Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 413 limited values create the unknown

I have had problems with my back. It is not visible with the naked eye, per say, it just starts to hurt. Much, much better than when it really started about three years ago. At that time, it became like solid rock one day, and I had to spend time in bed because I could not move, it hurt so much. Self forgiveness would clear it at times, and then I realized that I had to direct myself. It is like learning to balance the within, of which will take practice. Like for instance, sitting here writing about this starts to clear this up, it is moving all the time.

I had spoken to Bernard about this, and he said that it took him many years to figure this out. Now that he is dead, I can’t get direction from him, but this does not matter, because it is me that must figure this out, and with the words, “ it took me many years to figure this out” the message is pretty clear, I have to figure this out. What I notice at this point is the heavy syrup thing coming down from my mind, and the suppression, or rushes of energy coming up from my solar plexus. Somehow these things must work in equality here. To go into the detail of how the mind as thoughts accumulate into emotional/feeling energies, to slow down and name, then to stop this action of separation from here, where all spatial sense of the physical is, as capacity of the human as what we are - like a tree  on the landscape doing what the form and function of a tree does, where no one tree is more than another tree as there is no hierarchy of trees unless they are organized into some system through value placement by men. A hierarchy of trees is pretty silly. So why do we have a hierarchy of men? Why are we not taught to work with  physical geometry, in common sense? Why do we have superstitions of lack of awareness, a limited awareness, a separation from common sense of physical reality? Why do we allow a system where all principle, all real value is slowly dripped towards single ownership, this monopoly game placed on a physically common sensical world? Why do we allow a media saying partial truths over and over again where it becomes supposed fact when in all common sense the behaviors promoted, such as porn, are obviously a distortion of reality causing addictions that make no sense within being aware of physical reality? What are we doing that is perpetuating this abuse, do we blame, do we spite? Do we regret, to we self pity? All of this when what is real, and practically able to be understood, is right here in front of us? Why are we using resources to send a false message instead of developing ourselves to be able to move here without negative values, as judgement, placed as what we sound here, as our words? Why is there so much friction and conflict in our relationships?

I have been taught the measure and weigh things according to a limited system of values, that feed a hierarchy of inequality, and the separation creates confusion that is registered as complexity, a compound interest is then created as what i have allowed is not equal to life, it is out of balance with common sense. As this I give the life of me away, reject life, for a lesser value, a singular value, a limited value. My self interest, as idea, as mind, as consciousness, as a picture, that is of limited structure, and thus, if I use this to direct myself in the world, the physical world, I run into all kinds of conflicts because I am forcing a limited concept of life into a physical world that is the real value and this is why it is physical, because it is the real value. We humans are in separation from the real value, as what is creation. In separating ourselves from what is real, we have forsaken ourselves as creators. We have rejected understanding the physical and the limited values we have accepted and allowed have created a mind/consciousness system that is the limited values we accumulate that cause the conflict with reality because it has not total value awareness. We are not absolute in our equality with reality. Have a look, we do not need thoughts to be here. Interesting, in the word thought, is thou ought, which is judegment, which we have been told not to do. If we learn to be spatially here, equal with the physical world, and we learn to read the actual physical, which is composed of sound and thus we can hear/here it, then we do not need ideas as our minds, to direct us, as an idea is a superstition, and we have accepted and allowed ourselves to create a paranoise of the unknown, the unknown being the pictures and ideas in and as our minds, which we use to direct us here, and project a belief system of what we are, this taught to children that come into this world naturally trying to make sense of the physical world, through touching everything, placing things into their mouths, listening, learning language, they come into this world measuring how the physical works, and we as adults place ideas of superstition into them, as our behaviors of blame and spite are based on superstition, because we thing something out there has caused our lack of practical common sense of the actual real physical world, when this cannot make any sense, because we are here, born with a gift to sense here. Thus we teach our children our own behaviors of a paranoia of the unknown, we teach our children the same separation we exist as, beliefs, opinions and ideas that bear no witness to physical reality, this that is geometric and visible and able to be sensed.
We are then, not taught that words are what allow us to create placeholders of understanding how here functions, to build a GPS within us of understanding. Naturrally, a system that is a monopoly game would not want understanding, because then the end game - of more to a few - would be realized for the abuse that it is and does as what it is by design, which admits that each of us, as humans, by design, can understand the geometery of the physical, as what we are as form and function. In a sense we are just like the cows that spend their lives in a confined cage, while we are milked of our principle economically, and then we die never understanding the ecology of this physical world that is what enabled us to be life. This is a crime beyond all measure and it must stop.
I once read that the human is capable of reading one thousand words per minute, and since we have training to develop this skill, it means that it can be done, and if the government knows this, why fear this capacity? Why limit this? And how is this known, and why is this stopped? because of an idea that one has to be more than another? Would this not allow this world to function as that tree, where all over the earth everything is working within an awareness that the physical is interconnected geometrically and that this is the value, because this is physically being life here?

Thus, in order for this physical world to function, all, everything that is here, must be in absolute value as what it is, working in full potential for life on earth to become life, for life on earth to exist without any abuse, any destruction, And this would make sense, because abuse makes no sense, war makes no sense, poverty makes no sense, and it is as it does, it has no sense of life, via no common sense of physical reality. The building blocks of reality are of rings of sound, an infinite design that allows creation. Thus life can be understood, as it is a gift to express life.

Thus, my back problems are myself misaligned to here. For which I must forgive the limitations as ideas, beliefs and opinions of what I have defined myself as within a system of inequality, a pyramid that is not a bad design per say, but as a design used to organize men, into values of more than and less than, into suppression of common sense as life, it is a mis-use of structure, as how we have allowed that which we have created to distribute what supports the physical world as resources,  as money, to be denied and metered out by varying degrees, to suppress the life that each of us is, so that self understanding as life is limited. Why and how this happened, does not matter, as this can be understood once we all come here, to physical reality, as the game of survival is removed, through creating a structure on earth that supports all of the physical world absolutely, respecting it as the life, this being the value, that it is, here. Support the Equal Life Foundation, walk the lessoning of judgement as the thoughts, emotions and feelings that have been taught as a consequence of separation from common sense of physical reality. Fill in the void of understanding through quieting the voice of judgement as the mind, the superstitions that are the smoke and mirrors that create the unknown. This storm that is of lack, that must be faced and equalized to physical reality here so that life can begin.

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