Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 577 Suppression: believing the entities of belief are real.

Suppression Character

I have had some problems in my chest, it feels like there is this shield there. The pressure from this has been bothering me for some time.
So, I looked at this point as a point of suppression. This suppression comes in a form or constriction, and if I go to look at the fear, there really is nothing there but ideas and beliefs, and opinions about things I never really took the time to investigate in practical common sense terms. Meaning, I separated myself from what I am here, a physical state of being as this is where I live and move and breath and exist. Here is what is real. If I am in separation from this, I am actually living in a mind construct, a projected idealism that separates the within of and as me from the without as this physical world that is the expression of life. Without this physical world I cannot exist, as this was here, and will be here when I am no longer here. And I can only continue as life, and life accepts all things, because the nature of life is creation. Creative ability is a transformative ability as this is how things are formed. And form reveals function. Form is both the particle and the wave. Makes sense. Thus, the physical world is life and must begin to move in ways that respect all of it.

Last night as I talked with someone, I looked at the movement in my chest area. I looked at where I created ideas about a situation more than just being here, at ease, realizing that I have the capacity to direct myself in ways that  allow myself to determine what I am. Meaning, what am I allowing to define me, more than taking anything personally being said, or being believed - as idea, and within this realizing that change is a  natural part of life and that all around me is transformation in every moment.
So, within my chest I could let the “ rise” of needing to protect, in this moment, go, and breath, I was here.
To some extent, I realized that what is considered the mundane, is what is real, and within this that realizing the mundane allows me to have the space and the time to participate within the slow physical movement of transformation, because there is plenty of space to be here, to take the time to see, and realize what is here. It is only the busyness of the mind that appears to have no time, and a consequence of having allowed this on earth as what men have been doing, is what has created the systemic structures that have all running after money to survive, as an idea as a self definition in ignorance of the practical physical world, has been defining us, and manifesting a projection as our present system that is overall, in separation from life, from being equal to creation. 
It is like allowing myself to become the beLIEf I allowed and letting it fall as me, back down to the ground here, like accepting it, and realizing there is really no place to fall. It is letting the self definitions go and then beginning to stand here, in common sense of that which I am that is life as this actual physical world.
Interesting that the habituated self, remains and as this, sadness is letting one thing go, this projected personality, and turning into rebuilding, because any equality to life has not really been lived. Earth, our hearth, our heart, must be aligned here in expression with and as accepting the physical as creation. What we believe as mind, is meta-physical, not good or bad, but a projection from the physical world, dependent on it.
This one incremental movement, to just let this “ down” as my heart area, as not reacting, as not constricting, opened up the shield, lessened its intensity and gave direction that was of more ease than that act of tension in protection and self defense based on an abstracted idea of reality. Is this what Christ meant when he said “ though I walk in the valley of the shadow of good and evil, I see no evil”?  and within this, what I see is the potential of life, of creation being denied and that it is here within us, right in front of us? Are there many who realize that war is not the answer, war is an act that bears no witness to life, is only  a system of profit based on an idea that one projected self definition of more exists than another idea of more in separation of the context of creation? This really is a melodramatic movie happening in the minds of men that destroys to allow an egotistical construction that is a bubble self only.
I can decide what defines me, I can shape what I am within, and the physical world is me, and is what stabilizes me here, as I am of the same substance and as such, a part of creation. So, it is to bring myself back down to here, equal and one with and as what has been labeled as “ mundane” to accept the gift of life as the physical. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to constrict in and as my chest area, to tense up based on an idea in and as my mind, in fear and reaction as protection and self defense, overall a separation from being equal in common sense of creation as the physical here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that an abstract entity as a thought is more than reality as the physical, as the physical is life information, life in expression here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear losing an idea of what i am here, not a good or  a bad but a selection of the qualities of what is here, where one quality is made less than another, and where according to exposure and opportunity more self direction has been learned but even this overall, is in limitation of creation as the physical,  as were it not so, then this world would be heaven on earth, an expression of the physical world at ease, communicating, interacting in ways that do no harm and create in respect of what is best for all, realizing we are all the same, of the same means of life information as the physical.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not let myself go, as in letting go of an idea, and cross referencing reality in every moment, using the ability of myself as life to sense what is here, realizing the mind is a projection that becomes a personality that I accept and allow that is a separation from  life and has no real directive capacity and is idealized thought, and thus, I stop and I slow down and I breath and I see, realize and understand that I am here.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to take things personally, which is myself believing that an idea can define me, and I slow myself down and investigate the actual real physical world to see, realize and understand that I exist here, respecting the physical world as creation information.
I forgive myself for not allowing and accepting myself to see, realize and understand that in this letting go there is what might be called a “ sadness” and as this movement, I see, realize and understand that this is simply change, a form of transformation only, like the changing of the turning from one direction to another, and that in moving through this if I resist this, the sadness - which is only a slowing down - will persist, as in this being a slowing down, there is, just as in a car slowing down, a sense of resistance, where on the other side of this resistance is the point of change, and as this I realize I have accepted and allowed this resistance that is myself allowing inferiority to life here, and for this I forgive myself.
When and as I find myself tensing up in and as my chest area, I stop and I breath and i allow myself to “ fall” to accept the change, the moving from chasing an idea, to coming back down to earth, and realizing the sense of slowing down is only a sense of slowing down, and that when I allow this, there is an ease and a realization that a personification does not define me here and that a personification as mind, can only define me if I accept and allow it, if I believe this to be more than myself as life here, as a physical state of being-ness as what life is and would be in common sense.
When and as I find myself tensing up in my chest area, I stop and I breath and i slow myself down, and I see realize and understand that I can “ fall” as in letting go of self defining ideas, because I am here as physical being-ness where I am equal and one to the very substance of life, and as this i can slow down and investigate what does no harm, and investigate what sustains the physical and allows expression, and the means of expression here as what circulates and shares understanding of practical physical reality, here.
When and as I find myself tensing up in and as my chest area, I stop and I breath and I slow myself down and I investigate all things, meaning paying attention to what I buy, for instance, to realize what supports all life, and also to realize myself as a creator, that is able to stand with others to create a change that supports all life on earth, which is, at the moment because of what has been accepted, to allow money to flow, as the wealth created, to flow to all men to enable men to become custodians of the physical world, in and as realizing the value is life here, where all forms of life are respected and supported.

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