Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 572 The Slow Motion of Entities as Mind Constructed of Thoughts.

Substance is a fluid thing, one that can take many forms, and even become something less than that of a solid sound structure. A thought is such a thing, and it has not real self directive relation to practical reality, though a thought can be a directive, but this is all, as it is an abstract of reality and not what is real.

If I separate myself from the practical, from here, I can miss what is here, and lose my footing and then cause my own vertigo , which leads to consequences that build and take my attention, and meanwhile, life as the physical, as what is real, moves on, and I am no longer a creator but catching up within trying to “ right” myself . This can become a morality show, where I want to impose what I believe in an effort to correct but in essence this cannot and will not work, as this physicality that I am, that enables me to be here, is ignored and in not wanting to admit this, I create a wall of protection and self defense, and only let that through which sustains my separation.

So, a slow thought that I noticed was a shape of something huge, but in measure tiny. And as this was as huge as I made it, in my initial act of separation,  it became like a extremely slow current within and as me.  It was like, lol,  a current event of inferiority that I carry with and as me, allowing this to define me, my own supernatural, paranormal, self created event. One that became something I did not catch up to and bring back down to the practical, which is the physical reality.

And then, the skimming begins, and accumulates, and I separate and am on a tread mill of my own acceptance and allowance. I am no longer walking here as the gift of life.
It is like a movement of a sudden attention lost, and the shift from one to the other, is like a falling , a shock, and that shift, is disconcerting, but it is only an illusion, I remain here. But the memory is  retained, and as an abstract believed to be real, unless aligned in common sense of practical reality. And so it goes, on and on until one ages and dries up, lost to the mind and not here, equal and one with and as the physical. So, each must deconstruct mind and come back to earth, to clean up this house of rooms, as mind, with boogey men under the beds that are just a thought, and not self moving at ease here, enjoying the physical world as the means of life in expression. We decide, and that is the power and the gift of life here.

I can slow down and begin to realize the thoughts as mind are a separation from practical reality, that very thing I seek that allows me to discover the act of creation as the gift given, and that every single person, every single animal, every single plant, every single thing that is of the physical is the form to discover to realize creation information here. This is the way and the means of life in expression, this is the joy, this is the win win situation, here. We decide, we stand we change the system, we begin to be thankful for all that is here, embrace it, accept it, and build heaven on earth as is the gift we were given to  “ right” ourselves here.

So, when and as I find myself standing with someone, another person at this point, I slow down and I breath, and any and all senses of falling, or losing something, or missing the gain of something as a self definition, I forgive, and I bring myself here, and I begin the practice of coming back down to earth, here, where ease is a visible thing that moves with a lightness of being that we all seek. It is  a practical, common sense measure as what we are capable of and as as life, here. Everyone can do this, and if we work together as this, it will align much much faster.

Two or more in my name, this is the way, standing together, equal and one to and as life here.

We decide.

DIP lite. Begin your journey to life, to birth yourself into and as the physical. Everyone can do this, it is only a matter of making the decision to walk, and many are here doing just this. We forgive our thoughts, as ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and we align ourselves equal to that ease that is the source of life, here, the gift of life here, one’s self in expression as life. This is the joy, here.

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