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What is LOOKING ; continued Day 770

What is LOOKING continued.
Lately, I so notice when I have missed what is right in front of me. An example is having used a kitchen device. This device has a tool that comes with it, to process the food more effectively. The other day, while using this device, I stood there at the counter, looking for this apparatus, and could not see it. When I was done, I found it, it was right next to me. I can’t even remember if this was in plain sight all the time, of partially hidden under the machine itself.

I just stood here, looking at where I had been that I did not see this that was right in front of me.

I also notice that after the fact, as in not in the moment I am in ‘ action,’ with hindsight I realize patterns around me. I do not see them in the moment they move, in that moment they are actualized. Somehow, my processing of here, is not being lived in the moment. I remain in a non-looking at what is right here, right in front of me. What can be me as not looking, or only looking as recognizing patterns with hindsight, is myself being, as accepting a morality that is not being present and processing form and movement and expression as what is actual mourned me, here, in this reality. I am so used to, as habituated with not looking. I am showing myself what I have allowed. 

I am mis-using my presence. What I have created myself as, as the things on which I focus, as values, are not in consideration of this living reality, this that is the means of me being here. This that is what and who I am in totality. I am exiting within a limited paradigm. Para-di-gm. I exist as a para - something projected from myself before reality,  of division - as value judgements of good and bad , g- generating, m- me. I am the creator of myself. What have I do I generate and create as the very presence of and as me? It is, not here ness, because I am missing what is in plain sight. 

What I am looking at here, is why I realize patterns with hindsight and not in the moment? That I am able to realize patterns, means that I realize them. This begs the question, and I know I am repeating here, as to why I do not stand in recognizing the patterns in the moment? Obviously, if i can realize patterns within musical notes, to the degree that I balance myself out in an instance, I can do this within value judgements as ideas, beliefs and opinions, wants, desires and needs , in a moment too! After all, this is all values, and a note is a value, it is a thing, with shape and color as the nature of its expression. 

It is because is my value system is limited, as a narrow framework, or a limited scaffold, or a paranormal construct, as a memory resonance within me, and I ONLY see that, I cannot be in the presence of all things, here. I am in separation. I mean, come-on, at this point in this existence, we know to wrote out our emotions, and we know we hold memories that are polarized as value judgements. We can no longer hide behind this, or allow this that we know, to be made larger than life. Nor can I. 

Even in health practices, we understand that stress is detrimental to the body. Stress is a mis-processing of reality. It is reality out of whack, it is a ‘ head trip” as such.  A head trip is a paranormal event.  To exist as a head-trip, means to manipulate words,  and pictures. I say pictures, because a picture is used to trigger ideas, beliefs and opinions, superimposed on that picture, as what is a parable, and what is analogies? They are constructs of values placed into symbols, as a thing in picture, or an object, and as such the recognition that we are walking in a bubble of a morality that is not being present in reality. How does one think onion layers work? How does one think a loss of spatial skill happens? LOOK, it is right here, in the math, right in front of us! Right in front of ME, because I am the same, because I drank the cool-aid. I became what i hated, because I was that child, before it was imposed with the math/limited-dogma of a relying/religion of some afterlife adult authoring who and what I am so I would not be self responsible because I feared being this, in relation to what is a resonant construct of separation from reality, which is physical. 

I cannot fear remaining stable and steady and grounded in the physical, feet on the ground, realizing and bringing back into focus on reality, as this HUGE valley of smoke and mirrors, as value judgements, as manipulation of sound, as pictures and words, airy fairy and all around me. I am, essentially, in a head-trip when I cannot, in real time, see what is in plain sight, and read the patterns of my own self created separation. I mis-used my own capacity as life. The only way out, is to face the storm, and take back what would bring joy, as what is natural as me, as myself as life, which means focusing and being present HERE. 

One of the ways of separation, is to take a tiny good, which is a good, and to make that huge, and create an endless discussion around it. It is like being in a church and singing praises again and again and again, and then thinking one is good for doing so. Quite astounding. This is a from of avoidance, or ignorance, within hiding behind a busy work of value judgement. The mis-take of self being equal to life is done with limitation, which means not acknowledging all things, and instead taking one small value, turning it into an idol and standing within that at the expense of the world during down around one. This is what is meant by doing nothing as being as evil as participating in the thing itself. There is no difference between the two, because they are both a lack of acknowledgement of practical reality, as the physical in expression in form and function!  It is said , that to tell someone a lie, which is playing the game of separation which has a color of limitation and ignorance, does not really make a person angry. Why, because it is like an army of defense, supporting it state of limitation. It is like, we are both lying, and we accept that. Yet, when one points this out, the one playing the game, must answer to an acceptance of lack, that is not being self responsible as life, which can generate reactions in support of that lack, and demand for change. This will make a construct of limitation react. Thus a real truth ( remember no dogma is going to support you if you cannot breathe) in relation to not being in consideration of all things, will cause the lie to react. That reaction will bring forth defense of that lie, in a kind of scream. Why? Because the scream is what the lie has been existing as, because it takes an intense effort to be that. And since we know it is all memories of value judgements, and this is a math happening real fast as the individual movements that generate this, because we accumulate what we accept to define us, this all plays out real fast, with the parts no longer specifically recognized, that we cannot slow down, we have to scream what we have allowed, to actually see it. And it is in plain sight. And it can no longer be allowed, because it is not equal to all life, of which the physical is the means of and as. The body, the physical allows and is breath, not that limited morality. No way out. 

I remember being a mother of young children. I remember my children sometimes suddenly, after a pause, turning from other adults. Then, they would, with careful movement, acclimate to some adults and interact with them.  I notice this in my nephew as well. When I have not seen him for a while, he will stare at me, with a subtle down turn around the mouth, and a turning away from me, to then slowly interact with me. he is simply reading me, as my children read other adults and sometimes reacted by turning away, as a ‘ not wanting to look’ scenario.  I realize, that within and as my own construct of not looking, as playing the limited morality game instead of remaining present in that which allows me to exist as breathe here, that i am being the same as what my children turned from. They had simply acclimated to me, in survival. 

Children will participate in a reality that has adults in bubbles of separation, as where else to they have to go? They will build, practice and interact, even within limitations around them. The desire to practice language, in this one case, is so strong, as building within that, that the child will repeat, again and again and again, what is being said and what is being pointed out, in real time, just being and moving around in the physical reality of one’s environment. lol, I was singing a song in relation to toy buses, a simple song, about the wheels of the bus going round and round, and the child laughed and screamed AGAIN! This happened so many times I can’t remember how many time I sang this, but it was a joy to see the child taking it in and beginning to mimic it. Somehow the awe of wheels going round and round, and perhaps the words being a means of describing that amazing physical thing, is all good! Perhaps, in relation to this, my body generating and being in a form, was also a part of the joy. This joy a joy of being physical, nice and simple and great fun in being in expression, as cool and breathing. Better than any picture show in the mind, emitting from the flesh, as a resonant memory. Can’t wait to see what happens when we try and sew heads onto new bodies. A thought we already tried the Frankenstein scenario and found out that it did not work! I mean, there are findings oaths world, where evidently, the whole nuclear experiment has been done, in a time before out time, as the signature of this is left on the physical.  We are, because of our accepted and allowed separations running on treadmills of limitations as value judgements spending out lives in head trips. Meanwhile, the earth shrinks, just as we shrink into a dried up white and grey prune like thing with no spatial presence left. We drank the kool-aid.

We don't have to drink the cool-aid, we can, come back down to earth, and face the smoke and mirrors of energy - as what a limited value system can only exist as because it has no sustainability, because it is not equal to life.  We can place our presence in out bodies, as respect of what is real, and ground ourselves here, equal and one to life, which is physical. I can step over the line of my own accepted and allowed participation of and as limited scaffolds of information that must be composed of good and bad, right and wrong, forcing a limited value forward, making it HUGE, and myself calling this out, in self discovering ways and means, to remember myself as who and what I am as life here, realizing breath is greater and more real than any idea resonantly projecting as my own self creation, in front of me, and instead ground myself here. 

Why do we not ask ourselves why the PHYSICAL thing we become within us, is the MOST EXPENSIVE thing to build? And that this inner creation, is the MOST IMPORTANT ‘ thing’ in our lives?  Educating that, forming that costs more in this world than our homes, or our cars, or our ‘ THINGS’ we accumulate believing these ‘THINGS” to hold a value, when the greatest VALUE is the ‘ THING’ we become within and as the creation of who and what we are here. Ask yourself? 

And why, if the child the POOREST thing in the world?  Why is that which is not yet built which costs the MOST to build, is in the most VULNERABLE state? 

How is it, that I can’t see what is in PLAIN SIGHT? 

Ask yourself? Get mad, then change. Accept and recreate yourself as LIFE. Walk the process of change, get your word skills moving. Realize the patterns within and in one’s environment, AND on the world stage. Your are, as what you as as a physical being, the most perfect of means to do so. RESPECT the labor of those who are bringing this forward.  In this present system this means GIVING in monetary means. It need not be as much as the system costs, yet that labor must be supported, after all it is what you would have wanted for yourself.

Thank you for reading. 

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