Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 403 The corporate personhood of perpetual life. The Poly Di

I went to this political talk about the Robert’s Court and Citizen’s United Given by an America State Senator and learned of some perspectives that I had not seen. The main one was that the corporate entity, in being granted a status of  a citizen, became a perpetual personhood. This is to say that a corporation, this anonymous personhood, has been granted a status of god, an omnipotent being, never dying, living endlessly.  If one is granted eternal life on earth, as a form, a consented to and illusionary form as a structure created by men, would it not happen that this “ being” would eventually own everything? And in owning everything only, voice that which it is, which is how it sustains itself?  This would have to be a limited perspective being that would, as it owns everything via money, only allow what is true to it, thus its HIS-tory would be the only thing spoken and as this, again and again, become an accepted truth, where the parts are not necessarily untrue, but LIMITED perspectives. A MONOtheistic world. NO WONDER ( left ) we have now created a core curriculum  of supposed facts, where our children do not really learn how to use the human physical body to express the life that is them, that is unique. Instead they simply become the limited perspectives of an accepted and allowed anonymous omnipotent perpetual “ personhood” of infinite design circulating via  rape of the resources of the earth ( even labor no longer has value )  as what comes before life is an imaginary personhood. And the one percent is anyone who has a pension, thus the one percent is the cause of the starvation, and the abuse existent on earth, as we are the anonymous. We are the ones who ignore what is here, we are the ones who are not investigating the totality of what we have allowed and accepted as the form of governance on earth.

In my spite, for which I must forgive myself,  I want to say that maybe the solution is to simply eradicate the top of the humans holding this pattern of limited insight and no integrity within this pyramid design,  ( of which I am a part of )  use the technology here to bring in a direct vote, and this earth would “ right” itself in reality that the physical world is what is real and is what sustains us. This gift of life expression. Perhaps this will stop the reverse as suppression of life inherent in this design that has separated us from realizing the ecology and the economy must function in oneness and equality. But, crying over spilt milk is never a solution, as it does not an action make, of addressing the cause and effect and balancing this out into policy that respects and cares for all life. As life is the value. Thus, forgiveness is the only solution, as this would mean “ following through”  into what supports all life, in common sense, this means realizing our minds have become the history of the unknown, the anonymous, the intangible, the illusion, the smoke and mirrors of separation,  limited perspectives of extremes battling it out,  the shield used to hide behind in fearior to life, ourselves in fear of standing equal and one to and as life here, as the physical. We have become walking judgement using limited values as ideas to be what we are, instead of equalizing ourselves to life, in the gift as what we are as common sense, using our natural learning ability, to be our natural expression as what we are as life.. 

Is it time to R.I.P. the corp. of profit for a few ?

TIme to bring yourself back to life through walking the Desteni I Process Lite, the real process of removing the burden of our separation into an existence of life expression, this which is lite, this which is self equal and one as ease as life.

Listen to the interviews to realize yourself in separation as a mind consciousness system.

Join the solution to get this world in an order of life support, realizing the value is life. Support a Living Income Guarantee. This is not complicated, the smoke and mirrors only shades and confuses and complicates. The principle of what is best for all, of give as you would like to receive is the ease as life that is right here in front of us and always have been. 

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