Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 440 Fear Mongering tactics, sidestepping the real issues that are done in self interest.

I watched an interview today of a journalist interviewing a journalist. The interviewer’s starting premise was built around fear mongering, and she never stop the bully of this point of view. At the end, her questions were about the potential of a whistle blower to end up in prison. No question about the information revealed, just the imposition of a story built on creating fear. The journalist being interviewed was simply doing what journalism is supposed to to, inform people of government practice so that those governing this world do not move in their self interest. It is a form of checks and balances to have journalists.

So, we have a journalist being given practices of government to expose to the people. A government that says it spies on the interaction of suspected terrorists, and what is found out is that this government is using this to spy on all people and all countries in its self interest. But, since this has been kept secret and the secret used to spy on everyone, this begs the question as to who the ones governing believe the terrorists to be? Do the men in government, the ones with interests in transnational corporations and seats in law making and mandate building fear being exposed for placing the earth’s resources and values created by the hands of all men that move as money into their pockets despite the detriment this causes? Are we accepting the terror of the governors losing their place on top of what is a ponzi scheme form as the present system? Again, is the self action being projected out onto the surrounding people ? Is this a form of hiding? Is this a fear of loss?  This form, this self inferior to life, manifest as a pyramid scheme  abuses life and is responsible for the starvation and existent abuse to plant, animal and children? And it begins within each of us.
Within all this, the interviewer continues her prepared line of discourse, that the whistle blowers lives were going to potentially be limited in movement and/or spent in prison. Fear mongering without addressing the real issues and ignoring the actions of our chosen governors acting in disregard of life, only seeing their own delusional self interests. This woman went on and on, building the PICTURE as IDEA of limitation for the whistle blower, no travel, no movement, prison, prison prison! 
No real looking at what is going on. If we allow ourselves to go into fear, and do not look, each person here, as each of us, then we allow this practice of fear mongering to continue. The signs are easy to realize if we slow down, and breath, and actually take the time to look at how things move on earth, easy to see and understand because it is a physical form that functions in practical physical ways. The physical is structural, it is like a machine, it has many different parts that move, if one part is not healthy, not in full capacity, the machine will eventually stop working.
The value is being life, this is what is equal in all of us. There is no “ more than” there is only what supports all equally. And, a physical being cannot be self responsible if its basic needs are not met, just as a machine needs oil and room to function. Suppressing life so that a few have more, and then blaming the suppressed is a self abdication of life. So, what the elite are doing is simply protecting themselves from what each of us are doing, they are the same as each of us. And since they happened to be more aggressive in taking or more willing to follow, and thus have bought the top of the hierarchy seats to control in self interest, the only way for this to end, is to realize this same state of being in ourselves, and to see within what the whistle blowers are revealing is that this self interest without regard for life, for this physical planet is not a choice. The only choice, if we care about life, if we want to really live is to stand and to build a structure that supports all life, equally, to allow the exception to become the norm, a life lived in full potential, as this is the only way for all of us to reach our full potential as life.
Learn to see through fear mongering. Learn how your within has become greater than your without. Walk the process to understanding your separation from life. Lets put an end to fear mongering, and spying in self interest. Lets put an end to secrets and get this world into an order that is heaven on earth. DIPLite, it is free.
Stand and support a Living Income Guarantee to realize that what is on earth is interconnected as earth is a “ machine” allowing life. Respect it and it will respect you back.

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