Thursday, May 11, 2017

More on Processing Information . Day 756

I have decided to do a 21 day consistent blog post. Something that I have not done for a while.

Why? To realize patterns, to improve the ability to see how I move every day. To practice realizing patterns to increase my recognition of patterns of behavior and by extension, call them out by name, because like using a metronome to speed up processing,  I become more than just doing one aspect of something, as in learning an instrument, learning to play an instrument, I do not ONLY learn one thing and add it to the whole, I build in becoming aware of all parts. 

Everyone has something unique about them, we all realize that, this that one could say is somehow lost as we get older.

And everyone has ideas, beliefs and opinions, after all do we not know the beliefs of our friends?  DO we not argue about the political denominations and what they believe should be brought forward as a value? Why is it that we endlessly debate this? We argue about phonetic teaching and whole word teaching, when the process involved both. It is actually some of both. The action of reciprocity between the two takes one forward. It is like a movement into greater and greater balance.

This morning i woke up and moved to make a cup of coffee. I stopped, because i have added something else that i am doing before I make a cup of coffee. As I found myself moving to make the coffee before this added activity, it was as though I could see, as I was lead, by that habit, that was like a cloud around me. It had a definite division between the space of here and myself, and it appeared as something projected outside of myself. Remember many talk about a veil. 

I mean, ask yourself, when you become emotional about something, which has the quality in behavior of resisting something, what that movement is? Could you, if you looked, sense the tension in the space of that? I mean, why is it that we can go to the ocean and sense a lightness, an airiness in the space? Why is it that we can go and walk in nature and sense what appears, or could be called a presence in itself? Just because the information that composes that habit I have changed in the morning for myself cannot be ‘ seen’ what is it that is actually causing that movement to be automatic? Could it be as invisible as I believe? It was not there when I was a child because I did not have that habit? What was that ‘force” or movement around me that I could almost sense the edge of as I recalled what I had made a new decision to do and had to change out of? 

I mean, when I enter a group, because I want to get involved, do I  enter into the group to acclimate to the composition of information, as that body of directing information as the habit of making coffee first thing in the morning that I had to change up to do something new?  When I enter into a new group, am I moving to compose myself to that body of information? Yes, and it is probably natural, habituated with a focus so much on that, that one has forgotten how that following of information is built. In this, one is walking around in resonant bubbles of information, acclimating one’s own resonance to others, with friction when the two are different, as one has forgotten to become silent, to realize potential from a starting point of seeing not only this consequence of resonance but also that which is the physical reality around us that can when one is near the ocean, a remembrance of that sense of lightness that happens when one is near the ocean. 

It is just like learning a language. The language of math, for example. As one practices the basic algebra, one moves with more ease and greater processing ability to the point where one sees the equation and the answer at the same time. If one does something like this in a narrow focus, one can forget the whole and become as I was potentially moving this morning, moving as habit, as a set body of information creating a resonant model, and potentially forgetting the new movement I had made the decision to be and do that I managed to catch and change, and also, could almost, in such a subtle way, sense the outer line of that bubble that must be composed of information that I projected and followed as me. 

It is somewhat like learning vibrato on the violin. I started slow, set the boundaries, and then speed up the movement until it became manageable and natural, the magic being in the doing of the thing. I had to move beyond automation, because sometimes one speed of vibrato worked well in one case, and another in another case. I had to be in control of it, every tiny measure of and as it. Otherwise, it ran me away from myself, and I became uncertain with and as it. 

I ask myself how much I do not slow down to enter into a moment with a clear slate, to not only see my habits within this, but also to see the potential, which I would call change as acceptance and embracing of what is here. This means to realize my own patterns of behavior, and the composition of such patterns in others around me, and what is equal in presence to the living reality around me. 

I see, realize and understand how this that I was this morning before I caught myself, that I was walking in on the valley of earth, and standing in a bubble of values that were quite literally a movement of good and bad, right and wrong, more than and less than, no longer questioned and habituated, of a presence creating a veil of directing information that was a shadow and not myself being present here. It was myself not aware of who and what I am as a living man on a physical planet. I had created/composed a shadow world that I followed instead of being aware of this, and myself here. 

Ask yourself why with age, a sense of space is lost, as one begins to lose one’s natural spatial sense. Ask yourself why in high school, one language as math or language can become something one feels one is not good at? Is this not a red flag that one’s sense of measure has narrowed to the extent one has already  become beliefs filled with associative thinking that has the behavior of resistance to some things and acceptance of others? Is that not the beginning of a loss of real critical and creative thinking/presence/awareness?  Is that not the loss of  being able to change and look here? Is that not the beginning of walking in the valley of smoke and mirrors and only seeing the composition of one’s accumulated value judgements? 

If I can sense the edges of vibrato on a string, can’t I sense the edges of an entity of belief directing a body, just as I did this morning , and do in certain social situations? Does pushing against and resisting such things  allow the two minds of and as this to meet?  Is this how we have come to ignore and abuse this real living physical reality, as that on which our feet are placed that is real? 

Until tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 

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