Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 571 What would you want for yourself?

We understand that plants need water and the stuff of soil: minerals, enzymes, sunlight etc.. We understand that children need education, which means exposure and opportunity to grow. If a parent does not have a wage and/or the time to expose a child to many things, then the child, like a plant, does not have what we all know develops the capacity of the human child.

The exeptions show the capacity, our “ rule” shows the suppression that is a consequence of inequality that is caused by separation from life, which is really a crime against life. Because of this, we cannot blame some of the behaviors of our young impoverished people on the person themselves, as the social structure that touts a rule of limitation until it is believed this rule is a truth, requires the question as to why such is said over and over again, to justify why one can have a good education and another cannot. Instead of addressing why some children develop great skill and others do not, we have accepted a society that blames the object that is a consequence of suppression of life, one that we are responsible for. It is time for this to end. All children can be exceptional, and if each of us would stop and listen to ourselves, and what dreams we may have had wanted when we were younger, we might just realize that what we really wanted was denied us. And if we take the time to look at the present system of money, and education, and resource use and division, we would realize that the very form of the present system cannot be accepted any longer, and that it is time to make a change to one that respects and supports all life, so that the exception becomes the rule, so that the exception becomes the norm, as this would be heaven on earth.

To do this, what each must do is realize that an immediate move towards this is to change the money system to one that gives each the means to live in diginity, a dignity that allows the full potential of each expression of beingness as our children to develop and flourish.

It means that the value of our resources must flow to each in a measure that gives what is needed to develop a human being to become the best that they can be. It means that our money must be given to each person to allow them the ability to care for themselves. And to realize, that because of what has been accepted and allowed, will take some time to self correct, as removing the stress of survival as a system that has allowed money to determine life, will take time. But, this is the way to make the exception the rule. This is what all of us would have wanted, we need only look, and underneath all the layers of anger and fear, bitterness and frustration, this is what we are missing, and as such this is what we long for. We each accept and allow the behaviors of our own longing, and they accumulate, until we no longer remember why we are quick to anger and quick to become sad. Turning the money system around, and allowing access to basic needs, will allow the dignity of life inherent under our fears, to begin to emerge, and we will begin to birth ourselves as life, here.

It is time to end war, to end munitions building, to end burying young adult males -who never reached their full potential - alive because one group thought their cult more than another. It is time to end the avenues that allow a few to control what is needed to live, just because they want a better car, or a bigger house, of more opportunity for their children – which is revelatory in and as itself. Here, I come full circle, to make an obvious point once again; our children turn into what is placed within them, and as this, we are all responsible for what is in essence the suppression of the capacity of a child that is so visible in the exceptions to what is really a collectively forced ruling of limitation, one we can no longer allow to exist on earth if we want to create what would have allowed us access to that interest we had as a child but were never allowed to develop. We decide.

It is time to support life-support for ourselves and earth. it is time for a Living Income Guarantee

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