Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 592 Real Cyber Attacks are the Presentational Use of False Dilemmas

I realized in the years that I practiced an instrument that any and all emotional values I allowed during my focus within the act of practicing remained. I had to be clear, I had to have a focus that was what I would call total.

We as physical instruments are exactly the same, how we are within remains with us and must be cleared or it becomes a distraction from being present.

I also realize that as a child, being with parents that did not realize this and how emotional feeling bodies as polarized ideas about something, creating false dilemmas taking one quality or value about something and suggesting that one was good and another was bad, created a lag in perception because a threat of an either or scenario was created in separation from practical, physical reality. So, this judgement, because this is what this in essence is, remains as a self definition and it is like a cloudy focus that then is laid upon reality, causing a disconnect, which causes mis-steps, which causes an inequality to reality. 

Then one’s actions in reality lack clear direction and one ends up not seeing the height of that step up to that door, for example. One has become a bubble of separation, and that bubble is composed of energy, a lesser substance, that is yet heavier than the substance of the life around us.

As a child, was my common sense, a natural sense, not substantiated? Was it that because of the accumulation of separation and consequential energy personifications recited as the words only, that which was a value that supported a framework that was another layer of consequence because of that initial separation of value judgment no longer regarding the practical physical manifestation of life? Am I the product of the “ sins of the fathers” genetically and in accepting and allowing a dampening of an innate common sense because that common sense was not given opportunity to substantiate qualities for what they were without an added value of being made less through simple ignorance?
Would such end up as an idea that one was not good enough, when that “ good enough” was built of lack of substantiation only, which has nothing to do with “ good enough”?
And thus a false dilemma has been accepted and allowed. The problem is that  this emotional state creates a lag in acting responsibly to reality. It ends up being carried with one, and every time one “ plays” as self as life as an instrument of life, that “ film” remains as idea. Then, this projection, just like a TV, sources the very substance of the physical, and ends up diminishing the physical until one dies. It is a death of slow fading, and not a birth, a b-earthing of oneself equal and one to creation. It is not one sounding life, it is one sounding - so to speak- energy. It is why one’s legs become heavy, it is why one’s back becomes inflexible. These are all indications of the degree to which one has accepted emotional/feeling lags, as I call them in this moment, that are built of  calling one value a good and another a bad and comparing the two to suggest a “ what if” or “ supposed threat” , because in practical reality a cup is a cup and it exists here.

The physical world, and the qualities of this, as the words humans use to communicate , is the perfect check list to order ourselves here, practically, to earth ourselves as life.

I watched a speech by Obama on a major news channel yesterday. It was about a “ cyber attack” and whether people should go to the movies. I thought, how does going to the movies have anything to do with a cyber attack? Why are these two things impulsed in one moment? One is getting in a car and driving to a theater and the other is being online. This demands some real “ stretch of the imagination.”  What is the agenda here, on this that had no section I could readily see to make any kind of comment - another red flag in our modern age of communication? Within this scenario, this in itself is a one way fits all movement, take in the false dilemma and shut up. I thought we had bully laws in place. Or is this the law of the debtors on the ground, the law of the liability carriers as the collective that just take it all without question which means we cannot blame anyone but ourselves? 

So, now one can drive to the theater, with a threat of cyber attack as one drives, distracting oneself from answering that child’s question about why there is a dog out in the cold looking awfully skinny, to which an answer is provided that dismisses why that dog is there instead of investigating and substantiating to the child what the child senses is a reality that has some discrepancies that make no sense. And that child becomes less than that moment of common sense wanting license. And that common sense is what will lead to the full potential of that child if it is allowed substantiation. This is the real dilemma, do we choose to give that life as that child their full potential, or do we continue to allow a media that uses false dilemmas to distract our equality to a common sense of reality?

Can we not see how the valley of good and evil is all in our heads and the means now used by media via false dilemmas,  is what we are allowing within and has accumulated into a system that overall destroys the full potential of our children as a natural common sense is denied through ignorance, of which each of us was at one time? Is it not time to change our system to one that allows each the time and space to ensure that that potential as life in our children reaches its full capacity as this is what we would want for ourselves?

We must begin to realize the tactics of good and bad judgements and take the parts and align them into practical reality, to remove the emotional lags, and walk steadily back into our common sense. We can no longer be confused by the warping of reality, strings of gloom and doom,  fear tactics distorting reality. And we must realize that we have allowed a system that uses this, and that has a financial structure that leads our boys into combat, discarding them when no longer needed. But, we allowed ourselves to get caught in the dream of becoming something, as being a man, or woman, through armed force, a force that has no real alignment to our innate common sense, and a force that creates a arm of destruction towards others and eventually with self. This is not what we want for our children or ourselves, thus it is time to stop, to stand, and as all arms as life as our human physical bodies, must stand as one, to build a system that is equal to life, which is to give what one needs to live a life of dignity. In practice, in policy, this is a Living Income Guarantee.  Become responsible as life, substantiate yourself as life, arm yourself with the principle of what is best for all, because this is what is best for self. 

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