Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 441 Substantiating the insubstantial in self interest. Transnationals the other foot of government.

If we are fed knowledge and information, and that knowledge and information has no practical application then the knowledge and information has no real substantiation.  It is limited, a part, creating a fabric full of holes. Thus, if the knowledge and information has no substantiation and is used to direct, when conflicts come up, where the knowledge and information is incomplete, a misunderstanding is the outcome. If the knowledge and information is believed to be real, because it is the map built, the idea built as mind, without practical physical awareness,  an idea becomes more substantial that what is the real substance, the physical. This means the waste created from misunderstanding of the whole, is simply ignored buried in shadow, and then, ironically reprimanded for its inconvenient existence.  Like saying to waste, “ why are you there?” and then blaming the waste for its inconvenience because it did not fit into the limited idea as the mind picture. Real disconnect behavior, and this beingness wanting this to somehow just disappear. It can’t. And we all created it.  We are in-substantiating what is substantive simply because we are not standing equal to life. We have all become what we were told not to be, which is walking judgements of more than and less than, instead of working together to realize the value is being physical , which is being life in totality.
I am reading about the banking system’s offshore transnational system. It has been going on for a long time, and many know about this. Our so called “ leaders” have one foot in government and one foot in the “ heaven” world of transnationals. These banks, these cities within cities take money, where it comes from, how it is made, is not of interest, what matters is the collection of money to be used to build infrastructure. Sounds productive but in fact what is the infrastructure being built? If we look at the amount of military defense developed, and realize that this becomes a system that creates jobs and the chaos that creates needs that can then be used to grab resource as the needy sign away anything and everything in order to get their basic needs met ( a baiting and switching scenario) , this being paid for by the governments, those same governments that are composed of leaders that have one foot in the government and one foot in the “ heaven” superimposed inner city existence of transnationals that don’t care where the money comes from as long as it comes. The governments have the people paying for the damage and the development and the profits are siphoned off to line the heavenly existence of a few. Then there is a shortage because the money has been pulled out of the system through some divisive manipulation of numbers on a piece of paper that is “ secret.” lol So, this is a circulatory system that disregards the physical reality, or should I say, regards the physical reality and how it functions and misunderstands it on purpose to ensure that the value of the physical is placed into money and then transferred back into the inner city of money collection to generate the same disrupting scenario all over again. This is an elephant in the room, a very destructive one. The ideas, the beliefs, motivating it are of the purpose to not allow the practical application of the physical world to exist in common sense, because this would disrupt the flow of money into this separate peace/piece of a few men, a small group of men/humans of a life of luxury. This is so incredibly limited. 
We, as humans, have a natural ability to retrace the steps we walked during our day. Think about losing your keys at one time, have you walked back through the picture within of your day to realize how you might have lost your keys? Well, think of this inner map as a way of taking a picture of reality to help in understanding reality, the physical world. Now, think of the knowledge and information gathered/fed-to-us in schools as building an inner map of this world beyond our immediate view. Given that this separate “ heaven for a few” exists where there are cities and islands within our present system that do not live by the rules touted by our governments that are composed of men who have one foot in the government, and one foot in the inner cities that follow a different set of rules, would not what is taught in the schools be an incomplete representation of reality? Is the inner map taught of how our governments run, and not the inner city of finance? Why give away your secret mine field, your secret gold vein, your secret domain, your blood supply? 
Since what is told to us as how we should behave is different than what is actually practiced on earth, how can our children trust us when we tell them to act one way in school, with a principle of being considerate and polite, giving as one would like to receive while the world around these children, as the system is the opposite of this? How can we expect our children to follow our words when they see that these words are meaningless because the system around us is not functioning as the behavior we are telling our children to be? And, the knowledge and information taught, is not telling the whole story, so there is really nothing substantial in what is being taught?
How can the children trust any teacher or adult? How can the children see the sense of the words, when the words spoken are not showing what the state of the world is in fact?  WIthin this we are basically asking our children to pretend one thing and act another. Sound like our government officials with one foot in government touting supposed good and meanwhile breaking all the rules in a separate existence as the transnational system that has become a  system that employs many people who are afraid to stand up because they need money to live? This is not a substantial system, it is a system of control that uses purposed conflict to create a heaven for a few, a separate reality that is in itself disconnected from that on which it feeds, which means that on which it feeds is what is real, the physical. Thus, this system can end, because the physical is what is primary, and the map built as the picture of reality is not real and cannot exist without the physical world. If we come to our senses and understand the mind in relation to physical reality, we can align ourselves to practical physical existence, to move as the structure of how the physical world functions  and realize that our minds are simple images of the past, useful but not to be believed as what is real. And, we have to stop teaching our children to believe the images in their minds are real, even the ones of limited understanding of physical reality taught in our schools. Each adult has to stand and live the words they proscribe if they really want the behaviors of children in schools to improve. Telling a child how to behave, how to direct in consideration of their world will be meaningless to a human being with an innate ability to understand form and function, because they will see, as their common sense, that what is being said to them is not what is in fact being lived. As long as we continue to allow war, continue to allow separate “ cities” of finance our children are going to be confused.
This also means that those who were born into a situation of relative stability and thus were able to develop a modicum of self directive structure, have the responsibility to reorder this system, to get this elephant out of this room on earth our home. 
A transnational will pull the money out of the system, without any regard to life, acting in self interest only. This is what each of us are accepting and allowing within, not looking at the whole picture of earth, realizing that all life is interconnected and that the only solution is to work together, realizing we are all the same, have the same basic needs to become the potential that we are and that this potential can be suppressed in the self interest that is self blind to the whole. Time to let the survival game go, it does not work, it cannot work. What we are all looking for is what our children are looking for, a stability that withstands the test of time, a stability that can only exist in oneness and equality with and as the physical in an application that is what is best for all.

Think of it this way, keep one foot moving in this corrupt casino game and put your other foot in support of a system that will take care of this earth, that will use the resources of this earth to support all life, to balance out the scales to get this earth in order which means a clean earth, where no matter where we walk we are safe, we are fed, we are no longer required to visit botanical gardens, because the whole planet is taken care of and thus a carpet of abundant life. Support a Living Income Guarantee, support the Equal Life Foundation right from where you are. That foot in support of a system that substantiates the physical can be built to step into. but first that foot has to be placed in the direction of what will structure a world, a earth, into living words that have a direct meaning that is clear and absolute. Support a structure that supports you so our children can see that what we say is equal to what we do, is equal to what we allow, absolutely.

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