Monday, May 15, 2017

Mind consciousness of separation. The language of Trolls Day 760

I notice that I still react to statements in the pejorative. Meaning, when a flood of possible value statements surround me, I feel the pull into a fear in the event. Unless I begin to sort them out.

I was reading letters written against a subject when I noticed a pattern. In the sentences there were statements of fact, that usually described accurate parts of a story, that then went into value judgements, using trigger words of label. In this there was no real description of what was being placed into more pejorative statements, closing in the story towards a polarized moral judgement, and bringing forth a label that one could be placed in should they not agree. 

There is a house across the street from me that was being renovated. There were men taking off the paint on the home. I noticed them every time I walked out to my car, I could not NOT notice them as they were in my direct line of vision.

A couple of times, while I was going to my car, a car on the road stopped and the person in the car asked me why the workers were removing the paint without containing the dust. I also got a phone call about it. The next time someone spoke to me I said that it was something we ALL had to question by asking the local conservation department to look into. I said that if ONLY myself went down and asked, I would most probably not be answered with action. 

Finally, to check, I walked across the street to ask the manager that happened to be there and whom I knew to be the manager because when the renovations first stated he had come to me to tell me about what they were going to do. Thus, when I saw him I went to ask him about the paint removal. I wanted to make sure.

I asked him about the paint, and he immediately said to me; “ You have to be a good neighbor and call the owner, and yes we believe it is lead paint.’ 

I just stood there, taking in this math. I was confused, because I had to decode the suggestion that I ‘ had to be a good neighbor’ with ‘ calling the owner’ and then the noncommittal statement of and as ‘ we believe it is lead paint’ in answer to my query about whether or not they were working with lead paint. 

The way I saw it was that yes, it was lead paint, which is not allowed to be removed but with a containment process- which these workers were not doing. I saw the statement “ I need to be a good neighbor’ as being a positive inflammatory and suggestive statement because should I not call the owner, I was not being a good neighbor, and yet, I was not the one taking off lead paint without containment as an action of regard for the neighbors as myself and the environment. My morality of politeness also hindered me from speaking up. All these conflicting interferences were happening. I can see where most of the time we do not speak up because of this. I feared being considered being a neighbor who was not good. That superseded considering that the real action that was not considerate of myself, my neighbors and the animals and the plants was the removal of lead paint in an open fashion where the dust of which and the chips of which were going everywhere. Manipulation is done with such expression, as words as sound, as a math, visible in plain sight.

I got another phone call about this, and agreed to go to the conservation office. I agreed because it was decided that more than one of us would go. The office met my query with “ Why do you have to be so nosey” 
lol, At this point I was so in disbelief of this, that I no longer cared what the person in front of me thought, and simply talked about the growing rate of children dying from cancer in the area. This calmed the woman down and she agreed to take further action. It was not about reacting to her, it was about painting a picture that supported making sure what were actions in care of the environment were taken. Eventually, they were. I am not sure the builders were fined, but they did come in and vacuum the area etc. 

What also happened was the next morning, when I walked to my car, there was this very large NO TRESPASSING sign stabled to the tree facing my house.  lol

This is what a mind consciousness is and does. This is what a letter written by a troll or a shrill will do and be. There will be these statements that subtly, or not so subtly suggest a label for something should someone not follow what is going on, and at the same time admit to the action. One cannot react to these value judgements and instead, remain within the facts. 

If I focus on the threat, as the suggestion of what I may be considered as, I cannot focus on what is real, on what is practical, remain grounded and not further inflame what is being suggested as who and what I am. 

These fears of being something, as what may be suggested, are a form of interfering with being practical, and if one allows them, or follows them, or reacts to them, one becomes lost, caught in a vortex of emotional fire, as fear, that can no longer remain in practical applications. In this interaction with this neighbor, a whole strew of intimidation as suggestions of what I was being, was made larger than the reality. 

In all, I can understand why this builder did this, because he wanted to make a profit. one way of doing that is to not follow protocol and hope no one notices, and/or uses intimidation devices to inhibit anyone who happens to notice. It is a numbers game, one that works unless we no longer allow it, each one of us. I was not even upset that this builder did not get a fine, because I know he has a family, yet if the town department is not giving this fine to him, and they give it to another, in random fashion, that is not cool. For me, if that lead paint was being cleaned up, that needed to be done. Solve the problem, make it right. 

Obviously within this, some of our actions are not what is best for this world. For a change to happen, we must change what we practice, what we allow. This begins with noticing how words are used. This means noticing where we are acting in the same manner as far as using words to inflame value judgements in protection and defense of self interest before consideration of this physical reality in care and maintenance of it, in ways that allow it to flourish because we cannot exist without it. Also, within what we have allowed as what we have practiced that has accumulated to the extent that children are dying of cancer. 

When I react with, or react towards statements that suggest a label of what I am, am I in any way being practical and considerate of the world around me, as statements of bringing forward solutions that one can follow through into actions ? 

The statements made by the project manager, were so clearly visible in their form. When I slowed down and took this apart, those aspects that were suggestive of a value, had nothing to do with what practically needed to be done, nor did they define who and what I am. 

The next time one reads something one can underline all the inflaming of emotion, pejorative, words and realize what such words trigger in one’s self, to realize that that ideological value more than likely has no practical application in reality, and if anything, it only creates a state of cognitive dissonance as a method of interfering with one’s more natural common sense. 

One can recognize this when one begins to blame things around one as this is an emotional firewall in protection and defense of one’s self interest, instead of being in one’s common sense which is to consider all things, taking that which is good and does no harm as what real presence is and does. 

Our present corporation that has replaced real governance by the people uses this same formula, and even hires writers to target what brings greater clarity in practical applications. This can only work if we allow it, and it began with each of us, because we feared the death of ourselves having forgotten that we are all the same, composed of the same substance.

A mind consciousness system is the self caught in fear, in fear of loss or fear of being labeled as less than, instead of standing in common sense. Is it not time to create self as life, to be equal and one with and as this physical reality as life in expression? Respecting this reality is how we become equal and one to creation, as the physical. 

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