Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 464 Physical Reactions based on Past Events: Separation from Life

There was a goat today that I saw in a video, and this goat was chasing people and butting them, or so the story goes. But, I noticed how this goat followed a woman from behind, ran up to her and stopped just before he got to her. The goat did this a couple of times. Then the woman turned and reacted, moving her arms. At this point the goat began to “ butt” her, and eventually knocked her over.

I was walking my dog and something similar happened. A couple walked towards me, and somehow, I can’t remember this part in detail, we stopped, and the man pet my dog. The woman remained still. My dog became excited with the attention and turned to the woman, as the dog did so, the woman threw up her arms and backed off, and said she did not like dogs. My dog became more excited and moved towards her. I had the dog on a leash so could reign in the dog. But I looked at the woman, and said the dog would not hurt her, and, that when she through up her arms and backed off as she did, the dog took this as her being excited and wanted to “ join in.” The man with her said to me that she was frightened of dogs, but I held my ground, I said my dog was friendly, but did and could get excited and would jump towards a person and be very willing to play. So, a reactive movement with the arms going up would be a signal to the dog. 

As the system stands, this is one of those instances where real “ help” so to speak can be considered rude, because one is not catering to the emotions of another as their ideological/past memory picture show value,  and actually trying to help a person understand that their physical behavior as their fear can lead to the very thing they are fearing. A dog is not going to read the “ inner story from a past event” in another person, and this is a good thing, because that past event is not what is here, thus that past story is not what is real, and as the reaction of the woman towards the dog suggests, my dog is not a dog to fear, and all the behaviors within this whole interaction made it clear that my dog was not an unfriendly dog in any way, so my dog just took reality in, a human standing there, one of which stopped and pet her, and the other who began throwing their arms up and standing back, which looked in the reality of the moment, without emotions and feelings based on past events, like someone that wanted to engage and play. So, in essence who is the fool, the dog or the human? Me think it is the human. 

What is the solution to this emotional storm placed before reality?

It is to, instead of defining ourselves as our past to slow down and look at what is here. And in this instance, to realize that perhaps the reason we were hurt by a dog was because we as humans reacted to a dog without considering physical reality and the judgement we reacted as causing the ensuing reaction that supposes harm, meaning the harm that exists is because we assume harm. That goat and my dog reacted to physical movement. That goat did that woman no harm, it was only when she reacted towards the goat that the goat reacted back, that goat was excited from another person, but did not hurt that woman at first. 

If we take the time to be here, in the moment and look, our past does not need to be lived again and again and we might actually find, for example, that we like playing with dogs, which can be very enjoyable and relaxing.

If all of us as adults have such things, as emotional  self definitions based on past events,  then  how can we expect our children to not become the same? And then when our children carry their own emotions, and these go against our emotions as parents, what happens, do we place our emotions before the children or do we let them go? I mean whose emotions should be more “ real” and thus given priority to? Overall this all means that the emotions can be given up, which means that we need not carry them around. I mean , I can see where this would be used and cause all kinds of miss-understandings. I can see where in family get togethers, the cause of friction is that everyone is wanting their emotions to be the “ real” ones. And meanwhile, living is not what is happening. In essence, we have manifested this as our money system, where some people actually believe that they deserve more money than others, because they actually believe that their “ business” or hard work is more than anothers, as they stand and look at how they have moved words around on paper, or digits around on a screen, as even seeds around on the ground. In the end it is all a movement, here as life. And somehow, we have allowed an idea of something having more significance than reality. And we try and get everyone else to believe this too.

The only solution in all of this is to realize we live in a physical reality, and that it is what is right here, right in front of us, as physical things moving around that we use to sustain us, that we use to keep us warm, and feed us, that is what composes here, that is real. Bringing our past here, wanting ideas about what we did in the past, or what we do being somehow more than what another does is a separation from reality. In all simplicity, we can only be in one place at a time, moving one thing with our hands, so no one person is more than another. And holding onto emotions from the past, or ideas about our endeavors,  is holding onto a movement in the past that has nothing to do with being here and respecting physical existence. We can only be here, and anything of the mind that does not see physical reality here, and respect it/ see it as what it physically is and  within this, allow it to participate and move within physical reality in full participation, is a state of being that is in separation from life.

If we forgive our emotions as our past, and learn to be here, physically here, in common sense of here, what would become of reality? Might we actually begin to enjoy being here and begin to see others, especially, if emotions and feelings as self definitions no longer exist? Would we begin to realize the physical world around us, and work with it instead of ignore it based on ideas and past events being what we allow to occupy our attention in the face of physical reality? If we begin to pay attention to here, then we might have the time to actually look at what is going on in this world and realize that our present system is not working,  this system of emotions and feelings and beliefs being more than the reality here, and needs to change because this present system is not taking care of this earth. And, as we can see, being here, and taking care of what is here as this earth, is really the only thing that is real and that we all only have two hands, thus we as humans must work together as a group to get this done.

The rewards of this are a world where the physical reality is cared for, and understood. Looking at  what has been allowed and accepted as a form as our system, and realizing how much it caters to ideas of one thing being more than another based on some inner value system that bears no witness to life, which is physical as the manifestation of life in expression,  is not serving up respect for that which we are, physical beings ( and that it is the physical that carries the picture show - so the picture show cannot exist without the physical ) . 

TIme to stand up and support the physical, so we can bring the inner picture show of judgement, as a game of association based on past events that in themselves were a reaction to here and take care of what is the value, of which the physical world enables as to be, which is life.

Support a Living Income Guarantee. Support life, support the full potential of self as a physical expression of life through structuring a system that gives the physical the basic needs to become what we all want, which is to be equal to life in full expression.

Check out DIP Lite, to slow down and take a look at your own emotional storm that is separating you from seeing a dog that means no harm and only wants to enjoy life and play.
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