom ringing in balance. This physical world should be THE picture show, one that would be a sensation that answered to all of self as life, where there would be no need for fear, no need for substances to inebriate and dull the senses, no obsession with sexuality and instead connection that allowed balance and creation using our ability to sense form and our ability to divide and measure in ways that do not harm and as such build the manifestation of life as physical information in ways we have not been able to imagine, so limited and dull are we within as a morality show of beliefs as an very limited ideology ( idea logic only) that one physical formation is more than another, when they are not.
We must stand and at the moment open some gates to have the wealth from resources as money flow to each, taking our soldiers, for example and arming them with tools to build many different alternative energy systems all the while maintaining the ones we have until they can be changed. We can diminish the water we are using for unnecessary things and move the wealth as money from this to each to at least remove the economic stress that builds fear instead of our creative ability when standing in common sense because we are at ease. We can move so many who do not have jobs, to begin taking care of animals, getting the animals out of the stalls of torture as what such limited confinement is. We can organize, using technology, to get water where it is needed in the world, using our planes and our trains until everyone on earth as a human being is stable within their basic needs. This would allow so many mothers to care for their children and  end  the hyper sexualization that is another drug to avoid facing reality. A real sense of release and ease can only be found in being constant in focus with the actual physical world, expressing oneself in a constant manner, directly with the physical. We have the technology, we have the men. We have so many men who cannot shoot the guns they are given because they sense, as that part of them that is life, that killing is unacceptable. If the men in military alone would stand together and say no more, and the teachers of this world stood together and said no more, along with the parents, this world, this present system could transform in a very short period of time. We need only stand, and create a system through politics that gives as we would want to receive, by giving each and every person on this planet, enough money to ensure they can have what is necessary for the physical as the human to have clean water, shelter, education and food.
The whole structural resonance of the world would change in a short period of time.  Each person would begin to feel a burden being lifted from their hearts, each parent would begin to see a glimmer of that promise they could initially sense in the children when they were young begin to come forth, each human so immersed in stress would begin to see the sun and the moon, the animals and the trees swaying like the water in the ocean. Each couple would begin to see more than the anger as the fear projected onto their spouse, each  person driven by an obsession would begin to sense the the lack of fulfillment their obsession brings, each person would for a moment stand and weep away the fear and ask, “ what have we accepted and allowed, how could we have lost sight of life and not respected this gift?” 
We decide, each and every one. Support a Living Income Guarantee, time to become the creators that we are and transform this world into what it was meant to be, heaven on earth - which is nothing new either, because we have been told to bring heaven to earth. It is right here, right in front of us, but we have to do it. We have the tools, they are our hands and our hearts.

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