Sunday, May 14, 2017

More interference as mind consciousness systems of separation .Day 759

“Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material. Bringing to mind old knowledge has the effect of impairing both the speed of learning and memory performance.”

Last night, in the middle of the night, there was a sudden and loud banging on my front door. It took me a minute to rise and walk down the stairs. There was a policeman there telling me something had happened to my mother.

What I noticed was a lot of adrenaline bringing to move through me as I walked down the stairs. I could hear the voices in my head wanting to move into worst case scenarios, and imagining possible reasons for the visit in the middle of the night.

I said to myself, that I don’t know until I know, meaning i have to investigate what is going on a face it, instead of become emotional and follow all this interferences from that past. All this ‘ old knowledge” some of which is influenced within stories from the doom and gloom war mongering media hollywood information, as a movie is a body of information. Some was of self blame; it is amazing how we do tend to be hardest on ourselves, wondering what we did or did not do.

I remember in my thirties, after I had children, when I had to go to orchestra rehearsals and I could not hold, or retain, or remember what key I was in. This was something that had become so automatic. Meaning i glanced at the key signature and new where i was in terms of the division as the math of the notes in reading the piece. I got to the point where I was aware of the fact that if I carried some ‘ emotional’ thing with me, it would interrupt my processing of the music. I had to be clear.  

I had also been told by a master, and i have said this before, that if I focused correctly, I did not have to practice some inordinate number of hours, it could be done effectively in less time. it took me a while to get this. When I did, I realized I had to totally focus on what I was doing. If I allowed some interference, I was slowed down.

 lol, in another system, the term ‘ teachability index’ is used to describe one’s ability to process information ( which means the living space mourned us and this interference slowing down awareness in others AND the self).  In this other system, I have had people use the excuse that ‘ their teachability index was low.”  This kind of excuse is a form of blame. In music, one cannot say this. Period. We cannot say as we have to rehearse and perform “ my focus is not good today, I have some emotional thing resonant within me and it is slowing me down. Or, ‘ My speed of learning and memory performance is not at a good level today’ cannot also be said in music.  And yet, we allow this in so any other areas of our lives. When a musician cannot perform, it effects all the others in the group. IN so many ways this is a disrespect of others, and yet our society moves to pamper such behavior which is the opposite of resolution, it is the opposite of bringing one back up to speed where solutions are realized. Someone has said that depression is a form of self interest, in this regard, from the perspective of music, it is a state of disregard for others. 

In tandem with my early morning, I had a long conversation with someone early this morning. I let them talk, I let them tell the whole sequence of events as a time line of and as what they wanted to convey. At the end, and it is cool to realize that people will summarize everything that have explained once again to themselves ( and do it again and again) into a singular statement. The statement at the end of this conversation was that there person of whom they spoke was overall ‘ toxic.” 

Do we see where I am going with this? I begin with talking about a slow learning ability, and a sluggish memory processing in relation to my own movements in reaction to someone banging on my door in the middle of the night - and yes I did breathe. As I allowed a person to describe a situation, that ended with a descriptive, as the word ‘ toxic’ I realized that they were describing actions by a human being lost in emotional interference. This person was the same as me, when I realized I could not focus on the key I was in, as I had other things interfering with my focus, my presence in reality. At the time it scared me, in my thirties and I wondered how this could be happening.

Within this conversation I used the word toxic and began to describe it as best I could as an emotional firewall. I described how that emotional firewall moved in such a way that everything around that person was not their fault, and always the fault of others. It was a cry of blame, and also a cry of not being able to connect, because that resonant interference had become so big, there was no longer any ability to connect to others. At the end of the conversation, this person also noted that this person could not connect with others. Can we begin to see, how our past, composed of conversations of good and bad, righteousness and blame, spite and justification as the voices in our minds, as the mind, can consume our presence and separate us from processing what is here, in practical and effective ways? Can we realize that a mind consciousness system is not some mystical supernatural invisible thing, it is right here, it is visible in the focus of our presence, it is in the words we speak, it is in the physical movements of and as us. Do children have this heaviness, the sluggishness of this within them when they are young? ( To note, the number one killer in children is cancer before childhood accidents which has only happened in that last decade - a red flag) 

An example is, that when we become a state of comparison, ONLY seeing what another person can express, be it the courage to wear a colored scarf, and we react, and become jealous what are we NOT LEARNING? What are we NOT realizing we are existing as as a value system that is like a checklist of ‘ orders as belief’ that we are ONLY USING AS MEMORY, and thereby missing so much of the other values, or that this person with this colored scarf looks nice and that the scarf is actually FUN, and that questions what, we can also do that as there is nothing stopping us but belief. She how much an interference of judgement that is not processing the practical reality can become as a lack of real expression? 

A mind consciousness system is a system of interference as a mis-use of the imagination, it is not some big scary thing that we must fear or treat as some interrupting thing, because it is so visible! It is toxic and it is a disrespect of life, and it must be made known in every action. 

When i took apart how this person so clearly described the behaviors of this other person, and described the projections and the resistance to real living relationships that are relationships of clearly processing our memories AND using what is more natural as an ability to LEARN, it downsized the whole scenario and understanding the behaviors, to the extent that the emotional reactions about this, suddenly became much smaller. Thus, to speak up about this, in every moment, is an act of improving the use of one’s memory, AND opening up one’s natural ability to LEARN, to understand, to make simple, to realize the practical. 

Tomorrow I am going to talk about my experience with formulaic troll letters, as they are a math to trigger all manner of emotional reactions, thereby slowing down one’s ability to process and learn.  

Thank you for reading. Get your word recognition skills moving. Listen to the math of separation that is a mind consciousness system. It is not rocket science, it is visible and able to be understood. None of us really want to be an emotional firewall resisting the life around us. What we really want is to be who and what we really are. And, we need one another, all of us, to be the potential behind that wall of interference of mis-takes on the practical and living reality around us. 

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