Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 561 The CARtelTOON of Profit.


Sometimes I become arrogant when I see images as symbols used a definitions to direct us, the program of directives presented via media and embossed on our currency and in our corporate logos that I forget how much I am a product of that which I believe I am not a part of as my very behavior of arrogance instead of immediate self realization and corrective measure into solution. The values promoted in media, that we think are not programming us but in effect are within a slow measure overtime  within generations,  passed down to become the morality as us - a lie by omission turned into a truth using an equation of dimensional values that consist of a mix of subjective and objective, personal and collective values, the practical forgotten.
One example I encountered yesterday in a video, it was about how women have come to believe that it is necessary to shave our legs. Evidently, before WWll women did not shave their legs, it was only with the effects of advertising that follows the law of profit before life, that this was embossed within as a value that one must follow or be threatened with being considered weird, whereas before this, it was considered as what it is, simply hair.
I did not shave my legs until I was well into high school. I was performing on stage and was told by a family member that the hair on my legs could be seen and that I should shave this. I became embarrassed and shaved my legs. Ironically, much like the facial hair of a man, the hair on my legs which was not heavy, began to come in with more thickness, and I have ended up shaving my legs all my life. And as the video states, this process of shaving is wasting resources that were unnecessary to waste. And all to suit a belief promoted that legs should be shaved, should look shiny and smooth like a cartoon image, which becomes a value believed to be what we should appear as that has no common sense awareness of physical reality. The same has happened in variation using  inverted measures with how we promote what cattle is, based on a past idea in nature and what cattle actually lives, as a cow is now confined to a box of torture through the reality of an existence of suppression of the nature of that form of which it is becoming a crime to speak up about, all because we collectively are allowing an image to become our reality more than actual practice, and the rent seekers do not like reality being exposed because it cuts into their welfare payments. And the rest of us allow this because we believe it is positive to have images based on ideas as being the means of change when change happens on a physical level through practical movement. So, in effect if we shave our legs we are the effects in measure of advertising. We walk the action, we support the separation, we support the waste, we fear the consequence of judgement, just as I did. Thus, we the people, the collective have only the choice to stand in common sense and stop becoming the CARtelTOON of profit, meaning, following the images for profit before life.

This has compounded at present. In tune with our hyper-sexualized society, what I have found in my forties, is that this practice of shaving hair has moved into shaving one’s pubic hair. Having been alone for some time, I dated  and found it was the fashion to cut and manicure pubic hair. I have to say that I was astounded, I reacted with disbelief instead of remaining stable and realizing that this need not define me unless I accept and allow it.  I talked with others, and heard some of the same disbelief that cutting pubic hair was “ in.” It evidently has become a common practice in the middle aged community.  So, our beliefs become the mirror image of what is promoted in advertising and what is allowed to fill the flow as images that survive because money is being earned from it which means it is being supported, used, accessed. The imagery has nothing to do with practical reality, it is a separation from reality. We follow and try to fit the physical reality into some picture image that moves against the physical. And we believe that this action is our own choice!  I mean, pubic hair is a protective shield for the reproductive system, it serves a practical purpose and yet, we are forcing this into some ideological limited dimension imagination, and as I said, believing we made the choice and that advertising has nothing to do with it. Obviously this belief that we made the choice, is not what is real.

So, in many ways, we all have to walk the CARtelTOON imagery and know its detailed sequences built over time, to see, realize and understand in detail where we have allowed ourselves to embed ourselves with the profiteering done with imagery that has indeed become a directive program within our behaviors, meaning what we have allowed ourselves to be and become in thought and word and deed that move against a common sense of practical reality.

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