Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 564 Skeletons in the mind.

The other day I woke up in the morning and there was an image of a skeleton in my mind. Behind it were associations as a skeleton in a coffin, probably from some movie, and then an elderly person, which happens to some I have known, where in extreme age it has appeared to me that bones start to stick out. So, here is an association with an idea of death.
I could not see where this was coming from. But some mornings I wake up and there are these presences with me. They seem so random. I have attributed them to a program of growing old, to have one fear death. I forgive them and they are usually gone.
A skeleton is a skeleton, it is the structural part of the body. It is made up of certain substances that when missing, cause weakness, and as such, it can be known what is missed. This means that all these images that meander around as my mind, images impulsed by culture and media, really have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with reality. This is the smoke and mirrors show of distraction, where meaning is given based on an idea that is has no transparency, no openness to what is real as the practical physical system. If I am busy running from shadows impulsed with blingy fast moving lights from some screen, then I am not paying attention to what is real as that form that is watching the colored shadows on a “ wall.”  For all practical purposes, this is in essence what humans beings are doing, and we believe this is human nature. No, this is not human nature, this is the human using nature, as the physical,  beLIEving a memory of seeing only one aspect of nature and creating some gloomy ominousness to be more real than nature overall. It is like we are taking a recording of what is real, in a moment, and making that god/reality.
That just does not make any sense. And, to use this in self interest, well, that is just a crime against life.
This is a form of inner usury.
This has manifested as the present system.
This is a pyramid scheme.
It will not work, it cannot work, it is not working.
We need only look around, see all the egos in the chapel, and see, realize and understand that we are going to have to give everything up to get everything, which is life, which is right here, right in front of us.  We can blame no one but our individual selves, because we accepted and allowed the shadow world.

If you came across this skeleton of a snake on a table and you felt a resistance to picking it up, what is it as a belief that inhibits you from picking up what is essentially a skeleton of a snake that can do nothing to you what-so-ever? Would it be a smoke and mirrors show that you were allowing as what it is, a shadow world, to be more real than what is real? And what is it that electrifies that shadow world? Could it be your flesh? something has to.
So, this begs the question, what makes a Jew different than a Palestinian? Is it a belief, a shadow world that in essence is not real? Something that has nothing to do with reality, as what holds that belief system, which is that all men are the same?
Are we bombing children based on a shadow world? And is this not using the physical in a usurious way to support what is only a belief, and actually destroying the means of life, which is the physical information, to do so?
If we want democracy, the voice of the people, we have to become the voice of life, and remove the shadow world. Which means the imagination as the mind, must be aligned to the physical, equal and one to it in common sense of it.  We will all in the end suffer the consequences of the violence and destruction to the physical unless we realize it is life and what we have allowed as mind is not life. We have the principle, to take that which is good and does no harm, to become the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, to give as we would want to receive, to become equal and one with and as the physical. This is the real human nature.

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