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Day 414 Monsanto GMO and the cart before the horse. StoryAnnoDomini SAD.

Monsanto GMO and the cart before the horse. A play of hero warship.

I watched an interview yesterday about the advantage of GMOs only. What was interesting is that the person was defending GMOs and specifically Monsanto’s application of GMOs. In all, because this world, this earth is so interconnected, when something is changed it must be insured that it is what is best for all.  Thus, it is necessary to carry out long term studies, very detailed ones, and as we know that studies done in isolation can be influenced by the persons doing the studies, the real effects are on the total world, the total earth, thus the research done in isolation in short term study cannot be used to validate. And yet we allow this. So, when consequences occur that are against this isolated study, what is referenced is the study, and even here, the details of the studies are hidden within “ trade secrets’ etc. one big game of hiding, as the goal is profit before life, a crime.
There is the argument that Americans have been eating GMOs and this is left at that, without looking at the total condition of the American in general, We are not healthy. So, having said this, have  Monsanto’s GMOs done anything for the America people really? And here, the arguments are that the differences are so slight they cannot possibly be the cause, which begs the question that perhaps all the accumulative little “ insignificant differences “ we have accepted and allowed in total create the damage to our health. Why do we not realize that tiny differences can, over time become huge differences. Is this not the technique of water torture, that the slow drip of a little has great effect? Why do we then deny this in other practices? I mean, it is “ bring forward what validates, wonder around in dimensions to present what justifies that gain. Such a mess and such a crime against life.
Within this interview this tactic was used. The guest was talking about GMOs, about Monsanto GMO’s, and suddenly the newscaster moved from this into making blanket statements about science, turning the whole argument into a cognitive dissonance as dimension was changed from the practice of how Monsanto was working with GMOs to this being all of science, all of the practice of science. This is moving into vagary as generalization and accusation as demonizing a general practice as what the person is saying to substantiate a practice being questioned , this is dis-clarity, this is becoming protection and defense instead of looking at this cart being placed before the horse.
In this case, that science is saving people’s lives by giving them three meals of rice, altered rice, to eat a day. How can this be saving their lives? Especially when these - usually indigenous people -have managed to survive on their land for generations? And when Weston Price went to visit these people, they had straight teeth and were healthier than they are now, just as the Europeans noted how healthy the American Indians had  been when they arrived in America, thus these people have diminished since the arrival of land grab for monocultures, and now what is touted by the media is that the monoculture land grabers are saviors! All that is presented is the hero status of this form, that it is going to save lives, - the lives that it destroyed in the first place - I mean just look at the condition of the American Indian now! This is sad, yes, the lying here, the singular story line told, the lack of dimension and spatial awareness of consequence, to the point where the cart is before the horse, the  cart as the built and fabricated story for gain is placed before that which is real, the physical. It really is a game, a presentation of smoke and mirrors, a lie by omission, a choosing of limited parts as limited dimensions, to lessen the potential of the physical as the human, for gain and then to act like a hero, when it is the opposite, and then to place all this under the blanket of being against this is being against science! It is the crime of cognitive dissonance, and this needs to be understood and voiced. Time to look at all dimension, to become spatially aware, to use our natural ability to sense here, as what we are as life. Time to realize the media pretty much shouts out one part, that is only a partial truth, and then touts this again and again and again, until it is beLIEved to be THE truth, when it is not. It is like Snowden broke the law because he did not remain within partial truth telling, because partial truth telling supports a system that is partial life supporting as profit for a few and yet touted as salvation!. As this is the world we have built, we cannot trust what is in our minds, because this is the memory of a system of inequality, and thus not ourselves as being respectful of life here, realizing the effects and consequences of what we have accepted and allowed as a structure to organize earth. Our present system is not a system of order, it is a system of disorder in self interest. Those promoting the self interest are the product on the extreme side of the consequences of our separation from the horse, as we have believed the cart to be more than the horse, the cart being our minds, as thoughts, opinions and ideas, our part selfs. This that is believed to define us, as limited values, this that we believe will lead us to heaven, But remember, that Christ said that heaven had to be brought to earth, as this was the salvation, this was the solution.
We see this same game going on with the water on earth. Where the industry of abuse, goes in and pollutes the water, and then “ voila” a savior appears upon the scene, the very same that created the dirty water, they have a solution, and for this solution we must pay. This is the “ s” spiral before the ad, before the advent of the savior, the anno dominii ( Story Anno Domini) the before “ god” head as the creation of the “ star” the “ hero” presented in big shiny lights, touted all over, until everyone forgets and this savior, becomes the truth, a lie becomes a truth. And we, as our land is destroyed right under our feet, accept the story, the lie, especially when we are the many, we are the power, to stand together and change this, because we are the ones that built the cart that carried the berries, or whatever, that are squashed to make the Coca cola that polluted the water, that  forced a symbiotic nature into a monoculture that touted solution and created weaker, diminished humans that then ate rice three times a day and then became diseased and then needed health care that never cured and that then needed clean water. One division after another, one abuse after another, and the story presented is one of a hero? This is ludicrous, an eluding cross we all bear unless we realize this and change within and without, forgive the truths touted by the media, see behind the illusion, and come back down to earth, remove the cart before the horse.
So, it is time to clean up the dictates we have accepted and allowed within our minds, and to create a order in this world where all life is supported, and since indigenous peoples have survived with straight teeth and healthy bodies with much less disease - which is why they must be eliminated in corporate logic because it is competition - it reveals what is real -  and that cannot be allowed from the eye of self interest. Thus, turning this earth into a monoculture is not a solution, it only creates more problems, and these problems are accumulating, so this system that forces nature into boxes cannot and will not work, as it is not looking at the form and function of this geometrical world, this system is abusing science in its own self interest as profit, to force a more than onto a few, themselves a product of placing the cart before the horse, this it is the responsibility of all of to understand the disorder to be able to work with the physical world, the horse, that magnificent animal that has no desire to be a superstar, they just want to enjoy the physical world, run in the wind, eat the grass, as what they are as the very form and function of what they are. To abuse this is a crime against life, as it is the crime of trying to take what is here, that is not understood, or it would not be abused, and force it into some idea in self interested gain, this in itself a cognitive dissonance of life.
Stand and get your mind in order, there are tools and there is the Desteni I Process Lite, it is FREE. There are also interviews on Eqafe, many are free and realize that the system is one of inequality and until it is ordered into what supports life, you are going to have to support those who are making an effort to figure out why this world is in such a state of disease, thus what desteni has done is made the solution affordable and enough to support a few standing up and clarifying what has been allowed on earth, within and without. One can only play superhero , if one has money, which in itself is revealing. The only real here is equality and oneness.

Support the Equal Life Foundation, to change the system to one that supports the horse before the cart, where the cart makers can earn more and yet the horse is given what it needs to support itself as life - so to speak. Realize a healthy “ horse” will do what a horse does as its very geometrical design and function, but it needs more than three meals a day of rice. Realize the resources of this earth, cannot be owned by a few, and cannot be cultivated by one hand, it takes many hands, and that the value of this placed into money does not make money bad, it is how this value that is then used to support life, be distributed in such as way that all of the physical world has what it needs to be life. Support a Living Income Guarantee, time to get this world in order.

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