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Day 576 The consent to be governed

Cartoon depiction of the United States, its te...
Cartoon depiction of the United States, its territories, and US controlled regions as a classroom with belligerent Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Cuba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The consent to be governed.

I noticed in a speech that a remark was made about “ the consent to be governed’ and how this has happened in my state in relation to the American “ common core” standards being implemented. I was at a  meeting and one of the speakers in support of this said that the people, “ we” had consented to this, and yet in this room were educated people who were there to speak up against this. If the governed consented then why was there so much dissent. Obviously , there is a disconnect here.
What I also have noticed, because I called my local school district to ask them for the research backing common core, that there was no research. The paper work I received was about some “ committee”  of supposed professional people who were signified by some collective group name, and that the governors had worked in tandem with these ambiguous named officials to implement common core. AND, within this, there was a note that the governors were asking the federal government to do more research/study into what were “ best practices” being used in countries where educational levels were greater than the states.
To me, that these deciding institutions and these governors are making a decision about implementation and then, in double speak, turning around and abdicating responsibility in making a statement that on a federal level more research needs to be done is a contradiction, one that shows no real governance, so how can any statement be made about the collective being a consenting-to-governance-body, where there is no real substantial governance made being so obvious in asking for research?
THis whole thing is like a smoke and mirrors show of no substance, and the administrators have no answer because I have asked them, what I get is abdication, as one refers me to another, and so it goes round and round. Meanwhile the children suffer, confined to a room where the directives have no substance, no real research, and the administrators answer questions by referral to another.
It reminds me of calling a company one time to find out how skim milk is actually made, because I was told that it was made from powered milk, and I could not believe this at the time. So, I called and I asked the first person who answered, and she sent me to another, who sent me to another, and so on and on it went until eventually I suddenly found myself talking with the first woman ( some were men) with whom I had spoke.
I brought this up to this woman, that I had been traveling around being passed from one to another, and that here I was back again. So, I asked her the question again. What she said in response to me asking if skim milk, that bottled/packaged milk on the store shelves, was made from powder, she said to me, “ no, it is made from milk that has had the water taken out of it”

Yes, I know, I was astounded. It is like a word game, where the meaning of the words have no significance, it is the sequence of the words that must be said. Quite astounding. One cannot say, skim milk is made from powered milk, one has to say, skim milk is made from milk that has had the water taken out of it. 
So, in effect, this is what the consent of the governed has become. And I ask myself here, as all of this is done through a play of words, does the consent of the governed mean that those who have the label of “ governors” mean that any decisions they make become by default a statement directed to those who ask questions for what makes no sense and has no real research or substance as “ the consent of the governed”?
So, we are all allowing this META-physical form govern us, and as we can see, it has no real substance, and then, within this, we become angry that solutions are not happening and the problems are growing. It sounds like a cancer does it not? It is a form that has no answerability and passes responsibility around to end up with a set of words that admit to what we see is going on.  And yet, we keep asking this meta-physical system of no real responsibility to continue to govern us! 
I mean, this is a very thin veil, one that can be removed and realized with little effort is we simply make the decision to do so. But it will have to be made by the many, standing together, investigating here on the ground and having the courage to use our common sense and take actions that actually change this metaphysical smoke and mirrors show that admits to not having any real, substantive research. The parts are here, and we can see them. Tantrums about how ridiculous this is is just more metaphysical-smoke-blowing around the smoke that has accumulated! lol, I have to laugh it is so silly. But in the end it limits all our lives, and it is us who have accepted and allowed it.
How can any research and proposals of efficacy come from such a system? There is too much smoke here to really see, so it is not going to happen. The veil must be lifted, and common sense the choice made. Obviously, the very from and design of our schools is not working, and has to change, among other things. 
If, as Obama has said, that we are the consent of the governed, and yet we have perpetual war making a few a lot of profit, and children that are starving and lacking in education, and animals that are filled with tumors and packaged up and placed into our supermarkets, and starfish melting off the coast of California - another scenario where no one seems to know what is causing this despite vast amounts of plastic floating in our oceans and radio active material streaming in currents, and bees dying off, and fracking waste not being allowed to be proved to be what is blatantly within an environment and as touted as “ no proof” simply because there is no ostensibly “ real” research given public voice. I mean the list can go on and on. This is the “ consent of the governed” that we are all accepting and allowing, so as the consequences come, we can really blame no one but ourselves because we consented to it and became complacent within it. In the end, we are the same as the administrators who try and abdicate any responsibility. They simply mimic what we are, those who consented to be governed, which was, as a starting point, a abdication of responsibility.
Thus the solution is to become responsible. And to ensure that all have the means to become responsible. If one human can do this, so can all, as we are all the same. Our economic models define what creates a somewhat more responsible human being through our admissions of lack, and that is proper food, an education ( opportunity and exposure, full exposure , not just 50 minute music classes one day a week in elementary school type thing - as an example ) stable shelter, and clean water.
In the end, war is really a form of suppression, it takes and consumes what is here, and all it is is the same mechanism, that of not being responsible. Being responsible is the way out of this, and how to be responsible is what makes sense, as what does no harm, as what is best for all. We decide, and the power is in standing up and creating a system that allows each a direct voice and ability to take care of ourselves as physical beingness, because this is what we are here.

It is a practical world, a physical state of being. When each is given what supports the physical, each can then stand as life, in full potential as this is the way to responsibility. Support a Living Income Guarantee, time to become responsible. We all have common sense, it is right in front of us, we need only remove the veil of inferiority to it.

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