Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 463 What is an autistic child doing?

My sister has an autistic son. He could name every car by make and model that moved past him when he was very small. This clearly reveals that this human being could order form, in detail by name. This child could speak and reflect what forms were passing before his eyes.

So, then, why cannot he read well? I mean words are forms that move as sounds voiced and as words on a page, where our eyes “ move” the words as we “ pass over” them. Is this any different than that car passing before the eyes of a child as they sit in a car? No. THe context is different but the process is similar, things moving before our eyes.
Thus this autistic child can order and name, can descry what exists. And the very process of sitting in a seat and reflecting what exists as words, in an order, means an ability to organize the surrounding environment.
So, why are the words that are ubiquitous from day one that which is not ordered by the autistic child? Obviously, this child can order seeming complex forms and differentiate them?
And words are important because they allow us to voice conceptualization of our environment as a movement, down to the smallest detail, to allow us to voice what we perceive and see as our interaction as physical beings on a physical world.

Perhaps the words are not clear, not voiced with absolute values, and thus are voiced without clear meaning? I mean, we adults are so busy in our lives, multitasking that our words are not us absolutely focused in the moment here. And for a child, this cannot be seen. But a car, as a form moving past the eyes of a child sitting in a car seat, has no other value present but itself as its form and it simple function as a car that moves things on wheels from one spot to another. No emotional values present - no words laced with worry, no expected inference as the adult assumes a silent pregnant meaning is understood when it is not, and/or meaning is given to one’s emotions and feelings - these lesser substantive ideologies that are relationships and associations to taught imaginations of visual indication of what represents a greater value as being a signifier of success, when this reveals none of the ordinary, the order of development, that leads to the extra-ordinary.
The words are not clear, direct of absolute value. Thus the autistic child cannot trust these words, has a hard time taking them in. And yet, this child can order. There is an opposition here, meaning conflict, meaning something is preventing the child from being clear, because if that child can order the cars, then obviously they can see here.
This would mean that if as humans we speak with emotional values as words, wanting someone to relate/consider our emotional values, the accumulation of our past, a inner memory picture show that is in essence our own personal esoteric platform, then the words we speak are not clear, and that child has not lived the picture show past of the parent exhibited in the emotional feelings lacings of added values that remain within each is us because we have not aligned ourselves equal to what is real, which is that physical form as the car passing by, able to be understood as a form in detail that has no emotional value, which is why that autistic child can so quickly register that form as that car, which means the ability of humans without emotional values is enormous and that the emotional feeling values are what causes a veil of disconnect, a picture show that impedes   conceptual ability of reality, of here. Thus, that autistic child cannot take in what is not of clear meaning as in clear structure relevant to what is reality as the physical world right in front of us, that which is demonized as being dirty, ugly, annoying - as we blame it for not being what we want it to be because we need money to exist as humans  because we have accepted and allowed this ideological value system of more and less that is then used to divide opportunity and exposure that obviously enables understanding, which causes lack in many which is then turned into a profit entity all while the picture show presentation blames the object on the ground, and so we circulate round and round in total separation from the physical world and the disorder manifests in increasingly more violent ways. And we can blame no one but ourselves as this is a collective effort.
So, in essence an autistic child is the manifestation, the very behavior of what each has accepted and allowed. The consequence is more discord. So, when ever one sees an autistic child, remember that this is what the collective has built through a state of being that is each point being in ignorance of how we have accepted and allowed a system that withholds development and developmental opportunity through suppression as all that is needed to exist in dignity is divided and conquered, then metered out in small parts accessible according to how much money one has,  to exist in full capacity as a human physical form within and without so that a few are able to have development to ensure that they live a “ fuller” life ( when they are not in fact living either) because of an idea that one thing is more than another, despite the physical world being a physical object that is a manifestation of life communicating its ability through its very, total, expression, as what is is able to do and be by form and movement. Thus the autistic child sees no reality in the emotional feeling state of the human, because the emotional/feeling states of the human have no real substance because these states are ideas of lesser dimension, and thus unequal to the value, which is the physical world that is how life is in formation and expression as what works which is why the physical world withstand the test of time - so to speak- because it reveals what works in a circular way, in an interconnected way that allows a planet to be and express life.
We humans have allowed a mind/consciousness system to become more than life, and this mind consciousness system is a parasite, a para- sight or “ site” as in web site - lol a webbed site- to be more than life, to be unequal to physicality, and in all common sense rejection of all manifested life, as what the physical is, is a judgement in itself, a belief that one thing is more than another. We have allowed ourselves to be so “ had” that others suffer because of this. And our autistic children are the ones bearing the brunt of our ignorance.
It is time to get this world in order, the solution is to level ourselves back into physical reality, to forgive the memories, the past, and to stop using the past to project possibility into the future, and to align ourselves here, equal and one to and with and as the physical as this is the manifestation of life here, it is what is real it is what is here when we die, it is what we feed off of. Time to remove the laws that are a protection and defense ( the fence- for a few who are them selves products of separation from reality as the extreme end of the outcome of this more than, less than picture show of idea through value generation ) of an illusion that one physical form is more than another, that one human being is not an earth welfare baby and another is not seeing that the consequences of self aggrandizement are the taking of power as what sustains life in dignity and dividing it into unequal piles and justifying it through value touting.
The solution is to realize how each of us are this value touting every time we become emotional, every time we desire a feeling, and that if we slow down and take a look, these energetic states of being are parasites that are inferior to life, here, that if we stand as what is best for all, meaning standing as give as one would like to receive because we live in a physical existence that reveals itself as what it is as a physical form, that judgement in any way is not self being directive here in common sense of reality.
Support a Living Income Guarantee because it is time to get this world in order, the order of common sense of life as a physical planet that is interconnected, a “ machine” that is composed of parts that cannot function unless all parts, are in working order, for which there is more than enough resource, freely given, to enable a world where in essence no one need vast amount of “ more of that resource” than another because if this world is in order and functioning in full capacity then there need be no protective mechanisms, because no matter where one walks, life is at ease, safe, secure, stable. I mean is this not what we all want for our children? LIG Living Income Guarantee.
Our autistic children are simply a manifestation of our separation from common sense. And yet they are showing us what is real. Our autistic children are clinging to what is real, because we as humans are walking in bubbles of singular esoteric memories that are in essence insubstantial and bear no witness to life, which is the physical. Have a look, that bubble of emotion and feeling values will not and cannot with stand the test of time. Equalize yourself to life, within DIP Lite. It is FREE.

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