Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 573 ISIS is mice confined in lack, unable to see the parts and the whole.

I heard directly from someone who had participated in a study with mice. They had placed mice in a limited structure to live together. As the mice reproduced and their numbers grew, they began to separate and build walls between themselves, eventually attaching one another in more and more violent ways.
The impulse, as their numbers grew, was to separate into groups. And, as the space ran out, to attack one another.
What does this reveal? Simply that placing animals into a confined and limited space, with life multiplying will lead to factions attacking and fighting for  space.
This example was cited in relation to ISIS. As supporting a belief that arms and “ war” were a necessary consequence of over-population. This is the status quo, and such example of mice attacking one another because of over population, being the cause.
But, if we can fit the population of the world into/onto a land mass the size of Texas, as we presently exist, is there really not enough space here on earth for the number of humans that exist? And, even if there are too many humans, is there not a more productive and less violent way to balance out human existence on this earth in ways that do no harm to humans or plants or animals? Is there not a productive way to transform what has been formed into a solution that supports and changes without violence and destruction?
Of course there is, but this would mean organizing resources and labor and the means of living in dignity so that each could become responsible and aware of the fact that what we as humans do creates this world we live in. As the mice study shows us, the very design and form of what we create can cause havoc or can be done in a way that respects and works with physical existence.
ISIS  is a consequence of a faction of men being confined within borders and having no other place to go, and so, in survival mode, the behavior becomes one of protection and self defense, violence and destruction. The justifications composed of beliefs based on a past of religious ideologies and cultural traditions turned into self defining moralities that ignore all aspects of physical, practical existence. These are borders that have compounded over time, in tandem with an economic system that limits access. And meanwhile the earth is right below our feet, willing and able to give when developed in practical ways, as Syria has done in the past, producing all of their own food.
The very design of the present system narrows our focus into very limited beliefs, and we miss what is right in front of us, our ability to see the parts and the whole, and use this in practical ways that support life and work with life, as this planet earth. All it really takes is for us to see the limitations as our beliefs and opinions and ideas, and realize them as this only, and take what our traditions tell us was at one time an understanding of what worked in relation to living on earth and what did not, and how what might have worked at one time, may not work in another, or on another terrain on another continent. We can re-order this world without violence and destruction, we can change the system to one that births a life of dignity on this earth. But we must remove what is causing a focus of suppression, and belief inflaming that causes violence, all in a bubble as our belief systems made larger than life, as our within. In all common sense, out withins are not equal to this physical, practical world without, and our present leaders are lost in the same narrow focus, having shut themselves up in ivory towers, trying to centralize a regime, which is a design that obviously is not working.
The real nature of life is to get along and create. It is when this life that is here is confined and separated from practical reality that constriction into fear of survival exists. I mean, if mice can build walls, then they can take down the walls and order themselves in ways that support them. The ability to become aware enough to build a wall shows the ability to be aware of our environments, and to work with them. This natural ability is abused when things that suppress are allowed and impulsed again and again, leading to a program within that has lost its innate ability, and as such is in a state of lack. Using this ability to take in and build an inner program, in self interest is really a crime against life, and it is a crime that we all suffer unless we stand and make changes, which will take all of us, or most of us, and it must be done because it is the only way out.
This earth is our home, it is our “ museum”, it is our “ platform” of creation and we are in this together. We are the cells, the units of this creation and we have to work together to get this earth in an order that allows us to communicate and connect, share and expand, to stand equal with creation, as this is the joy if being. I mean, just look at what the internet has done. This is an example of a capacity to be open and share what is of this earth. This is taking what we have externalized and turning it into a good.
If we can realize that our ability to conceptualize is so great that we can be aware and interact with this earth, and our neighbors, and share our discoveries, we can begin to build an earth that is one of creation. 
As we stand now on earth, we can begin to give each what is needed to become responsible in supportive ways. We need not use destruction and violence to correct the life on this planet, we simply walk what supports, and remove the suppressions and narrowing of focus into limited awareness. This means changing the economic system.
As a mother, I have to ask myself if I would have had more than one child, given my understanding of what is means to raise a child. Would I have had only one child, if any at all? Would I have chosen to raise one child and taken the time to ensure that that child reached the full potential inherent in the capacities of men? Yes, I think I would have. I might even have adopted a child, as our present system has many that have no one to nurture and develop what is a natural ability to sense the surrounding world and order in ways that do not harm, as it is only extreme limitations that breed violence, which is, as I have said, unacceptable.
We cannot blame the units as that which composes ISIS as the cause of the problem, as they are caught up in a design that breeds limitation and the consequence of violence, it is the lack that must be removed and what is needed to live with ease be what is given. The guns must no longer be produced, and the energy placed into producing the guns directed in ways that support and cultivate a planet that respects and orders this physical world into one that expresses dignity and development of full potential.
We decide, and the power is in the object programmed,  as the many, but the many must stand outside the limiting bubbles composed of beliefs, that are not all bad, and bring that which is good, eliminating the things and systemic designs produced to incite violence, and stand together to say enough is enough, it is time to support and realize the value is life and that life is here right in front of us, as the physical.
Support  Living Income Guarantee. Let us stand together and change the design of what is here, and get this house, this earth into an order of creation, let’s accept the gift of life. This is what we all want, is it not?

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