Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 591 The veil is thin. The practice of value touting vs. practical application.

I had a conversation with some people and reacted when they continued to tout their point of view. I went into a reaction as a non-reaction within just realizing they were being egotistical. They were presenting one dimension that was not necessarily wrong, but really very limited because it had a goal without investigating causes. The suggestions presented were more of the same we have been doing that really have not lead to a change. 
I find it overwhelming to point things out at times, and I get caught up in this only, and end up limiting myself. I can become what is said, stand with it, and realize that more than that action must be looked at. Thus, I can agree to what is said, and look at solutions that also move into prevention.
As humans we have managed to no longer be able to handle too many dimensions of something. We tend to limit our own conceptual ability in favor of an emotional high, like getting excited about something, patting each other on the back, spending an inordinate amount of time on such actions. But this is the problem, we are inordinate in our actions, because we spend so much time touting values instead of actually living. Like we are walking theories, walking text books, walking ideologies and meanwhile the world is burning down around us. Our soils are depleted, our trees no longer have any real density, and our children have attention span issues. I mean this is what ADHD really is, an attention span issue, to which the response is “ but he is so smart.” See what I mean about value touting? We wallow in the ideas, because being responsible and really addressing the problem seems too difficult.

So, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the value touting cause the inability to be responsible? I mean if you are busy getting excited about an idea, then actually being responsible and doing what needs to be done, what needs to be done is not getting done is it? And, as we are creatures of habit, as what we habituate as how we spend our time here as mind, which we do through repetition, what  do we become? When we learn we repeat until something is learned, embedded within us so that we can expand in our awareness and not use all our attention focusing on what we newly discovered and integrated. If we make ideas, as mental constructs only, what we practice without application, then we become walking theories without any physical practice. And then, physical practice becomes some novel idea.

And then we have an education system that teaches ideas without application. So how do we really know after we have learned a text if it is real or not? We don’t, we cannot until we have applied it ourselves. And then, if our wages, our incomes that allow us to survive, are dependent on what we learned from a book ONLY, and we have to have an outcome in accord of the theory, do we look realistically or do we instead work to make the theory fit?

If we have a whole bureaucracy following such an order, then we end up with little successes, and then we breed and accept that only a few will make it. And we begin to create a society were we accept lack, moving the blame onto the individual, without looking at our actions of a starting point of no real practical experience. No wonder it is easier to take one perspective and make this something to praise, because it is easier to hide in value judgements than admit to our own rejection of realizing our theories are just this, theories. Ones that we accepted without question.

It is like, being practical is becoming analytical. Which is to say, “ you are asking me to let go of my theoretical self, which means I have to look here, in common sense, and then I might lose my job.” And meanwhile, the soils decay, and the rivers are no longer clear. This does not sound like big brother watching over us, it sounds like each of us are the cause, and stories about “ big brother” are the fantasy to justify the abdication of responsibility.  And now, stories of a “ big brother” are being taken off the shelf, because we don’t even want to know a suggestive idea about an idea! Ideas about ideas are just too much depth perception for me and /or “ I am not an intellectual” which ironically, is an idea about an idea. lol
 And then, and I am on a roll here, we dream about being sensual. We are obsessed with sex and that ideological cloak about sex known as romance!  And, then, naturally the sexual promise remains unfulfilled and we become Don Quixote thinking it was the object outside of us and not ourselves. But if we cannot be practical here and perceive the depths of physical reality, then how are we going to enjoy our physical bodies in acts of intimacy? We simply cannot because we have never been consistently responsible!

Learning to become aware of something takes focus on that object, unconditionally, meaning without judgement, to accept it, see it, work with it, look at all perspectives and take actions that consider all aspects of physical reality. Ideas are just this, an aspect of something, because language as the humans use it, is linear, so it takes practice and time to incorporate understanding. And this happens a lot faster when it is done directly with the physical world, until enough understanding is reached to begin to build abstractions. And then, even here, every abstraction must always be cross referenced before application. it does not matter what one’s job is, because life is first. Without life, which the physical is, we do not exist. I mean that life is right here in front of us, as us, is really a brilliant design because it is allowing us to see the way and the means of life. It cannot get any better than that. The rest is the smoke and mirrors.

So, how do we ground ourselves here in the physical and begin to realize it as life? We change the system of hierarchy, we remove the flow of what allows access to what we need to live, as money, into a pyramid scheme and we move it, as in give it, to all. Given the digitization of money, this would not be too hard to do. Probably could be done in a few months if we set our minds to it. And then the behaviors of survival and greed would begin to abate and we can all begin to ask ourselves what we have been doing, and why had we not thought of this before, this that was right in front of us!

When we begin to look at the physical world in practical ways, it is surprising how much conceptual ability we have, and how satisfying the use of that ability is in terms of fulfilling our desire for sensuality. But then again, it has always been said that the veil is thin.

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