Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 443 Positive reinforcement, does it allow self discovery?

Positive reinforcement does it allow self discovery?
I have heard many schools say to me that they use positive reinforcement.Let’s look at this, especially in a group of peers where some have more exposure to a wider opportunity to explore and discover. If it is learned that knowing something gets a reward, the reward becomes greater than the discovery, self discovery. It has been said that self discovery if the strongest way to learn. So why, then do we have a predominance of positive reinforcement as an method believed that develop character? 
Imagine positive reinforcement being used in a classroom, the one who has figured something out letting everyone know and the verbal reward being given. Would this not interrupt the child that had not figured it out? Would this take away the self discovery of another? Would this breed constant comparison and judgement?
Allowing self discovery removes competition to win, and allows children to learn that discovery is the joy, which would breed a whole different character, one that realized the understanding within the self was  the value. Would this not develop an attitude of helping others. directing others to understand instead of being a game of comparison? With this approach, instead of wanting that colored star - for example - on your page, within yourself is the real value, that of understanding and the development that each of us, given enough time, can understand.
Realize that allowing and valuing self discovery would develop more of the practice of looking, which would develop the practice of following through and finding solutions.
In a profit based system, where money has been allowed to determine life, follow through and looking and problem solving are not valued assets beyond a certain point a couple of rungs up the ladder. And yet, behaviors that limit self discovery, such as a belief in constant positive reinforcement,  are a crime against life, the discovery of self as life. This life as self able to understand life because this is what we are as physical beings.

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