Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 437 Trickle down, Trickle up. American Capitalism

A system of tickle down tickle up.

As we all accept and allow the Peter Principle, usury, to be the form, the structure followed/allowed/given-obeisance-to within our present social structure as men, this abdication of self into representation, the principle of what we are, and what we have slowly trickles up to a few, and the blame trickles down to the many who have no principle, as self development, as money, as basic needs to sustain themselves physically.

This is a form of taking from one, with no regard, with no common sense of physical existence, as all the signs/the symbols/the form placed within a self that is mostly water, the water holding resonance, just as the water holds the particles divided as products from oil and uranium - the by products of production in a system that divides, and with every divide, turns the waste into a means for more principle to slowly move up, and the waste effects, and the blame to move down onto the physical. A giant polarity game, it really is like having a giant wrecking ball swinging to and fro on earth, swing by swing wrecking and destroying the actual real principle value which is life, which is creation, which is the form and function of physical structure supporting the expression of life. But this is the reverberation of what each of us as humans have allowed, in abdication of ourselves within our full potential as our very form and function.
I was surrounded by the public this week. The amount of obesity around me was astounding. Yes, I have read that this exists, and in my small town, my relatively sparsely populated area, whenever I enter the crowds,  coming face to face with the consequences of what can largely be attributed to what we are eating ( think of movies from the 40’s yes there were large people, but were there numerous very large people? No. And were there as many processed foods? No). If we allow a system that tried to use as few ingredients as possible because it is easier to control, who also have the “broadcast” means to tout their products, a nice form is created that allows the principle in terms of using food production to funnel principle to a few, because we have allowed money to collect in one faction only, so the effects of this allowance are the fault of the strength, the strength is the community working together, the strength is the many hands of men. Look, what is here has been developed through generations of men, there is no one man that has developed what we all use, this idea touted in our history classes through dis-clarity, through not seeing directly the form of development is simply more of the control, more limitation, more “ lie by omission.” Within this, the formation of what has been accepted as the system, creates such existential lack that there is not time to stop and breath, and look. And, within this, so many false symbols have been and are, constantly, being “ fed” as the “ song” of inFORMation that seeing through the veil of the system is seemingly very difficult.  So, there are forces working against the very mechanism of ourselves as men. Men, a form with legs to move, arms to embrace, chests to more air and from words, to communicate, to interact, we humans are forms capable of so much, and much has been created, our power is in our numbers, but we are so busy following a lesser formation, as our present system, that we have ignored what is real, this earth. All “ form” is itself a force, it is the movement , even at micro levels that create, it is the movement of nothing into something- form cannot exist without movement.  Thus form is composed of “ life”, thus to force this into limited form for the profit of a few, is criminal and, cannot work. The earth is round, it circulates, it, if allowed to function, sustains and moves, transforms and expresses. A system that is a form of sequestering  the principle of the earth as the resources to a few allows unequal circulation. The blame onto the ones on the bottom, and the extreme “ cannot possibly be used in common sense”  excess on the top is not a proper functioning circulatory system, especially from an earth that gives freely, an earth that is us, a physical world that is us, physical, just as we are, with capacity that is as the form right here , right in front of us. What must be done is each to see directly and answer directly, to take back out sovereignty as common sense, practical forms that can interact with this physical world, whose function is able to be understood and seen. I mean, what are the logos of corporation, a form/symbol one that really does nothing to nourish and develop a person. These symbols tantalize, excite the waters of self - so to speak- with colored lights and loud music as drama, promising nothing, really just exciting. If the consequences are able to be seen, if self could READ here and see formation with some depth perception, then that logo, that bling, that false symbol, the lie by omission would have no power, because, as we can all see, what is offered within following that symbol is only diminishment of the physical.
 The very form as our system must change, the values created by what still remains as capacity within a few men, must transform this system into a system that circulates what is here that has been generated by generations of men, to get the life on earth moving in expression as that which  does no harm. This is the solution, right in front of us, it is us, the collective, the real power. No soldier has to accept that gun. No human has to purchase that donut that is composed of limited substances - refined flours and vegetable oils that are not meant for the tropical environment of the human physical body.  No human has to vote for this accepted and allowed mainstream system. If the voice of the people stand as solution instead of finger pointing at those representing us who have actually come to fear us, because they fear losing what they have, just as we who are blaming are in fear of losing what we have. I mean, how can we ask another to change when we are being what they are being, they are simply the extreme end of the present system of inequality, they are the pooled consequence of a system that does not circulate what is of earth.  It is that we are asking another to fix what we are being the same as within, and it cannot work this way, it is an impossibility. The system is this way because the building blocks of this system, as each of us, are what creates this system! I mean DUH!  The collective, as the building blocks have to form themselves into a structure, a form that allows circulation. I mean, there must be a reason why there is so much asthma, so much cancer, the acid within and without, is building because oxygen is not circulating within the system, within and without. All these analogies, so many, the answer is right in front of us, it is in us, it is us, as we are what we have accepted and allowed. And the nature of what works is all around us, we need only look, stop following the promise of gain via money and illusory “ styles: that are really one facet of the physical being brought forward in different patterns, where the whole is not being understood. Understand the whole, respect the whole, and then real creation can step forward with dimension that offers so much more “ aspect” to work with the movement as this would be so much more fulfilling. This world, this earth, as this system of division  is a game of petty gain that cannot withstand the test of time, it is time to stop, to reform. Besides it will be fun, so much more fulfilling that what we are presently doing. Would it not be fun to interact with your neighbor, without fear? Would it not be fun to be able to communicate with the people around you, knowing that creation was the value, being life was the value, expression was the value, and that what is here is to support life, to support this?
Support a system of circulation, a system where all neighbors can interact, communicate, support, breath, give, live. Support the Equal Life Foundation because it is about getting this world circulating as life. Support The Living Income Guarantee, to remove the game of survival and begin the walk into becoming an expression of life, to stand as the creators that we are, this is the gift of life, as no real “ god” would deny understanding of the joy of simply being life, here.

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