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Day 455 Protection and Defense. The loss of humility.

Protection and Defense
I am looking at how I protect and defend myself in my world, which is pushing away that which I do not stand through, avoiding looking at the movement around me, which began in childhood in not having the words to describe what is around me, or not having the authority to speak because of being a child.
I watched a documentary on ADHD and there was this one child who would tape things, his window and his toys as though to direct himself within administering his own punishment, which is telling of the environment in which he lived.
The bottom line was that he had to adhere to the emotional status of the family, which meant he could not move, because the whole tone of his world was confined to existence, probably limited financially, dreams and ideas of what life would/should be lost, and this made bigger as a within idea than the practical physical world without. Practical existence becomes a burden instead of a joy, as an idea of life, a fairy tale - as what is impulsed during childhood- does not teach/focus onto/enjoy the very physical interactions of our world and how all physical connection and interaction is what allows creation to exist. Thus, it is not that the points within fairy tales are bad, but that they become the inner memory as point of view, as story told, when chased in the absence of learning the whole mechanisms of life, including one’s own actual physical body ( meaning really learning to work within one’s physical body) so much is denied. This would confuse a child that comes into this world naturally discovering itself as a physical being. So, the child does not learn about itself in detail, and has to conform to ideas that bypass all explanation and self discovery of a physical being. And we wonder why there is ignorance of practical reality.
Does a child, before accepting the “ party dictate” rebel even within confusion because in taking on the limited explanations so much understanding in detail is lost, and this loss is then a lack of understanding, like bypass surgery of self understanding and thus equality to and as life , here.
Within this, does the knowledge and information without practical application become overwhelming as it really has no substantive practice as experience, thus the memory of inFORMation as mind is a dearth of evidence unequal to understanding physical reality.
Within this, so much time is spent on behavior modification, so much war as a life is forced into limitation. An indoctrination ensues that in itself has no real awareness of the physical world, the child sensing that something is lost, that a suicide of self as life is taking place, and as a small person has no chance and no developed voice to withstand the storm of separation into a image nation as mind that in itself is made bigger than the world without. This would be a hell for a person being born into this world. It is no wonder ADHD exists, it is no wonder children rebel, it is no wonder a child clings to their parents, because it is realized that the child is in a world of adults who ignore what is real, and in order to survive the child has to learn the limitation, and this is difficult because it is obvious as a learned and accepted confinement so entrenched as a program as behavior, a child is defenseless in finding a way out.
They give up and start repeating the parental line until the lie that is a limitation is repeated so many times it becomes a believed to be truth. Is this why the child speaking has an irregular breathing pattern physically. Will this child end up snoring as an adult, never having learned to be equal to self as life physically and as such struggling to breath, in essence never really having learned to breath, as imagination became the goal, a lie by omission, a control mechanism, a separation, and thus a lack of ease with the physical.
Does this sound like advertising? Does this sound like what we allow our politicians to be and do, through the use of ambiguity? This use of words that can have more than one meaning?
Is there a part of me that stubbornly refused to give up to the ghost in the machine as the limitation as the mind? And as this I am stuck in my own action?
And does this cause a lot os pain for myself, as I am a refusal as a reaction instead of clarity? And having said this, the search for the bridge in the separation, this which must be right here, as what is here is the physical world which is the reality,  I miss and or, if I begin to point out or have pointed out, have not understood the entrenched behaviors of another and that what I get is a reaction to the process needed that is a deconstruction of entrenched limitation, and entrenched dearth of understanding, as ideas have been made bigger than, as being unequal to physical reality. And within this, is this what is meant by bringing heaven - as mind, as inner imagery/imitation-of-physical-reality back down to earth. I mean what else would humans as being take in but the world without, what else is there? is not the gift of life this world, is this not where life is actually happening? Is this not what would be reflected to the within as what we are? And if we impose an alternate reality, as our media is in fact, would we not zoom in on this presentation that is limited and become the zoom-being of this presentation, the focus of this? And would this media not be the manifestation of what has been accepted within as we create what we selectively have taken in/imitated ( in me taken)? And this zombie is simply the ghost in the machine as the physical form, that ignores physical reality as the ghost is believed to be greater than, that it is in fact a parasite of, the physical body as a man.
What thoughts are the indicators of separation, what accumulated thoughts have built the emotion of ourselves, the feelings that exist within? Thus, the unconscious is our collective limitations, and the subconscious would be our immediate cultural environment and the conscious would be what we wear as our personification values that maintain our character to a heaven of belief as mind that is in separation from physical reality, from equality and oneness to and as what is real, which is earth, the heart that bearths self to the expression of life enabled as the physical world. It is that all the letters in the word have the answer, earth - only the singular perspectives in the consequence of the letters can limit the understanding.
Ironically, in becoming a constriction as a belief in needing protection and defense, I limit myself. I makes claims and want them understood, acknowledged and in this process forget self direction, which can only exist within becoming equal and one to and as life. Nothing can be lost within this. The real loss is remaining within judgement without finding solutions.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into a protection and defense mode which is myself within judgement that something will be lost.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that something can be lost.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in becoming a belief that something can be lost, I see only that which can be lost, which is an idea, as the physical practical world is here, which means I, as I am here, am able to look at what is practically physically here and move in and as life, as that which does no harm and only, in common sense, directs in thought word and deed that which is a solution that considers all life equally.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to , within all this, to fear facing the bully of the mind, the bully of belief in self interest within myself and without.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that the inner world as limited/selective ideologies as mind of the human has manifested without and until this is realized as a separation from life by the collective, the abuse of judgement, as the abuse of one thing being more than another will continue to be the movement of life on earth that is, if one takes the time to look around and understand the present system formation, has caused the need for behaviors of survival where everyone is vying for money, as this has been allowed to determine life, and thus within this playing the martyr is pointless, as the system in totality must change, because one person acting “ good” becomes a target and thus it is to realize that the collective is the power and that which must stand to get this earth in order, realizing that the physical world is what is real and that each of us has a responsibility to stand equal and one with the physical world as this is the value, as this is life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear not having any effect on the existence of limitation as the mind in humans.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see, realize and understand that all I can do at this point is investigate the accepted and allowed system and point out its limitations and corrective solutions, as it takes a collective to stand and change what has been the product of many generations of men.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear not being understood.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to have driven myself to succeed in other areas of myself in protection and defense, becoming a voice in and as my mind, that if I just keep going and just keep looking I will succeed, which consumed me to such an extent that I constricted within to listen to this motivational drive and within this ignored practical physical reality and an investigation into the systemic practices that created this overwhelming system of survival.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being labeled as unsuccessful.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that even when I happened to appear to be successful, there was a sense that an idea of winning or having won was not the real value, as in realizing that it was simply being that was the value.
When and as I find myself believing that i am not understood, I stop and I breath, and I realize that a cup is a cup, period.
When and as I find myself wanting to escape, to go into flight, I stop and I breath and I look here at physical reality, and I look at what is real, as the physical, I do not allow myself to only be compassion for an emotion, I take that motion and I bring this back down to earth, within and without, to realize what is common sense on a physical planet that is the form and function of life.
When and as I find myself becoming sad, I stop and I breath, and i realize that the solution is what is best for all, which means what supports physical existence absolutely, and that the answer, the solution is right here in front of me/us and that this can be revealed in all humility again and again, no matter the bully of self interested profit which is in essence a fear of loss as an idea that bears no witness to physical form and function as life is a physical mechanism as this would be what enables life, here, thus allowing financial lack is a crime against life, as the physical manifestation of life, as what life would, requires certain basic needs to fulfill its “ rightness” as the expression of life.
When and as I find myself feeling uncertain, I stop and I breath, and I use my common sense ability as my human physical body to find the solution that is what is best for all in thought word and deed, I balance myself here within and as the physical, where there is no need to drive myself into an idea based on my culture and past into an imagined personification of success.
When and as I find myself moving into anger, I stop and I breath, and I see, realize and understand that within and as anger, I am within judgement, and not in humility, here, choosing that which does no harm, choosing that which is best for all, and thus, within the slightest rise of irritation, I stop and I breath, and I remember myself to humility and I look to a solution that brings a fear of loss back into common sense and I direct within what is best for all here.
                                                          DIP Lite Desteni I Process Self discovery

Stand as realizing the physical has basic needs to stand as life in full capacity, and as this, all of earth must be cared for, utilized in ways that cause absolutely no harm, as the physical is the gift of life.

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