Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 470 Wholeness Enhances Individual Parts

I watched a documentary on cancer. I have known that cures have been suppressed in the name of profit before life for some time. Still, every time I am confronted with this, I become righteous, which will not solve the problem, as in becoming equal to an understanding as to how and why this is allowed to exist, within and without. Looking at what within each of us allows this suppression of solution, this being what removes suffering and allows ease,  must be what is lived as me, in every moment, until this is constant.

I also realize that this suppression of solution, as finding a cure to cancer, flies in the face of all the other developments of men, as so much has been developed to see the small, so, within this, as this documentary points out, there is no reason that a cure for cancer has not been found. So, the media propaganda that “ there is no proof” is more suppression on top of suppression, and all in the self interest of creating a form that moves more to others in the form of money, thus the form of usury is the directive again and again and again, spiting life in a desire to control to have more. 

I mean, this is the same reason natural resources on federal lands are leased out to private companies, where royalties are small in comparison to sales. Always, each form moves the value, as the principle to a few, without any regard or respect for the process of creating values from what is freely given by this earth. Our regulatory systems would rather see a person suffer than provide a solution. And the blame as the nature of obedience is placed outside of self, this self being a part that is what creates the whole structure as our present system, thus we are all to blame.

Since the media is the voice of those that have assembled in abusive ways the money that moves values created from resources by the many and of what is freely given into a separate controllable and collectible object as value placed on a piece of paper, the space of air time is bought and limited aspects are presented to ensure and maintain this pyramid of inequality and it resounds using repetition, which means we humans can be programmed, which means this is known, which means this is being abused. Yet, on the side, if we could process information more readily and within this see patterns, conceptually we would see this abuse. All of which begs many questions about our present education system. Given the state of the world, our education system follows the same law of profit, because the suppression of realizing the whole and the parts is how inequality can be maintained, and obviously, this is a consuming effort - this suppressing - I mean, would we have the present drama of politics if this were not true?

SO, the problem is that we have suppressed what is natural, our common sense, our depth perception, our ability to see and understand form and function, and it is buried under the polarity of good and bad, a consequence of judgement within a self interest as a belief only of a more than instead of what physically works as form and function, the gift as a point of stability, to use ourselves as common sense of physical manifestation of life, where we can see with clarity, right in front of us, what is a movement that causes no harm and is supportive of life, as this is the value.

The law of profit must be aligned to what supports the physical world realizing that the absolute value is life, period, readily visible as a movement that causes absolutely no harm to plant, animal, human, water, air, soil, etc. 

Our education system must become what allows a child to interact with physical existence, as obviously, memorization in a classroom is, as a form, indoctrination - not that it is all bad.  If a human child has hands on direct experience with physical reality, then that child learns about how the physical world works, which is not what a system of inequality would want. So, again, what is here is not what is best for all on many levels and because of the harm this present system of inequality is creating on earth, it is time to change this system, to one that become the law of life being the value.

The rewards of this are a clean earth, a functioning earth, on every inch, on every part. This would create an earth where one could walk freely, at ease, healthy, developing understanding of the physical world. Such a world would enhance the individual parts creating a whole that is the real” more beautiful”, where each part would become its full potential. It is to realize that this is the only way to each individual point’s full potential. I mean, and I have said this before, would this not be the most fun thing any of us have ever done?   Just forgive all the judgement of good and bad, all the incessant comparison, just stop, come here, be here, connect here, build a structure that supports all the life on earth absolutely, to that we can stand together, as this is the only only only way to become the strength of yourself as life because it is the parts that create the structure that enhances the life of the whole, and thus the parts. Support  a Living Income Guarantee as this is realigning money to give each part the strength it needs to build the extraordinary which is life on earth.

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