Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 574 How did I remove negativity from my life?

I realized that we live in a practical physical world. I realized that the thoughts I have are of opinion, idea and belief. I learned that these thoughts are often a judgement, in itself not a good or a bad, but when allowed to be a final definition in a physical existence, a limitation, and that allowing of limitation being a behavior of resistance and a fear to change, which overall is rejecting this world around me, this world that is life in expression.

I realized that what another thinks, cannot define me unless I accept and allow it. I realized that what another thinks, is a thought about what is here as life, a thought that one thing can somehow be more than another, when a cup, for all practical purposes, is a cup. That some people are tall, and some are short, that a dog is a dog, that what is here as a form has a function that reveals its nature more than any idea about a thing.

I realized that the arguing of limitations are all based on ideas, opinions and beliefs. I realized that this thinking has communicated a system that is the likeness of this limitation, and that this has been accepted by men to be what is real, when it is not. Yet, this started with each of us, within each of us, as we believed we are defined by ideas instead of what is physically here as life. I realized that the thoughts of another, are composed of the parts of what exists, as the qualities that describ the actual physical world. I realized that what is negative is the lag that I accept as belief that is what mind is and does.

I realized that I am negativity when I force an idea on another without cross referencing practical reality. I realized that what is real, is myself as the very matter of beingness here, in expression.
I realize that an idea about what I am, is not the same as being here, practically with physical matter. When I allow idea before matter/physical, without cross reference and undersanding that matter is built of what I allow, and that what I allow must only be what is best for all, because what I am is dependent on all of the physical, as I am a part of a whole, of which the whole is who I am as I am the very substance of life, so I cannot lose anything. What I believe I am losing is only a thought in and as my mind, and it is a letting go of one idea and moving into another a reflection only, and that this is mind, and that I have been only looking at shadows on a wall, a techno colored wall of shadow that is the mind. When the mind as shadows directs me, defines me, and I move as this limitation without reference to here as the physical, I cause consequences that consume me as I get caught up in putting out the fires ignited by lack of respect for existence as the physical world.

I realize that I have allowed the projection of myself as mind, an abstract of the physical, built of the physical image, to define me, where I reject qualities and push them away, creating a negative as I want my idea to become a positive, as an accepted and validated image and likeness that I desire for myself. I realize that I am overall, a negative, a destructive force in existing as a projection of one thing being more than another as I walk in comstant mis-association as self definition composed of ideas, and beliefs and opinions, as thought that accumulated as I allow them to spin and generate an emotional feeling body that I then call my intuition, all of which is an entity that is in separation from practical physical reality. I then allow this limited value system to define me, and I am then lost in negatives and positives, composed of ideas, accumulating into a limited character. So, I accept and self forgive these self definitions as thoughts, and I realize that my emotional/feeling body is my past of value creation to define me based on my exposure without consideration of the whole world around me. This is myself accepting the negative and the positive and bringing this back down to practical reality, here.

This is how, I rebuild, through self forgiveness and self corrective application, done in writing to place my creation of separation, a negative to run from and a positive to define me, an act that is an ignorance of practical reality overall. As this I forgve the negative as the fear of simply being here, and accept what is here, and build self trust, which is an ease in moving myself here. In essence, I became a practivist, because as this, here is not negative, there is the acceptance of the gift of life, and the practical means to direct in respect of this life here that is physical.

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