Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 575 The Dis-association that leads to a Mis-association of the Middle Class

The Dis - association that leads to a  Mis-association of the Middle Class.
Here is an article on the gap in word development in children according to socio-economic status.
Children who have a larger vocabulary tend to come from higher income and higher education level homes. 
This article suggests to create preschool programs to close this gap of word recognition and usage skills. 

Why do we have these studies that reveal problems and describe where the problem does not exist as much and then suggest something completely different?
This is a process of dis-association leading to a mis-association.
If children have a greater vocabulary when they come from more stable homes, then why not realize a system design that creates more stable homes? Why suggest something other than what is functioning?
Overall, this begs the question as to how undeveloped the so-called middle class that creates children with broader vocabularies are themselves lacking in word skills - because the writers of these articles are such people -  that they cannot see the obvious right in front of them? Children, when placed in a stable environment absorb what is within that environment, and that a stable HOME life, with parents who are educated and using language with ease, create children who are more capable and focused. Why decide to create a preschool, or ONLY a preschool, and not address the home life? Why not realize that human beings, when they are educated, economically stable; meaning to have shelter, and food and TIME to spend with their children, will take time to and have the ease to interact and share and explain and that this scenario works! Why think in such limited terms as creating pre-schools to solve the problem? This is ignoring what is right in front of us and what is a simple solution that would in the end make everyone’s life better. Creating a society where children grow up in a home where there is opportunity to learn and expand, which means the time and the space to experience words and have interaction that is of an ease creates adults who are more capable of participating in existence in productive ways.

If the middle class , who are the writers of these articles cannot see this, then really how educated are you? Is the gamut of awareness overall really within a narrow focus that appears broad but in reality is not? If we cannot, as the supposed educated, see the discrepancies that are right in front of us, within the proposals made, then how far away are the middle class from that which appears to be on a different level? And, how much is lost even within the ones who appear to be somewhat more aware?

What would this world become if these degrees of difference that appear to be large, were realized to not be that different overall, and to take that which is good, as that which is what creates a bit more, and to build on that scenario instead of coming up with an idea that does not mimic what provides the development sought after?

I mean, what would this world become if every child was exposed to a large vocabulary and the opportunity to build an abstract, as their experiential map that becomes concrete and is expressed through words, that eventually determines our individual future productivity, were one of sound mind, which is to see in direct ways that recognize how to include externalities instead of hiding them in a limiting measure of ignorance called a mean? Would this not improve all of our lives?

The problem here is that if enough children were able to use the code as words, and enough of them had the structure as the words to communicate, then a large group would communicate and begin to see the design of what exists as the present system, and in this is great strength. Because as each interacted the overall awareness of each would expand. But the problem here, as this is a solution, is that it would be understood that allowing a corporation personhood, means allowing a form that is essentially a vampire, as we tell ourselves in our movies. A vampire os a form, that we have anthropomorphized , but is not really human and/or of real life,  that never dies and as such can accumulate immense wealth and then determine the form of the society in its favor, which is a hierarchy in contradiction of life.  We see this here, in this article, about the children, where the writers, as the supposed educated middle class, cannot even see how what is proposed to solve a problem, is other than what does have some good, as more development, but even in this, there is lack. A nice subtle game, using a very limited construct while ignoring the whole and the sum of its parts. We become the sum of the parts we accept and allow. 

It is not that a preschool is “ bad”, social interaction expands a person’s awareness. But why not improve every part of life, why not realize that the home life is essential in the development of a child and support that too? We are organic forms, and we take in what we are exposed to, so why not ensure that the exposure is what builds a person who has exposure to this world in many ways, and who builds the means of communication, as words, in ways that allows all children to do well?

When will we realize that the answers are right in front of us and have been all along. Give as you would like to receive, take that which is good and does no harm, and as this create a society that exists within stability, today, tomorrow and yesterday, a society that is heaven on earth, where the within is equal to the without, where life is here, right here, and the value lived is life.

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